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Every year, more and more states begin the process of legalizing marijuana. The popularity of legal marijuana and CBD products is growing exponentially, and it’s hard to get a foothold in the cutthroat CBD industry if you’re not already an established name. Th you don’t have to navigate this minefield blindly. Search engine optimization can help your company succeed in this lucrative and competitive new market.

How does CBD SEO work?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for every company in today’s crowded marketplace. Without optimization, your website can languish in the depths of search engine results no matter how great your product is. After all, if no one can see what you’re offering, you’re not going to experience the success your product is capable of. Search engine optimization works to improve the quality of your company website in the eyes of search engines, thereby driving more web traffic to your site and funneling the right customers toward your product. Done correctly, search engine optimization will improve your standing in search engine results pages, and the higher your website ranks, the more potential customers will click on it.

The Challenges of CBD SEO

The seemingly unstoppable marijuana legalization train keeps on barreling through state after state. Every election, it seems another state votes to legalize cannabis. As this massive industry that was once entirely black-market rapidly transitions to legal status, many hundreds of companies are fighting to get in the mix while the iron is hot. But CBD and marijuana are still touchy subjects, and it’s important for your SEO firm to understand the challenges involved in the CBD business. Regulations surrounding CBD and marijuana vary by state and even locality, and they’re constantly in a state of flux thanks to the rapidly changing landscape of public opinion and changes in state and local laws. Thus, it’s important to understand the regional atmosphere in which your company operates to help choose an effective and legal SEO strategy. Cannabis companies must navigate local, state, and federal governments, and even business partners like payment processors, and stay on the good side of these entities whose support and cooperation is essential for their business to succeed.

Why does your company need CBD SEO?

As more states legalize marijuana products each year, the industry is becoming quite the juggernaut — legally. In 2016, consumers in the U.S. and Canada spent over $53.3 billion on legal and illegal marijuana. Over $6.7 billion of this total came from the legal marijuana market. Some of the early adopter states of marijuana legalization are raking in billions of dollars each year in marijuana sales, and the market is only going to continue to grow. With this massive influx of revenue, shops are popping up everywhere looking for a piece of the marijuana and CBD pie. If you’re in the business, it’s more important than ever to find ways to increase exposure to your products in order to maximize sales.

As the marijuana and CBD market grows, more dispensaries and suppliers set up shop every day. This means that without a solid strategy, your company is likely to get drowned out by the sheer volume of competitors. A CBD SEO company can help your website stand out in a saturated marketplace and enable your company to secure — and grow — a solid customer base. CBD oil is legal in every state (with some restrictions), and with the expanding legalization of marijuana comes the massive opportunity to bring your business online.

On top of that, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has pushed e-commerce to unprecedented heights. Consumer online spending in 2020 rose an incredible 44% from the previous year, representing 21.3% of total retail sales for the year. As the coronavirus pandemic forces the accelerated development and expansion of online retail, consumers are taking full advantage of these new and improved services, and many expect to continue these habits even after the pandemic subsides. As shoppers grow accustomed to the convenience and ease of online shopping, the demand for e-commerce will only continue to rise. With these factors combined, the current climate presents a unique opportunity for CBD business growth and expansion. As consumers everywhere bring more of their shopping activity online, search engine rankings can make or break the success of your business.

Why should you choose OTM?

SEO can be pretty complicated and overwhelming to the newcomer. If you’re trying to figure out how to drive traffic to your website and win the favor of the Google gods, where do you even begin? If you’re not already well-versed in the field of search engine optimization, it’s pretty tough to learn your way around it. That’s why you need experts who already know the ropes to help grow your company. In the unique current environment that the marijuana and CBD business finds itself in, competition is fierce and every company needs to fight ruthlessly for a place in the pecking order. If you want your company to succeed, it’s almost mandatory to hire a professional SEO firm to guide your business through the maze of search engine optimization.
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