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Best Legal Content Writing Providers in 2024

Creating content that converts visits to paying clients is the best result you can expect with a strong content marketing campaign. Sadly, not all law firms are able to consistently publish high-quality content.

Here are some of the best legal content writing providers that can help your firm with well-written, optimized, and conversion-focused copy for your website.

1. On The Map Marketing

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On The Map Marketing offers content writing services for lawyers and law firms, whether it’s copy for their websites, blogs, and other legal content for marketing purposes. With years of experience working with attorneys, its legal content writers deliver conversion-focused content that is optimized for search engines and potential clients.

From landing pages to blog writing, the writing team creates thoughtful, optimized, and relevant copy at all times. On The Map’s content team not only creates the copy, they also collaborate with other marketing teams for link building and content marketing campaigns to ensure that every written piece gets online visibility.

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2. Juris Digital

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Juris Digital is a prestigious law firm marketing agency that delivers in-depth legal articles, practice area pages, blog post content, and journalistic pieces. The agency has built their own team of experienced attorneys and legal professionals, ensuring future clients that they’re getting authoritative, personalized content for the target audience.

The agency’s in-house writing team has legal background, and all content is reviewed by a licensed attorney. In addition to content creation, they can also work with you to create a content strategy if you’re not sure what type of content you need.

Previous clients of Juris Digital say that their website traffic increased, and some even ranked on top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) for highly competitive keywords.

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3. Lexicon Legal Content

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Lexicon Legal Marketing provides several types of content for law firms, which include blog posts, practice pages, ebooks, white papers, and press releases. They mostly work with lawyers and law firms in personal injury, criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy and business law.

The agency creates content that follows E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), which is a framework Google uses to assess the quality of content on websites.

With the rise of AI-generated content, the agency ensures that most of its content is human-generated and that in cases where AI was used, it is human-reviewed. They also use OpenAI’s ChatGPT for generating content ideas.

Reviews of the agency show that past clients are impressed with the quality of content, fast turnaround times, and great results.

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4. Verblio

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Verblio is a content creation platform that provides publish-ready blog posts, articles, practice area pages, legal website copy, FAQ pages, and long-form legal content for a lawyer’s content needs. They work with law firms from all practice areas, but family law, civil litigation, and criminal defense are popular topic requests.

Although not a digital marketing agency that’s exclusive to law firms, this firm has written 3,500 pieces of legal content in the past year and has 70 writers with legal writing expertise.

Most positive reviews for Verblio mention content that was written extremely well, in perfect tone, and exhibited expert knowledge of the law. Other rave reviews talked about how easy it is to place a request and how fast the content is submitted. Most importantly, past happy customers commend the writers as being talented, experienced, and highly knowledgeable of their assigned topics.

5. Advantage Attorney

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Advantage Attorney provides informational legal content that appeals to potential clients in the form of blog posts, website copy, practice area pages, FAQs, and social media content. They mostly serve small firms and solo attorneys in personal injury, criminal defense, real estate, and family law.

They also offer full-service content marketing plans where they help you create a legal content marketing strategy, optimize the content using SEO, and track its performance.

The agency proves to deliver results from their services based on many online reviews from past clients. Specifically, satisfied customers say that working with Advantage Attorney helped them boost their website’s organic traffic and generate steady, high-converting leads.

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6. GAVL Marketing

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GAVL Marketing provides a wide array of content for law firm websites, social media profiles, legal blogs, and copy for Google Business Profiles for lawyers and law firms. They have most experience in working with law firms in personal injury, criminal law, employment law, family law, and bankruptcy.

One of the founders of the agency, Tad Thomas, is a trial lawyer for Thomas Law and a national lecturer on legal technology, litigation, and ethics.

This agency also provides SEO, social media marketing, web design, and cinematic video creation. They ensure that all their copywriters are in-house and native English speakers, with formal training on writing and SEO.

Lawyers and law firms who worked with GAVL are happy with the results, which was mostly increase in organic search and ranking on Google for competitive target keywords.

7. Next Level

Image 55

Next Level is a young but successful law firm marketing agency which includes content writing in their services. Their writers deliver website content such as blog posts, practice area pages, how-to articles on legal issues, FAQ pages, and other content on a myriad of legal topics for competitive practice areas like personal injury, family law, and criminal defense.

The agency has helped attorneys increase their website’s rankings and online presence with solid law firm content. Former clients credit NextLevel’s legal content writing services for tripling their business and delivering results beyond what was expected, thanks to a boost in Google search ranking which generated leads that turned into clients.

8. Goodman Lantern

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Goodman Lantern helps law firms with their legal content requirements, whether it’s short form content like website copy, blog posts, social media content, or long form content such as case studies, white papers, or ebooks. The agency works with law firms in any practice area but has most experience with personal injury and family law attorneys.

Law firms that worked with Goodman Lantern are impressed with the content’s quality and the results that exceeded expectations, including increased organic traffic and getting more leads that converted into paying clients.

9. Digital Logic

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Digital Logic works with law firms to deliver SEO content that converts. This includes blog posts, infographics, videos, ebooks, press releases, case studies, social media posts, FAQs, user-generated content (UGC), email newsletters, and interactive quizzes. Most of their legal clients practice personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, and immigration.

Most online reviews prove that Digital Logic delivers great results such as a boost in search engine ranking, leads, and positive customer reviews. In addition to their successful campaigns, former clients laud the agency’s great customer service which one review says is “next to none.”

10. Victorious

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Victorious offers SEO content writing services for many industries including law firms. The firm works with lawyers from all practice areas, but they have most experience with family law, real estate, criminal law, and immigration.

Their content strategy focuses on using geo-specific keywords and local SEO to help lawyers attract new clients online. They also provide lead-generation methods alongside the content they publish, as well as using link building outreach to boost website authority and credibility to a law firm’s brand.

Most clients were happy with the results they achieved from working with Victorious, and most reviews mentioned a getting a huge increase in organic traffic, landing on page one of Google search, and ranking for target keywords in their niche.

Parting Tips to Hire a Legal Content Writing Agency

Finding the perfect content writing service for your firm can be done when you consider these factors:

Experience. The agency should have significant experience in working with a law firm in your practice area.

Expertise. The content marketing agency should have proof of their ability to deliver compelling content that brings about great results.

Culture fit. The agency should be in line with your firm’s ideals and goals, and should make a great first impression of being easy to work with.

Budget fit. The best agency should be the one that would get the job done within your budget.

On The Map Marketing has years of experience writing for law firm websites and other legal blog content. To know if we’re a great fit, reach out to us today!

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