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Using Ahrefs to Evaluate your Dental Website Link Profile

The entire idea behind the internet is to share information digitally. Unlimited amounts of data is now free to be boundless. However, in this massive universe of cyber dust, how does a single star stand out?

Backlinks bridge connections between websites. These connections may introduce your business to consumers from the most unexpected places. Listed below are a few reasons why backlinks are so important:

  • Builds Business relationships
  • Establishes authority
  • Improves SEO
  • Better customer service

Using Ahrefs

If someone links to your website they are altering their viewers to the existence of your website free of charge. You might want to thank them. is a digital service that identifies your backlinks and allows you to evaluate them. With the use of several complex algorithms, Ahrefs is able to compare your backlinks with respect to SEO. You can also study your competitors for an advantageous lead.     

We all know that keywords play an important role in Search Engine Optimization, however, most do not know that keywords can depreciate over time. Google, Yahoo, and Bing constantly change their systems so that no business can monopolize their ranking. Ahrefs features keyword evaluation which is a service that records the value of keywords overtime.    

How to use Ahrefs offers many different valuable services that every company can take advantage of. To begin using Ahrefs simply obey the following steps:   

  1. First log into and type the URL of your website in the search box
  2. Select “Referring Domains” from the toolbox at the top of the page
  3. Ahrefs will show referring domains, the websites linking back, and the strength of the website. Websites are listed by their “DR” or domain rating, where the higher rating sites are ranked and the lower, spam sites can be removed.
  4. Select Competing Domains and place them in the Search Box
  5. Compare your links to theirs
  6. Copy their most authoritative links


Properly used SEO can boost sales in any business regardless of maturity. SEO gains your site visibility which in turn improves your chances of converting the potential client into a loyal and returning consumer. Maximize your dental business’ potential for success by casting the widest net possible.  

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