5 Reasons Dentist Should Practice SEO

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Running a dental practice is not easy. There are a seemingly endless number of responsibilities that a dentist has to tend to on a day to day basis. With this is mind, some dentist may be inclined to ask, “What’s the big deal about SEO?”

After all, you are already paying money for advertising on different mediums and may even have a pay-per-click campaign on Google and Facebook.

As an experienced dental SEO agency, today we’ll share how a dental SEO campaign can be a powerful tool that helps to increase your online presence, and consequently your patronage, while costing significantly less than traditional advertising outlets.

Build Credibility and Present Yourself as an Authority

The average consumer goes online when they are searching for just about everything these days. That includes a new dentist as well as information about dental procedures and overall issues that they may be experiencing with their teeth. If your website provides a wide variety of informative content, dental SEO can position your practice as an authority to search engines. For instance, if a potential customer is searching online using a phrase like, “What to expect when I get a root canal,” and your dental practice has a high ranking blog post that answers all of their questions, they are more likely to stay on your site to get the information that they need. The longer they remain, the lower your bounce rate—a low bounce rate is interpreted by Google as a good sign of authority. Dentist SEO helps you to build that authority with search engines and trust with potential clients.

Decrease Overall Marketing Cost

While SEO will not be an overnight marketing fix, it is one of the best marketing strategies for inexpensive long term growth. When you implement best SEO practices for dentists, like improving the user experience on your site, providing relevant information, using terms and words that are SEO friendly, et cetera, you will undoubtedly increase interest in your dental practice overtime. In addition, search engine optimization is markedly less expensive than traditional marketing strategies. While it is not recommended to totally abandon these methods, using them in tandem with SEO will allow you to decrease your dependency on them lower your overall expenses.

Build a Niche Clientele

Just about everyone one will need a dentist at some point in their life. However, most other dentist will be “going after” this wide pool of people as well. Utilizing specialized Dental SEO practices can help you to differentiate yourself and target patients that are looking for something more specific, and in many cases, more lucrative than the average client. Some potential niches that dentist SEO can help you target are:

  • Dental Implants
  • Veneers
  • Root Canals
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dentures

These are just a few potential options, but when you position yourself as the expert within a specific niche, your likelihood of increasing your customers in that niche dramatically increases.

Increase Website Traffic

This is more than likely a “no brainer.” However, the benefits of utilizing dentist SEO on increasing web traffic should not be understated. When you implement best dental SEO practices online, you will begin to organically increase traffic without the use of those expensive PPC campaigns.

More Clients

It is important to understand that a SEO campaign will not work overnight. In many cases it will take a few weeks to months to increase the traffic to your website and many months after that to begin experiencing an increase in customers. However, once you have established an overwhelming presence online, the next natural step will be for potential patients to give you a call and set up their first appointments. This method will allow you to build a relationship online with potential customers as well as current customers that are curious to learn more about a particular dental procedure.

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