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Putting the Spotlight on Your Dojo

When understanding your dojo’s options it is important to understand the new age of marketing we find ourselves in. Digital media is as advanced and far-reaching as it ever has been, requiring SEO to better rank the average person’s search results. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the reception of traffic to your site from more attractive search results on various search engines. In order to facilitate growth in your martial arts school, it will be necessary to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you.

2018  Martial Arts Marketing Trends to Know

Online Reviews for Martial Arts Schools

You must be sure that your online reviews are up to date, to have an effective martial arts marketing campaign. Online reputation is key to having an effective internet presence. Online reviews are being trusted more than ever, and their easy accessibility means that clients will know a general opinion of your martial arts gyms in moments. Plenty of reviews mean a clearer picture is made of what makes you different from other dojos in your area.

Having numerous reviews also ensures that readers have a solid foundation from which to base their opinions. The average client will read up to 10 reviews before making a decision on any given product. Relevance is important, old reviews are less effective and not as trusted as newer ones. In a field as competitive as yours it becomes all the more important to have your reviews work to your advantage in order to have the online edge against other schools.

Mobile or Tablet Sites for a Gym

People consume their media and search the web on the go constantly. Google takes notice and your ranking online is affected by your website’s accessibility via mobile device. Martial arts marketing depends on accessibility as much as any other marketing field. But you need to be careful and understand how to use this medium, 70% of people dislike mobile ads (HubSpot), 2016)  and mobile ad blocking has increased 90% year-over-year (HubSpot, 2016). Ignoring the statistics and advertising online without knowing your audience can lead to some very bad investments.

The cost of making your website more mobile friendly is relative to how it is built. The way that your website is coded may hamper your ability to create a more responsive, cohesive experience for clients. Bad coding or building will also lower your google ranking and make any attempt to compete with rival martial arts marketing sites impossible.

Dojo Social Media

The rise of social media has been an eventful time in recent years. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter are but some of the websites that have connected people all over the world. Understanding how these connections work and how they lead back to your martial arts school means the difference between marketing success or failure.

Social media websites understand the fact that so many businesses rely on them and have molded their advertising to better take advantage of their positions. Many offer paid advertising, placing you above other businesses when aiming for a particular audience. You must consider the advantages of social media for your martial arts marketing needs, and see the consequent results on your bookings and revenue.

Social Media also presents an opportunity for your website to be informative. Special events, specific dojo history, and general martial arts knowledge can all be advertised via the use of social media platforms. Inform your community of any upcoming activities, or changes in your prices quickly and visibly with social media. Your dojo can keep its customers, and potential customers, in the loop and interested with frequent stream of updates and content.

Gym Commerce on Social Media

Social media presence is important to martial arts marketing, but not the only advantage these sites offer. Shopping on social media sites is as simple as pressing a button and instantly benefits you. Without even leaving a social site consumers have access to products provided by your gym and you will reap the benefits. Access an already interested audience and benefit from their inherent interest in what it is you have to sell.

A Martial Arts School’s ROI Expectations

When putting money and time into a marketing campaign, what needs to be paid attention to is the ROI. ROI, Return on Investment, is the overall net profit of your campaign divided by net worth. When determining whether or not your investment in a campaign is up to your standards, determining the ROI is essential. Better quality campaigns and SEO work has been shown to realistically increase ROI up to optimum standards.

Time for a Martial Arts Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign for your school has many factors in play that will change the range of time needed for completion. The state, SEO, condition and content of the site to begin with play major roles in our marketing strategies. With nothing else to go on, a marketing campaign usually takes 2-3 months when down from scratch. A dojo’s marketing must be done speedily, but also at a paced rate to fully display all of a schools finer qualities.

Local Marketing Campaigns for Martial Arts Schools

A martial arts gym relies on the community it is situated in to survive and thrive. A dojo can only be as large as the student base it caters to. The stronger a martial arts arts school’s connection to the surrounding area, the longer it will last. Such reliance on the surrounding community means local presence is necessary to a dojo so reliant on its surrounding area. It is shown that:

  1. 72% of consumers doing a local search visited a store within five miles. (Wordstream, 2016)
  2. 50% of local-mobile searches lead to visitors within the day. (Google, 2014)
  3. 78% of local searches on a mobile lead to offline purchases (Source Engine Land, 2014)
  4. 30% of searches from a mobile device include a location. (Google, 2016)

Digital media thrives on up to date information, which will be necessary to ensuring that anyone who looks up your school understands what you offer and why it should interest them. On The Map Marketing can help, our work makes sure that your location is specified and advertised to the surrounding areas. Online presence increases your local presence and improves public perception. Local presence will increase your revenue as your martial arts digital marketing campaign takes off.

Digital Marketing Platforms Guaranteed to Increase Revenue for Martial Arts Business

The internet is a tool that is simply waiting to be used by you. On The Map Marketing specializes in giving you the knowledge needed to fully use the internet to fully benefit you. There is platform after platform of possible martial arts digital marketing opportunities available to you. But the first martial arts digital marketing platform you should focus on is your website, and what you can do for it.

  1. Learn more about website development.
  2. Learn more about SEO strategies and what you can do.
  3. Know about the Pay-per-click, affordable pricing we offer.
  4. Receive a better look at the social media services we can provide for you.

Why Your Martial Arts School Could Be Making Money Using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has plenty of benefits you will see over time. Ranking high enough in the martial arts digital marketing field will allow you to see plenty of customers flocking to your site. As you see consumers visit, you will also see them make purchases and creating appointments. By ranking for certain keywords, via SEO, you will see a rise in your sites rank and have your presence on a search results page more easily seen.

Your martial arts school benefits from such benefits with additional forays into social media, branding, and content to bring in the consumers in. Improving your marketing strategy will also solidify your standing in such a competitive field. On The Map Marketing has experience in the area of digital marketing and ensuring that your martial arts school reaches its marketing potential.

What You Should Expect from Martial Arts School Marketing

Digital marketing is a flowing and constantly fluctuating field. In a field as competitive as martial arts you should expect plenty of rival dojos vying for attention by means of marketing. Creating a strategy to have the most effective SEO results possible is essential to remaining within the public eye. Investing in your martial arts digital marketing campaign commits you to a path that will have your website elevated to levels of relevance vital to your business’s long term plans.

A Worldwide Martial Arts Audience

Digital marketing is not bound by a single location. It breaks the mold that traditional marketing was bound by for decades. There is no brief space of time or specific niche to embrace in order to receive maximum results. Rather, you simply have to work on getting a target audience’s attention and from there it becomes a matter of keeping it.

In America alone there are hundreds of millions of people capable of going online. The pool of potential consumers is wide and almost overwhelmingly available. Any person can simply access your website via a single click. You just need to understand how to reach them.

Scalability for Any Gym, School or Dojo

When creating a martial arts school there must always be room for expansion. Digital marketing is unrestrained by the same hindrances that traditional media fell beneath in past years. Digital media evolves with your dojo and its cyclical nature ensures that relevant information regarding what your martial arts school provides remains at the forefront. The only thing that holds back your marketing’s growth alongside your businesses is an inability to act.

Higher Return on Dojo Investments  

Maximizing your Return on Investment, or ROI, is critical to having a successful martial arts marketing campaign. Without the proper plan, you could end up losing money and ultimately facing losses rather than increased revenue. Becoming informed is key to planning and knowing your tools and audience is a high priority for any business.

  • 40% of marketers agree that proving their ROI is their biggest challenge. (Hubspot, 2017)
  • 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide agree that video has the best content ROI. (Adobe, 2015)
  • Email is said to offer high ranking effectiveness. (Econsultancy, 2016)

Knowing the different forms of digital marketing and their effectiveness is all a part of an effective ROI. The more you invest, the more you should need to receive on return in order to maintain and grow your business.

Track Your Martial Arts Marketing Results

Tracking the results of your business’s growth has never been easier.  Call tracking, form tracking, traffic reports and ranking reports are all available to tools ready and capable of helping you. On The Map Marketing makes sure to provide you the means of seeing how our marketing strategy is working for you. By tracking the way people learn about your school and the related information you have the ability to more effectively understand our strategies progress.

How Our SEO Marketing Process Unlocks Your Martial Arts School’s Hidden Money Making Potential

Revenue is brought by clients, and clients are brought in by sites on digital marketing platforms that have become optimized. By using techniques such as keyword selection, website structure, or link building, martial arts marketing agencies, such as ours, work to put your page on top of search results page. When the number of hits your web page receives starts to rise, so does the revenue you will see begin to rise as well.

On-Site SEO for Martial Arts Sites

On-site, or on-page, SEO is the improvement to individual web pages needed to raise their rank and increase traffic. An increased SEO on any digital marketing platform means better business, and On The Map Marketing focuses on raising your SEO and raising your rank. To raise said rank, there will need to be:

  • Customization: where the ideal keywords, videos, pictures and articles are all outfitted to suit your needs. Keywords will be placed throughout your site to increase the chances of being found by a search engine. While media of all types are created and molded to make sure that those who would skim through your website take notice of it.
  • Added Google Analytics, Sitemap and Search Console: There are plenty of tools to track the traffic to your site and revenue that comes with it. Google analytics is a free tool we can help install that tracks site traffic. Sitemap can be considered a file that has all your web pages together so that search engines can understand your organization. Search Console lets you know how many clicks your site receives.
  • A Website Review: You need to be sure how fast your website is. Users spend less and less time waiting for a page to load and the faster a website opens the less chance there is to lose a consumer’s interest. There needs to be an overview of your site to see how quick it is to load and how secure it is for the users.

Off-Site SEO for Martial Arts Sites

Off-site, or off-page, SEO is the way that Google is told about how others react to your site. Any and all digital marketing platforms use plenty of different sources that in turn affect your rank. To increase revenue you need to make the most out of the opportunity that a search engine will be able to provide. Rank rising requires:

  • Building Links: Website links must be built up in order to have any sort of digital presence. If your website lacks links, then search engines will consider your site less valuable than others that do. Ranking depends on importance and building up a website’s connection to other sites increases its own importance.
  • Directory Listings: Directories make sure that the digital marketing platform you use show the importance of your site. High quality directories carry more weight and bring in more traffic. Any additional creativity can go a long way to increasing your revenue.
  • Customization: Revenue follows quality, and customization entails quality. Better links, social media integration, and social media management all play their part into giving your school its own identity. On The Map Marketing excels in making sure all these aspects are accounted for and optimized to better increase your revenue.

Improve your Marketing and Expand your Martial Arts School

Our tried and true marketing tactics will ensure that your school’s website receives the traffic it needs and the clients you are looking for. Heighten your ranking and have search engines bring the people to you. But the process is not simple or easy. It requires careful planning and plenty of effort to see positive change. Let us help you set up for the long term success you are looking for.