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4 Ways Internet Marketing can help your Local Los Angeles Business

  • Convenience: You now own a business that operates globally and is open 24/7.
  • Easy to Track: Internet marketing is easily trackable. You never have to guess what is working and what isn’t.
  • Reach: Barriers of distance don’t exist online. You can sell your product or services virtually anywhere.
  • Cost: Marketing your business online costs nothing compared to offline advertising methods.


You could be the owner and operator of the world’s most perfect website, and without SEO no one would care… Because they’d never see it! SEO uses relevant keywords and phrases that have been high ranked by search engines to drive eyes (and wallets ?) to your website. This can increase your sales without increasing your costs. Win, win.

Web Design

Speaking of the world’s most perfect website, let’s not underplay the importance of a beautiful and easily navigable site. A functional and aesthetic website is vital for several reasons:

A good website:

  • helps build your brand.
  • increases customer conversions.
  • leads a customer to what they are looking for easily and smoothly.
  • enables you to decide how a potential client navigates through your business.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media is rightfully the newest frontier in the digital marketing world. It offers a unique  platform to increase your brand’s visibility and build loyalty with your clients, as well as a hub to organize all your content in one place. The more social media platforms you engage with, the more potential clients appear on your radar.


What is PPC and how does it sneak its way into every digital marketing conversation? Pay-per-click, or PPC:

  • allows advertisers to pay a fee if their ad is clicked.
  • permits advertisers to only pay when interested parties click their ad.
  • is not a beginners activity! Requires constant adjustments to be effective.

1000+ Los Angeles Businesses Served over Multiple Industries

As a local Los Angeles business, we understand the industries here and are invested in supporting them grow and thrive. It’s our life’s work! At On the Map Marketing, our portfolio is filled to the chalk full of diverse experience across a broad spectrum of industries. From local to national campaigns, our Los Angeles SEO services stand in a league of their own.

SEO for Photographers

Who isn’t a photographer in LA? We get how important it is for your photography website to stand apart and show up first in this extraordinarily saturated market. We’ve spent a little (and by a little we mean A LOT) of extra time researching and implementing the best internet marketing techniques and strategies to drive rush hour on the freeway levels of traffic to your site.

Contact us today for your photography internet marketing quote!

SEO for Law Firms

Oh, LA, the city of dreams/lawsuits. This city needs top notch lawyers, which is why we have spent a great deal of time researching and implementing the best internet marketing techniques and strategies to drive engaged traffic to your company’s website.

Contact us today for your law firm’s internet marketing quote!

SEO for Nightclubs

Can you imagine a Los Angeles without its world renowned nightclubs? Neither can we, and why would we want to? That’s why we have work work worked on researching and implementing the most lit digital marketing strategies.

Turn heads with your nightclub internet marketing. Contact us today for a free personalized quote.

SEO for DJs

Speaking of night clubs, what would those night clubs be without DJs? We have spend more time cultivating the best internet marketing strategies for DJs as they spend balancing levels. Contact us today for a personalized DJ internet marketing quote!

SEO for Dentists

Los Angeles is a city full of beautiful pearly white and sometimes even veneered smiles. We have as much experience optimizing websites for dentists as your dental office has booking fillings the week after Halloween.

Let’s get more patients into your office! Contact us for a free personalized Dental internet marketing quote today!

SEO for Plastic Surgeons  

Plastic Surgery is to Los Angeles what sunscreen is to Miami. It’s a gigantic part of our culture here. We know a strong online presence is vital to your plastic surgery center. We have the experience and the knowledge to drive new patients into your office through our strategic internet marketing strategies.

Get in touch with us today for a free personalized plastic surgery internet marketing quote!

Looking for a Data Driven Internet Marketing Company in Los Angeles?

At On the Map, thousands of Los Angeles businesses trust us with their Internet Marketing for a simple reason: relying on data is embedded in our way of thinking, and we are local so we understand what LA consumers are searching for.  We use our data driven way of thinking combined with our LA knowledge to help businesses outrank their competition across a huge range of industries. We believe in the integrity and quality of our content, and we hope you wouldn’t settle for anything less.

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