Lawyer Advertising Rules

How to Tell if Your Law Firm Website Needs a Redesign

Attorneys across the country are held to strict ethical standards for digitally marketing their firms, and are typically held responsible for the conduct of all non-attorney actors acting on their (digital marketing) behalf. It is therefore absolutely vital that an attorney hire a digital marketing company that understand the laws and standards attorneys are required to abide by.

While these standards vary state by state, it is extremely important for law firms to pay attention to the applicable rules for their state. While many of these codes of ethics and rules are restrictive, it is entirely possible to remain compliant with them and also run an effective digital marketing campaign.

At On the Map we don’t only know and understand the bar rules for each state, but strive to maintain an understanding of those rules as they are changed and reinterpreted. We take an ethical approach to your marketing, and work hard to identify any issues that would likely go unnoticed by other marketing companies.

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