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Free SEO Browser to view your web page as a search engine spider would

A search engine spider simulator to view your website like a Google bot: pure HTML. Plug your webpage URL below and investigate your on-site page elements within seconds:

[analyzer id=”simulator” url=””]

Do you know how Google sees your website?

Use the Google bot simulator to debug technical SEO issues:

  • Discover crawling and indexing issues on your site
  • Find your page’s load speed, internal and external links, and metadata
  • Understand the prominence of your site elements (based on how they appear)
Seo browser
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Search engine simulator will share info about these website elements

Across usability, readability, page meta information, and more, here’s what SEO browser will analyze for every webpage:

  • Server response code,
  • Title tag,
  • Meta robots tag,
  • Meta description,
  • Internal links,
  • Page headings and structure,
  • SERP preview (to see how you stack up in search results).

Whether you’re performing local SEO or organic SEO, the pure HTML data of your website of how search engines view your website is vital. Plug your website in the SEO browser, view websites as a Google crawler, and start its optimization today.

After passing the Google crawler test, you can check your website ranking with the SEO analyzer.

Free website SEO checker for competitive analysis

Plug your website below to analyze your website ranking and do a quick competitor analysis:

[analyzer id=”competitor” url=””]

SEO checker will analyze your website SEO

SEO professionals can use the SEO site analyzer for evaluating the following elements of their website:

  • Check your on page SEO: word count, heading structure, and SERP preview
  • Perform a competitor analysis for keywords across content, backlinks, and load time of your page
  • Get the search volume and CPC for the keywords you plug
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