Boundless, the internet is without limitation. Cluttered with an overabundance of information, it is very common to get lost in or distracted by pop-ups and advertisements. Without the use of proper keywords, your client could be like a stringless kite. Targeting your dental clientele is a difficult process that can only be narrowed down through trial and error. Thankfully, there are tools that provide shortcuts that will make the testing easier.

Programs such as Google AdWords, allow you to bid off certain keywords that are related to your business. Google will sell the clickable ads to the highest bidder using the selected keywords. Businesses pay Google once their advertisements are clicked and money is made on all sides.

Keyword Planner

The process of choosing your keywords can be daunting to the inexperienced marketer. How do you know which keywords are better than others or which will out rank your competitors? In addition to AdWords, Google also has created another useful marketing tool called Keyword Planner. Completely free, it compares keywords and tests which will drive the most traffic to your website. Keyword Planner files statistics and anticipates popular buzzwords that may work for your website.

How to Use Keyword Planner     

Keyword Planner has many advantageous functions and using the program is simple. Follow these steps to learn which keywords are best for your dental business.

  1. Sign into AdWords
  2. Find KeyWord Planner from the drop down menu in the Toolbar
  3. Key in the business that you need suggested buzzwords for ( Do not forget to add the specific location of the business so that Google can adjust accordingly )
  4. The Get Ideas button predicts possible keywords.

Relevance of Keywords

Prominent keywords are not the only factors to excellent SEO, but they are quite valuable. Most people do not know that keywords do have the disadvantage of depreciating over time. It is important to keep your business up to date with current trends and themes so that you do not waste your budget.  

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