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The value of opportunity in the developing cannabis market

In a relatively new industry, online marketing is the key for the positioning of a business. The cannabis industry offers plenty of potential business opportunities for new investors or business owners who are interested in this growing market. Regardless of the kind of product or service you offer, you need to effectively market your brand, increasing its online presence and driving organic searches to your website.

In order to launch and market your brand successfully, differentiation is the key. Newer companies, especially in the cannabis industry, need to move away from conventional channels and traditional media to promote their products and services. A current, innovative online marketing strategy includes search engine optimization, inbound marketing, appropriate website development, and social media integration. Investing in digital marketing for your cannabis business will increase the visibility of your business online.

Marketing in the 21st century: It’s all about data

Technology has not only widened the range of options for marketing new and existing brands online but also has changed drastically the ways to create the messages for marketing campaigns as well. For example, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is halfway between science and art: it requires some logic, as well as discipline to achieve outstanding results.

A great marketing plan should focus on areas where results can be tracked and being able to analyze these results allows to drive marketing efforts in the right direction towards a campaign’s objective. Also, keyword research plays a major role in the SEO process, since it sets the identifier to help users find your business online. Choosing the right keywords will determine the amount of effort it will require to rank better in search engines.

What ROI to expect?

The ROI tells a lot about campaigns’ performance on the customer’s side, measuring the success of your marketing efforts. Recent research shows that sales of marijuana in 2016 grew 30% and it is estimated that a legal cannabis industry could be worth as much as $50 billion a year by 2026. That being said, it is logical that competition for related products and business will increase as well, especially in the media most used by the target audience.

How long do Marketing Campaigns typically take?

Just like planting seeds, marketing campaigns usually take the same amount of time regardless of the type of seed—though each kind of tree has a specific development process. Campaigns’ implementation may not take too much time, but being able to perceive the results changes from business to business. It can take three months to even begin seeing the results of those efforts.

Local or National Cannabis Marketing Campaign?

Depending on the nature of the product it’s a business development decision if campaigns are limited by local market conditions or if the business has the appropriate infrastructure to supply the national market. However, geographically targeted campaigns ensure getting to the appropriate audience, whichever the case is. Many cannabis and CBD related products can be easily marketed nationwide if it complies with the legal environment that regulates this specific industry.

Digital Marketing Platforms Guaranteed to Increase Revenue

User behavior is often determined the browsing experience, which affects directly conversion rates. A strategic combination of Digital Marketing Platforms ensures consistency throughout all media to deliver best results. We focus on the implementation of the right website architecture and optimized navigation and content to improve your site’s metrics and increase the relevance of your marijuana business online.

Search Engine Optimization

Since marijuana SEO is based on the usage of keywords, these must be positioned in the right places in order to be easily understandable by search engines. For this reason, your website should have a simple and logical structure to help search engines read and interpret it correctly. Even if all pages are organized properly, there are other components to a website structure that contributes to the site’s popularity and success.

As in life out of the digital boundaries, relationships are always a good for growth, especially in business. Links on your website and referrals serve various purposes in this sense; they connect your site with others related sources adding value to the content and your brand’s presence online. However, pages are ranked according to the relevance of content so building links should be based on great quality content that encourages people to relate to it.

Advertising in NOT dead

Every campaign needs some help from time to time. Although organic traffic is the most desirable scenario, paid campaigns can add a boost to your marketing efforts if used wisely. PPC Campaigns are a cost-effective way to reach potential customers and drive traffic to your website and gather data to understand better who they are and what they are looking for.

Paid campaigns are ideal to maximize your business’ exposure on the web and learn more about your audience through conversion tracking and traffic data. This allows adjusting budgets accordingly, avoiding wasting valuable resources and providing your business with the highest possible ROI.

Social Media

No marketing strategy would be complete without social media profiles that show the relevance of your business to a human audience. It is undeniable the influence of these new media over consumer behavior, whether they are looking for the products you sell or just a reference of your business from other users.

Social media are digital recess/lounge areas for all kinds of people these days, but more importantly, they are platforms designed to be used by people. Therefore, social media will likely reach real customers based on data they input directly, which makes it more reliable than any other. Most social media platforms have analytics tools to provide your business with such insights, allowing you to track not only your performance but also first-hand data in that specific channel.

How can a cannabis business could increase revenue with Digital Marketing?

When asking about numbers, the answer may be in the importance of numbers as well. The beauty of digital marketing is precisely the possibility of reaching vast audiences at an affordable price. The market is quickly becoming saturated with cannabis businesses, it’s critical to differentiate your brand. Investing in digital marketing for your cannabis business has some valuable benefits that can help you accomplish your goals.

Campaigns grow with the business

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or a well established business, there are different kinds of digital marketing campaigns for every need. Whether your goal is to reach more customers in your area or compete in the market at a larger scale, through digital marketing it is possible.

Introduce your brand to thousands of potential clients that may be searching for your product on the web at this precise moment. Let them find you easily making your business available online even when you are not, providing them the right content to help them through their search –and ideally, purchase process.

Campaigns engender actions

Digital marketing opens many possibilities for interacting with potential customers to perform specific actions that will eventually benefit all parties. Being able to change your approach depending on your goal may seem like a challenge but it’s also an opportunity to always be ahead of the curve. Our engaging digital marketing strategies allow your cannabis related business to attract the right audience, convert visitors into sales, and cultivate a community that interacts with your brand, raising awareness and of course, your business revenue.

Campaigns gather information about audience behavior

Search engines become more intuitive every day, trying to replicate human-like behavior because, at the end of the day, is people who use these tools to find what they need. Digital Marketing for cannabis related business is useful for measuring and analyzing campaigns results with remarkable accuracy and effectiveness. This allows getting the most out of campaigns, by predicting your audience’s actions and being ready to provide your customers with options for different scenarios.

Our Digital Marketing process

Four clearly defined stages ensure that you are on the right track to accomplish your goals your goal.

Market research

Every successful campaign begins with the right strategy, and marketing is all about the customer experience. Market Research and Analysis helps you understand how to reach the right audience and get more qualified leads and customers. We perform extensive market research, website analysis and keyword research that meets your cannabis business’ requirements in order to create unique, high-quality content that not only helps search engines but actual clients to find what they are looking for.

Keyword research is a decisive stage in the SEO content marketing process, keeping the campaign’s objective in sight at all times. If your goal is to introduce your business to the market in a particular city or area, including it the keywords is a must. On the other hand, if your product has a distinctive feature that it’s not a very well known, it is wise to include other keyword variations to ensure ranking on search engines.

Website implementation

Once objectives are clear and keyword research has already set a course of action, the next step is to put the keywords to work in the right environment. A great website should certainly have an appealing design but a clean architecture is more efficient for search engines to crawl and index your content, based on hierarchy and other structure criteria.

Each page must have uniquely written content that not only attract customers but lead them to take action on your website. Having a sitemap has also proven to be helpful facilitating search engines to go through your website architecture and the way it should be indexed. We also work to update content on regular basis, which signals search engines to be constantly crawling your site, therefore have a more positive effect on your site’s ranking.

Traffic increase

Search engines are the main source of organic traffic to your website, besides your regular customers if you are already in the business. For this reason, it is important to have interesting and original content that is useful and trustworthy for both, users and search engines.

There are other different sources of traffic that are not necessarily paid online advertising. Having an effective link structure based on content is another way to ensure your website has a healthy relationship with other sites, creating a useful and reliable source of reference. However, link development improves the traffic more successfully when focuses on quality rather than quantity. It will bring more qualified leads if your website is linked with credible resources such as small business agencies and reputable directories in your line of business.


Last but not least, we have a reporting component for each and every digital marketing campaign. Tracking the performance of your campaigns is the first step to optimize conversions, using different metrics to manage resources allocation accordingly. Learning where the most of your visits come from or how users are actually using your site allows focussing marketing efforts on what really needs attention to accomplish your specific business goals.

From raising your brand awareness, lead capture and even sales, marketing analytics for a new and fast growing industry such as cannabis related business require being receptive and responsive to industry trends and developments. We take a thoughtful approach to be ahead of the customers’ needs when it comes to the evolution of cannabis marketing. We conduct a thorough analysis of your website statistics to measure the data gathered and provide your business with useful insights that ensure the highest optimization levels.

Digital Marketing for Cannabis Businesses – The Bottom Line

Today’s marketing uses plenty of tools to enhance communications and your site is your storefront in this huge marketplace called the Internet. Whether you are considering to start a cannabis business or you already own one and want to take the next step to get more exposure with online marketing. In order to expand the reach of your business within this market, it has to be not only accessible but also user friendly to get the ROI you expect.

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