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Google Screened Ads: Guaranteed Leads for Qualified Service Providers

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How the New Google Local Service Ads Works

  • Be Found at the TOP of Google
  • Build Trust by earning the Google Screened Badge
  • You only pay for real qualified phone leads NOT fake clicks
  • When a potential client searches for your service in your geographic market, your business appears at the top of their browser with:
    • The name of your business
    • A photo
    • A “Google Screened” badge
    • Your hours of operation
    • And a call button so the potential client can phone your business
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Industries we can work with

Criminal Lawyer

Estate Lawyer

DUI Lawyer

Personal Injury

Tax Specialist

Family Lawyer

Contract Lawyer

Disability Lawyer

Real Estate Agents

Immigrant Lawyer


Labor Lawyer

How much does it cost?

  • With Local Service, you set your budget.
  • You’re only charged when the call lasts for more than 30 seconds.
  • You can set a weekly budget that caps the leads you receive.
  • While your daily leads may vary, you will never exceed the weekly budget.
  • You also have the ability to dispute invalid leads and to receive a refund for those calls
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How do I qualify my business for Local Service Ads?

Currently, Local Service is only available to law firms, financial planning businesses, and realtors. In order to earn the badge, your business has to pass business-level and business-owner background checks.

Your business must have a Google business star rating of at least 3.0. Professionals in the business must pass a license check and in some categories, the professionals must also pass a background check.

How do I qualify my business for Local Service Ads?

As Google begins to implement this system, PPC and organic search ads are going to be pushed down the SERP. Based on the previews we’ve seen, the new Local Service format could take up as much as a quarter of the top of the page. While it’s too early to discern the impact that this new platform will have on the effectiveness of PPC and SEO, we believe the upside of being an early adapter of Local Service Ads has enormous potential.

To find out more about Local Service Ads or Google Guarantee and what you need to do to earn your badge, contact the global internet marketing experts at On The Map Marketing today!