Roofing Leads: How to Get More Roofing Installation Jobs?

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As a roofing company, some challenges come with the limitation of only being able to work based on the number of clients you have. Let’s face it, your continued success is based on how much work you were able to get done. Therefore, getting leads is important because the more leads you get, the more money you make. 

Getting a client to request roofing services isn’t as simple as selling an everyday product like food or clothes. There has to be a genuine need for it; this factor means that finding your next client can be a task of its own. 

In this article, we’ll be looking into different ways that your roofing company can set itself up to get roofing leads, use roofing lead generation sites that will be beneficial to your company, and make your brand rectify itself if it already has a bad name. Stay tuned, because this is undoubtedly a must-read guide. 

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How To Get Free Roofing Leads

Word of Mouth

No marketing strategy is as powerful as word of mouth. Whether positive or negative, word of mouth is a free marketing tool that can move your roofing company a step in the right direction. The task is as simple as asking existing clients to refer you to people they may know who are looking for a similar service. No matter the field or career, good word spreads; successful freelancers have gained numerous work relationships through word of mouth. 

Social Media

These days, almost everyone is on at least one social media platform. Why not use these platforms to your advantage? With an already existing audience of people you have connected with, you can simply share a business post, status updates, or profile to your timeline or story. These are free to do, and thanks to “Share” functions, your work can spread. 

SEO Optimization

The nicest aspect about successfully utilizing SEO for your roofing website is that it allows you to develop brand awareness. People are more inclined to use one of the first companies that are recommended by search engines because they are more inclined to trust them. This is why small company owners should begin investing in SEO as soon as possible.

If you focus on SEO that is area specific, for instance, you have a greater chance of appearing at the top of search pages than those companies who don’t.  A properly-designed SEO site may make things a lot simpler for the visitor as well. 

They will have an easier time browsing the site and locating the information they require. In the process, they are also highly likely to come across more stuff that they appreciate. This may entice people to follow you on social media.

Which Lead Generation Sites Are the Best For Roofing Contractors?

Angie’s List

If you’re looking for a great platform to establish your roofing company, Angie’s List is it. The site has an app with over five million users where clients can search, hire, and review different services on the app. Here, you can offer your specialized service for free and enjoy some fantastic features that can be beneficial to your company; this can help you locate clients looking for your service commercially or residentially. 


HomeAdvisor is really popular, with a wide reach. It hosts client filters that can be used to find your business via availability, location, and service type. A massive advantage to this site is that it’s easy to use; therefore, your company can expect many clients to gravitate towards this site. 


Porch allows contractors to create and customize their profiles to show off their best work, specialties, credentials, and reviews. This is an advantage to any contractor, as it allows you to be in control of what makes the first impression on potential customers.


If you’re a roofing company that’s looking for a platform that’s more on the flexible side, TaskRabbit is for you. It provides contractors the chance to be flexible in their choice of categories and locations to work in, number of hours to work, and rates. This site targets more of your residential clients. Additionally, you can use your positive reviews as an appealing point since reviews are displayed upfront. 


Yelp is fantastic for contractors that are looking to expand their business. Setting up your profile is free, with the added advantage that millions of visitors peruse the website monthly.  

How To Generate More Potential Customers for Roofing Jobs

An In-Person Experience

Nothing beats a personal touch. When it comes to how your company can get more roofing leads, you can establish your company on virtual platforms and have an immediate response to questions launched by interested customers. Having your website host a live chat feature, and your social media platforms have someone available to respond immediately to questions, adds a personal touch to your service. 

Claiming Your Spot on Google Maps

Numerous potential customers looking for any product or service begin their search online. If you can place your company on Google Maps, you’ll receive an added advantage. The chances of you finding contractual work in your area will be much higher. 

Connecting With Others

Attending events, like trade shows, allows you to meet and mingle with others. This networking opportunity affords you the chance to let others in on what you’re doing, score potential clients, and perhaps build a partnership with other businesses that could complement your service. It’s a great, in-person way to connect with others on a more personal level. 

A Way To Say, “Thank You”

People love money. Take word of mouth and couple it with rewarding successful referrals, and watch your brand spread like wildfire. Referral marketing is a fantastic way to encourage your clients by rewarding them for spreading information about your brand. 

Direct Mailing

Since roofing is for commercial and residential use, you can go the traditional route by leaving your details in the mail. Leaving a business card or pamphlet explaining your service allows potential clients to have your details on hand in case they need your services. 

Four Tips to Getting More Contracts

Ensure You Have Excellent Support Channels

Whether your company has a website of its own or hosts an online platform on social media, nothing wins the heart of an existing or potential client like experiencing quick, quality customer service. It sets an example of what kind of relationship you’ll be having with the client and pulls the customer closer when offering solutions to their problems faster. 

Keeping a Record of Your Reviews

Being transparent in other people’s experiences with your brand is an excellent start in laying a foundation with your clients. Of course, you’d need to ensure that the positive outweighs the negative, so displaying all your reviews is a winning factor to getting more contracts. 

Doing an Exceptional Job

The proof is in the pudding, always. No number of strong campaigns, referrals, and excellent support channels can cover a lousy job. Always ensure that you’re accredited in what you’re doing. Cutting corners in recruiting inexperienced workers to spend a lot on overhead expenses isn’t worth it if it’s at the expense of your work. Hire experienced workers and ensure that you use quality products to get the job done. 

Build a Portfolio

When you’ve completed some exceptional jobs, make sure that you document them by taking pictures of your roofing jobs. In this way, clients are able to see your previous work. Also, when you have added a new specialty to your description, you can showcase your work to existing and new clients. Building a strong portfolio works in your favor when putting the word about your company out there. 

Bad Reputation? Here’s How You Can Fix It 

There isn’t really much that can be done once a bad review spreads, since you have no control over how others paint your brand. You can, however, use virtual platforms to your advantage. 

Fortunately, virtual platforms reach larger audiences, and even though having a bad reputation can taint your image, it can be fixed.

Responding to bad reviews can be powerful for your image. It shows that you have acknowledged your errors. Replying to a negative review with a reassuring response allows existing customers to feel as though they’re a priority to your company. Responding to a negative review with a kind response also allows potential and new customers to feel a sense of reassurance in knowing that issues are worked on. 

A simple response where you state that you’ve received the complaint and then apologize for any inconvenience is a great start. You can then proceed to let them know that you appreciate the feedback and are looking into ways to ensure that the service and experience is improved in the future. Some companies also go as far as offering those customers discounts or free offers to gain the customer back and not leave them with just a simple apology. 

In Conclusion

There are countless ways to boost your leads in your roofing company. If you’re on a strict budget, try some of our free alternatives. If you’re open to spending some extra money, invest in rewarding campaigns that will move your company up a notch. No matter the route, there’s so much to choose from when getting more leads.

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