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Any company that wants to drive their business forward has to pay special attention to the internet and how people use the resource. Gone are the days where a simple Google search was good enough. 

Any business looking to connect with other companies or find customers needs a well-thought-out electronic media marketing plan to make those connections. This is not witchcraft, and working with a Miami PPC agency, will help you find the right solution.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

To answer this question, look around you. How many digital devices can you see? You’re reading this on a digital device, and I am sure there are several more close by, all of which can connect to the internet.

Also, consider how you consume information and how you share it with your friends. How often do you share web pages, blogs, adverts, and stories with your family and friends?

Purchasing from the internet has exploded in the past year, mainly driven by the COVID pandemic, and people no longer think to only buy close to home. The ability to go online and buy almost anything has changed the way we think of shopping, or finding out about events, or even voting.

For all of these reasons, any business that doesn’t have a strategic plan to promote its services or products online won’t grow and may not even survive. 

There are many types of digital marketing, but here we’re concerned with PPC.

What Is PPC?

“PPC” stands for pay-per-click. This means that each time someone on the internet clicks on your advert, you’ll pay a set amount for that click to the platform carrying your advert.

The best-known PPC environment is Google, so we’ll use that as an example. Each time an advert is clicked on Google and a visitor is sent to a website, Google is paid a fee for that click. If your PPC campaign is working correctly, the price paid is irrelevant as the business resulting from the click is more valuable than the fee amount. 

Not only is this beneficial from the initial sale but also you’ll now have a customer that you can target with specific adverts and invite back to spend more.

A great deal of work goes into building a world-class PPC campaign. You’ll need an agency to assist in the research and selection of the correct keywords, organize the chosen keywords into a campaign, create entertaining advertisements, and ensure that your website is appealing to the consumer. The result is new business for your company.

Search engines such as Google reward advertisers whose campaigns are entertaining, relevant, and prudently targeted by charging them less per click. If viewers like your adverts and websites, Google will charge you less, meaning attracting each new customer has cost you very little. 

This means that undertaking a PPC campaign shouldn’t be taken lightly, and using a Miami PPC agency will save you time and money.


The selection of the correct keywords is perhaps your most important task. You would think that picking the names of your products or services would be enough, but that isn’t true. 

We’ll start with the names of your products or services, but we’re targeting Miami. So working with a Miami PPC agency makes a great deal of sense as the selection of the words will fit with the demographic for which you’re aiming your campaign. 

Almost three-quarters of searches conducted, especially on mobile phones, are aimed at businesses within the area that people live. Complicating this is multiple languages. A Miami PPC company can advise on keywords in multiple languages to suit the demographic of inhabitants within Miami.

User location features strongly in Google’s choice of advertiser ranking, so it’s wise to focus strenuously on getting your keywords correct. I am sure you’ve seen the list of companies that feature under a map when a visitor enters a search against a specific location. If a viewer types in Miami and your product or service, you want to appear near the top of that stack of businesses, and that’ll only come with paying attention to your PPC campaign.

Not only must you consider your keywords but also your “negative keywords.” This sounds very strange, but it makes a great deal of sense. Suppose you manufacture spectacles, which are better known as glasses. You don’t want your business popping up if someone is searching for beer glasses or wine glasses! 

Selecting keywords and putting them together with your adverts, and grouping those adverts, needs a set of skills that most entrepreneurs won’t have. Working with a Miami PPC company will ensure that your campaign will find the business you need from the get-go.

Entertaining Adverts

This is especially important when you’re targeting advertising on platforms such as YouTube. You have approximately five seconds to get your message across before the video starts to play. You need your advert to start with a slam dunk; there’s no time to dribble the ball! 

Again a Miami PPC company can work with you and a reputable agency to develop those slam dunk adverts to which viewers will pay attention instead of clicking the skip ad button.

Once your adverts are created, your Miami PPC agency will assist you in grouping them into ad groups. An ad group is where adverts featuring similar products or services are grouped under a set of keywords. 

A rule of thumb would be three ads per group and around 20 keywords per ad group. 

Website Design

This is also a vital aspect of your PPC campaign. Your landing pages for your clicked adverts must be appealing and designed to encourage a favorable outcome. Remember you’ve paid for the click, so you want to get something back for that payment. If your landing page is uninspiring, poorly worded, full of grammatical and spelling errors, or confusing to use, you won’t get the result for which you’re hoping. 

Using a Miami PPC company, you’ll get assistance refining those landing pages. When a viewer lands on that page, they’re immediately engaged and more inclined to go forward and make a purchase.

Managing PPC campaigns

This is where your Miami PPC company will significantly assist you. You’re an expert on your core business, but interpreting reports from search engines requires a degree of skill and understanding of what you’re seeing. This is where your Miami PPC services will add immeasurable value by interpreting the reports and guiding you on the management of your campaign.

As with any task, you’ll have to manage your PPC campaign to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your spend. Someone must continuously monitor and analyze the analytics provided by search engines such as Google to optimize your campaign.

Keywords will have to be assessed for their accuracy. Are searches finding your adverts? Do you need to add new keywords or perhaps remove some that aren’t working, thus bringing down your relevancy score on the search platform?

Negative keywords can be essential in ensuring that you’re not popping up in irrelevant searches. Again, you’ll receive no clicks from these searches, and your relevance score will go down. Your Miami PPC agency can advise on negative keywords that should be added to stop this from happening.

You also need to monitor the size of your advert groupings. Are you getting a click, but it isn’t resulting in new business? Your advert groupings may be too large, and by splitting them into smaller groups with more focussed keywords, you can create targeted advert text and landing pages for the clicks.

Clicks with no business result can also point to your landing pages being uninspiring to the consumer. Your conversion rate of clicks to purchases is an important measure. Your Miami PPC agency can assist in delving into the data to find out why your conversion rate is poor. 

What Are the Advantages of a World Class PPC campaign?

There are several advantages to a well-planned, detailed, and focused PPC campaign.


The analytics supplied by the search platforms will give you all the data you need to ensure that your campaign is performing as you would expect. As we have said, this data must be interpreted on an ongoing basis so that you can drive the best value from your campaign.

While we hope that increased business is apparent and measurable, careful study of the data provided by the internet platforms will allow you to manipulate your campaign to achieve the best results. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!


The internet has, to a large degree, leveled the playing field in terms of getting your message out there. No longer do companies have to rely on hugely expensive print or television campaigns. Small and medium-sized businesses can now afford to work with a professional company to put out a PPC campaign and pay a reasonable monthly fee to have it managed.


In times past, designing, writing, and printing adverts or flyers took weeks to complete. Now a professional agency can create your PPC campaign in a short time. 


Digital marketing has made it possible for the small entrepreneur to square off against the most prominent companies. A well-managed and focussed digital campaign can bring big rewards in the form of new customers, but few entrepreneurs can successfully draw up, run, and manage such a focussed campaign. Working with a Miami PPC agency will ensure a successful campaign.

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