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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to getting traffic to your site from “free” or “natural” search results on various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. SEO consists of many techniques such as link building, keyword selection, website structure, and more. By utilizing these digital marketing techniques, a website/business owner can be well on their way to gaining the #1 spot on the search results page. On a desktop computer, there is a 34.36% clickthrough rate while on mobile devices, you can expect a 31.35% clickthrough rate for this spot. It is no wonder why businesses are partnering up with martial arts marketing agencies, like us, to help them rise to the top and grow their business.

Benefits of SEO for your Martial Arts Business

There are numerous benefits to martial arts seo marketing. First, you should think of it not as a cost but as an investment. By choosing to invest in marketing online, you can rank for certain keywords that have astounding conversion rates. This will help you rise to one of the first 3 spots on a search engine’s search results page. Second, SEO is an important component to any business’s marketing mix. 61% of marketers state that growing their organic presence and improving their SEO is their #1 inbound marketing strategy. However, SEO is generally not enough to truly market your business. You should also consider social media, branding, and content creation to make your marketing strategy solid. Fortunately, On The Map Marketing is skilled in all these areas and is a top player among martial arts marketing firms with superior martial arts marketing strategies.

What ROI Should I Expect from SEO Marketing?

SEO is an investment and it can take some time to see results. Research has likened an SEO investment to a stock. Just like a stock, you have to choose the right keywords and wait while you monitor the periods of fluctuation in ranking and algorithm. It is also just as important to have a good strategy as you would in the stock market. Aspects to think about in your SEO strategy is competition keywords, searcher intent, and expert opinions and advice. We can help you choose the right keywords to rank for and offer you the best seo tips for martial arts businesses. Building a successful seo strategy is crucial to driving in more organic traffic, climbing the ranks of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), and convert more visitors to clients. Do remember that investing in an SEO strategy is a long-term endeavour. It will take time to see noticeable results but in the end, it will pay off in a big way.

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How Long does Martial Arts SEO Marketing Take?

To be honest, SEO takes a long time to build up and for many good reasons. However, don’t fret because despite SEO taking time to work, it is a strategy that pays off with an increased client base and more organic traffic to your site. First, it takes time to figure out your competition. You are likely going to be competing with other similar businesses to yours who have already gained the top spots on the SERP. They have spent a longer time building up their sites and gaining high-authority links for their sites. Although, that doesn’t mean that you can’t surpass your competition. It takes time to get there and an experienced team of martial arts seo experts who can provide you with the best martial arts seo that will give you the upperhand compared to your competitors.

Second, you’ll have to investigate how many and where your competitors are getting their backlinks on their sites and snag some of your own. Having backlinks on your site can really boost up your spot on the SERP – which is a good thing, remember? Over 70% of companies stated that their top marketing priority over the span of a year was to convert leads to customers. While SEO is time-consuming, all you need is a little patience and a team of martial arts seo experts who will make that dream a reality.

Local SEO Martial Arts Campaign

For a business like martial arts, it would probably be best to focus on building a local seo campaign; local simply because many dojos cater to a particular area. To build your local seo campaign, you would need to do a few things to help you get started. First, it is very important that you add your business to Google My Business. Make sure to include all relevant information including a phone number, name, address, and website. If you don’t know how to set this up, we got you covered. Next, it is important to be consistent and put your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) on every page of your site. This information needs to be exactly like the information that you put on your Google My Business for instance.

Lastly, it is crucial to add some old-fashioned SEO tactics to your landing page. Adding phrases such as your city/region and a relevant keyword throughout your landing page can boost your SEO and traffic. Research shows that location was related to 30% of mobile searches. To help you with your local seo martial arts campaign, we can extend our martial arts seo services to you and get your local business On The Map Marketing and snag that 30%.

Accessing Your Martial Arts Website For Key Performance Indicators

Martial Arts SEO Website Structure

The structure of your site is very important – not only for your visitors but for search engines like Google as well. It helps them to navigate your site to find the content most relevant to them and helps search engines figure out which content on your site is more important. It is crucial in terms of usability and for SEO.

Having a sound site structure strategy adds to the UX or user experience. It helps your potential customers navigate your site to find your products, services, and relevant content that speaks about your business. For example, if you have different martial arts classes based on age groups, make sure that parents can easily find the page that pertains to their child’s age.

Second, a good site structure is good for your SEO strategy. It helps search engines like Google better understand your site and makes sure that your content doesn’t compete with one another. By structuring your site well, search engines can figure out what your business is about and see which content is most relevant. If you have similar content on your site, it can better classify them so they are not competing for a top spot on the SERP. To refine your website structure, we offer the best in website design for martial arts businesses.

Having a well-established link profile can be beneficial to your SEO strategy. A link profile consists of the types of links on your site, how you got them, and the anchor text they are attached to. If you have a rich link profile, search engines like Google tend to rank them better on their search engine results page. In order to build your link profile, its suggested to reach out to vendors, partners, and other businesses – however, it is important to note not to be too aggressive with link building. Building links too quickly can seriously hurt your SEO and drop your position on the SERP. Fortunately, getting your link profile into shape is something that our team of martial arts marketing consultants have plenty of experience racked up. You can get links either naturally or paid – make sure to not be aggressive with your anchor text.

On-Site SEO for Martial Arts Businesses

On-site (on-page) SEO refers to optimizing individual pages on a site to rank higher in search engines and gain better traffic. To do this, you would need to:

  • Find the correct keyword selection
  • Make sure your website structure is optimized
  • Customized your site’s content
  • Add in Google Analytics
  • Factor in a sitemap and activate Google Search Console
  • Check in on website security and load speed

On The Map Marketing is the ideal martial arts marketing company that offers real martial arts marketing solutions and can help improve your on-page SEO which will rank your pages higher and get you more organic traffic.

Correct Keyword Selection

We can help you find the ideal keywords pertaining to your martial arts business that you would want to rank for. Then these would need to be added in relevant places such as in title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, and URL strings. These will benefit your SEO.

Optimize Web Structure

As explained before, having a sound site structure can help users better navigate your site to find your products and services. It also helps search engines like Google figure out which content on your site is more relevant. It is also less confusing for you as well.

Custom Content Creation

Creating content that your customers will love is best for building on SEO. This includes creating long form content, adding in plenty of multimedia like pictures and video, and making it easy to read. Research shows that 43% of people have admitted to skimming through blog posts so make it count.

Adding Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an all-in-one tool for tracking the amount of traffic to your site. You can monitor pageviews, users, and more all from your browser. It is free to install and a worthy tool to add to your arsenal. We can even help you get everything set up for your site.

SiteMap and Google Search Console

Having a sitemap and Google Search Console on your side is crucial for SEO. A sitemap is essentially a file that has all of your web pages in it to let search engines know how your site is organized. Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to monitor clicks from Google Search and test if Google can understand your content.

Website Security and Load Speed

Having a site that is not only secure but loads super fast ranks better on Google and prevents users from hitting the back button. Customers want, whether on desktop or mobile, to visit sites that load quickly so they can find the content most relevant to them. Also make sure that it is mobile-friendly as well. In 10 countries, including the US and Japan, more Google searches occur on mobile devices than on desktops.

Off-Site SEO for Martial Arts Businesses

Off-site (off-page) SEO tells Google how others feel about your site. It is a way for your page to get ranked by the things that you and others do regarding your website. This includes relevant link building, directory listings that are specific to your martial arts business, and cleaning up your website’s link profile. We can help you develop your off-site SEO through our stellar martial arts website marketing.

Having relevant links pointing to your site is very important. Without links, search engines like Google have no way of knowing how valuable your web pages are and will rank them lower. Having a wealth of internal links that connect to other pages on your site – especially if you have a blog – is most important for your SEO strategy.

Directory Listings Specific to Martial Arts

Choosing the right directories to link to can be helpful for your SEO – even your local SEO. It’s best to think of quality more than quantity so try to pick a few directories that are high-quality i.e., Yelp or Better Business Bureau. It is also a best practice not to automate your business directories – instead, be creative on each one so users will know that you offer quality content.

As we have touched on earlier, your link profile is a crucial component of your SEO strategy. To improve your off-site SEO, we can essentially clean it up by removing any bad links, adding good links with better anchor text that is optimized with keywords, and help you earn high-authority links for your site. This will help you rank higher in search engines and drive more organic traffic to your site.

Social Media Integration for Martial Arts

One-third of the world’s population uses social media on a regular basis. That is a huge marketing campaign that can’t be ignored. Using social media is great for SEO and really spreads your content among the masses with little work – expect with writing the content of course. Our team can help you best utilize this modern martial arts marketing by managing your major social media accounts which includes Youtube.

Management of Major Social Media

92% of marketers state that social media has been a very important part of their business – for good reason. Many people around the world actively use social media and watch videos on YouTube. This is a great opportunity for you to build your brand, follow the right people, and post relevant content on these sites to get your followers/friends sharing your content. You can also create videos that your potential customers will love and post them on YouTube. They can then share them through social media and it’ll be great for all.

Tracking Your Martial Arts Business’s Growth

As with any investment, you need to track your progress. There are many methods one can use including call tracking, form tracking, traffic reports, and ranking reports. On The Map Marketing would be wrong to not include with our martial arts marketing services a way for you to see how our SEO strategy for your site is working.

Phone Tracking

Call tracking is a great tool that companies can use to monitor customer phone calls. This helps them determine what made them decide to call, where exactly they found the number to call, and even some aspects of the call itself. It allows the business owner to get an idea of their customer’s’ buying journey and if ads and other marketing tools are being used well.

Form Tracking

If you use some sort of form on your site, then it would be useful to figure out how many people have filled out the form. A great strategy to this is to have a person who fills out the form be redirected to some sort of thank you page. Then, on this page, you can add Google Analytics and it will keep track of how many forms are being completed. If you need help setting something like this up, we have you covered.

All of these factors will contribute to your SEO marketing campaign for your martial arts business. Ultimately, the goal is to see your ROI as quickly as possible–which is something the On The Map Marketing is able to help you do, with our 7+ years of experience dealing with martial arts websites and marketing campaigns on a local and national level.

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