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People use search engines to look for specific topics everyday and most internet users rely on these tools to find what they need whether locally or worldwide. As a business owner, you should take into account the importance of the latest market trends and marijuana digital marketing resources to make your business accessible to a virtually unlimited audience.

Through a SEO process, businesses can improve their chances of being found in the huge space of information that is the Internet. Regardless the type of business you run, SEO can help you improve the visibility of your site for potential customers searching the web as you read these lines. Although search engine optimization is not a magical recipe, neither rocket science, it certainly implies some strategy and tactics to achieve positive results, based on a proven track of successful marketing campaigns.

What can SEO do for a Cannabis Business?

Imagine if no one could easily find the location of your store or even your telephone number. In the past, way before the development of Internet in a large scale, people used to spend considerable amounts of time looking into heavy yellow pages books. Now they just open their browsers, in their computers or mobile phones, type a couple of words and hit search.

Having in mind that a single user performs an average of five searches daily, your business competes every day with many other companies that offer the same products or services in a specific area. Even if you are interested in reaching only local customers, having a website that helps your audience find you online easily will most likely work better than holding a sign in a corner.

Search engine optimization will improve your business’ visibility online by implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy that combines market research, content relevant to your potential customers, consistent website development and valuable reports to evaluate the success of your campaigns.

What ROI can I expect from SEO?

The ROI for cannabis and related products marketing is closely related to the scope of the marketing strategy and the synergy between different campaign factors, such as:

Keyword selection: as if they were trading stocks, keywords have different rates for competition rate in the market. Choosing the right keywords to rank your cannabis business on search engines will ensure better value for your investment.

Engaging content: even through voice search, people uses words to perform searches. SEO will leverage every word in your website to rate your site as relevant if it contains the right content, as visitors find it interesting or useful for their search purpose.

Website usability: no matter how appealing your campaign is, your website should provide a simple and user friendly solution to ensure the highest conversion of your SEO.

There’s no doubt about acceptance of Cannabis throughout US has been growing steady in the last couple of years, and business owners are already estimating how legalization may impact the market. Cannabis sales are projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 25%, from $6.7 billion in 2016 to $20.2 billion by 2021, according to Arcview Market Research.

How long does SEO take?

A well planned and executed campaign needs hard work and commitment with your business objective to produce useful, and long-lasting results. Search engine optimization is a staged process that begins gathering and organizing your website’s content for several time period. Then it uses other complex mechanisms to display it to the users based on the site structure and quality of the content. You usually notice how your SEO efforts come to fruition after the first three month of your campaign

Local or National Cannabis SEO?

It’s certainly up to your business development strategy if your product or service is tied to the local market or if it meets the appropriate conditions to openly compete in a national market. In any case, our experience leads us to advise clients to consider geographic targeted campaigns to make sure they reach the right audience for their type of business. Plenty of cannabis related products can be easily marketed nationwide, as long as they have no conflict with the legal aspects that regulates the cannabis industry.

Accessing your Cannabis business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

There are three factors in a website that determine how search engines will index and rank the site based on the relevance of the content, known as Key Performance Indicators. These are the main aspects to take into consideration when analyzing your website to measure if visitors are really interested in your content and how they interact with it. The analysis of key performance indicators is a process that consist of the following stages:

Website audit: during this diagnostic check up we look into your website structure, page speeds, and current keywords to identify areas for improvements which will need to be implemented.

Website structure: in this step, we organize the pages on your website using the appropriate hierarchy model for the content. As your homepage is the main point of interest for visitors, this should be at the top in the priority scale. From there, the navigation of the site and all subpages should be in the right order to tell both customers and search engines, what is your business about. Search engines will rank pages according to the greatest relevance of content, and this contributes to the site’s popularity and success.

Website link profile: Building a link profile will have a positive effect on your website if done correctly. A good link profile includes different types of links that not only will create a roadmap for search engines to track the relevance of your content throughout the site but also will help customers to find you easier.

On-site SEO for Cannabis

On-site optimization refers to the process carried out directly on your website’s pages. First there is to identify the keywords related to your business, then check each page of your site for the appropriate keyword density. Having a sitemap is also an on-site optimization best practice, It serves as navigation aid for your users and tells the search engine spiders how to crawl your website and which pages it should index. Our on-site optimization process includes:

Correct Keyword Selection: As a result of our exhaustive analysis, it is important to choose the right keywords to improve the visibility of your site for the search engines. Also, broad keywords that are relevant to your site will bring more organic traffic as they add value to your customer experience.

Optimize Website Structure: The structure of your website is critical to ensure that your potential customers visit your site frequently. In order to catch and maintain user interest in your website, you should avoid having them searching through multiple pages to find what they need. For this reason, your business website should have an efficient structure to help visitors navigate easier.

Custom Content Creation: Search engines value original content greatly, as it contributes to differentiate your site from others. Content is the main reason users will search on internet to begin with, and since the keywords for your business will be practically in every competitor site as well, it is crucial that your content stands out to provide unique value to potential customers.

Connection with Google Analytics: Google analytics is an essential tool for SEO, since it allows you access to relevant data of visitors’ behavior on your website. Learn the most useful information about your customers while tracking your business website performance directly from one of the most important search engines.

Adding a sitemap and activating Google Search Console: Ask anyone what is the first thing that comes to their minds looking for directions. A map will be most likely the most common answer. Same principle applies for search engines, they use your website sitemap to understand it better, categorizing and assigning value to its content.

Website Security: Having a basic security for your website is not only useful but necessary, especially if it has e-commerce capabilities. Website security gives confidence to your customers that their sensitive information is protected while it keeps dangerous malware and threats away from your site.

Website Load Speed: A critical indicator for a website, particularly in these times of  immediate need for satisfaction. Users tend to abandon pages with higher load average times and are more likely to continue browsing when pages load faster.

Off-site SEO for a Cannabis business

You’re all set to start your business and your website is ready with all the on-site work. Still, it needs to relate with other websites to gain relevance and improve visibility from search engines

Relevant Link Building for Cannabis sites: referral links are important for tracking traffic sources but more importantly to allow search engines to determine the volume and value of your site’s connections.

Directory Listings specific to the cannabis industry: “quality over quantity” is a simple concept that defines best the off-site SEO process. Your business website will have more benefit from being listed in directories relevant to your specific market, than in random sites that have nothing to do with your business.

Cleaning Website Link Profile: Having a clean link profile, implies more than high authority links and avoiding or removing spam links. Pages should contain a large proportion of branded anchor text to show diversity in your website’s link profile.

Social Media Integration for a Cannabis business

Every marketing strategy needs consistent social media presence that shares your business’ message to a human audience. The influence that social media has over the consumer behaviors is increasingly overwhelming, given the importance of others users references about your business on these platforms.

Social media became the new digital hangout places where people spend plenty of time almost regularly. But the real value of social media is interaction with actual people and the possibility to target and reach real customers based on data they input directly, which makes it more reliable than any other.

Through the management of your profile on major social media, we leverage native analytics tools to provide your cannabis business with interactive content and first hand data about your customers.

Tracking your Cannabis Business growth

Our reporting component for SEO allows you to track your campaign’s’ performance in order to constantly improve the ranking of your cannabis business on search engines. You will be able to know your audience’s needs and use different metrics to manage the allocation of your resources accordingly to meet your business goals.

Analytics for a cannabis related business require to be receptive and responsive to industry trends and developments, as this market still seems to be as a work in progress. We not only gather the data from potential customers but also take a thoughtful approach to your website statistics to measure your business growth and ensure the highest search engine optimization levels.

Cannabis SEO – A proven digital advertising solution

Our SEO services provide an effective and reliable solution for positioning your business online in this growing cannabis industry. From raising your brand awareness, to capturing new leads and increasing your business’ sales, our digital advertising on search engines presents an opportunity to succeed in a new market based on data and business intelligence analysis that has shown proven results.

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