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What a Professionally Created Website Can Do For a Chiropractic Practice

A website reflects on your clinic and how you appear to potential patients matters. When someone clicks on your site the impression they have of your chiropractic office is instantaneous. There are over a billion websites online, with more being added by the day. Every website reflects upon its creators, and gives off the professional nature of whomever the site represents.

Communication with your patient base is also made more efficient with the use of a professionally made website. You need to convey who you are, what you do, and to communicate with you quickly in order to maintain visitor interest. Every moment needs to be accounted for when considering your chiropractic patient base and the time they spend on your website. Communication must take place in an efficient, hasty manner or a faster more easily accessible site will take your business.

Access to your clinic and related services is the primary purpose of a website. Traditional marketing and media has fallen behind when it comes to advertising and showing what it is you provide over other companies. Giving customers instant access to all the information about your clinic that they need instantly has given digital tools an incredible edge when it comes to media and marketing. The edge digital media provides is able to be used by you as well.

About Chiropractic Businesses and Website Design

Chiropractic Website Analysis

Every chiropractic website has its strengths and weaknesses, they come with location as well as the specific qualities of your practice. We make sure to thoroughly analyze your website and identify what your clinic has to offer. Bring greater attention to the better parts of your practice. Make sure that potential patients see your chiropractic practice at its finest.

Measuring Key Performance Indicators for Chiropractor Websites

A Key Performance Indicator, or KPI, is a measurable value that shows how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. KPI’s are used by companies to evaluate progress towards any goals. You may also use your KPI’s at different levels of your company. So any section of your website is able to be analyzed and progress to your target goals tracked. Metrics that are capable of being measured are:

  1. Marketing  
  2. Sales   
  3. Digital Marketing  
  4. Social Media  
  5. SEO  
  6. Email Marketing   
  7. Financial  
  8. DevOps  
  9. Financial  
  10. Supply Chain  
  11. Call Center  
  12. Healthcare  
  13. Support  
  14. Retail  
  15. Help Desk  
  16. Insurance  
  17. Human Resources

Analyzing Conversion Factors for Chiropractic Websites

Your conversion factors are integral factors to your site and act according to two different categories. The first conversion factor category is the drivers, which consist of helpful factors. A driver factor leads to higher conversion rates and better end results. Relevance, clarity, and urgency of content all act as factors that improve conversion.

The other category of conversion factors is inhibitors, or detrimental factors. Inhibitor factors drag your website down and lower conversion. Anxiety is a large factor and balances the trust and fears that a potential patient has about putting their stock in you as their chiropractor. Too many obscuring items on your web page can lead to distraction, a distracted potential patient is far less likely to be converted.

Analyzing a Chiropractic Call to Action

The call to action is a way to bring focus to your site, measure success, and direct site visitors. There is more than one call to action on a website, and they should all have purpose. A call to action addresses a need, a need that your chiropractic clinic is able to address. By making sure your call to actions are optimized for your patient base you make it easier to navigate your site and understand what it is you provide as a practice.

Our Approach to Designing your Chiropractic Website

The way that On The Map Marketing handles your web design can be construed as working in and around your website. We work to fill your site with content and enhance visitor experiences so that traffic will increase. We also make sure that your website has connections to the greater internet and other authoritative websites. By working both on and off your site, we ensure that your site is optimized for visitors and ready to receive the maximum amount of traffic it can.

Chiropractic Websites Conversion Focused Design

We work with you to focus on the conversion factors and deliver the traffic you need to see an increase in business. On-site, or on-page, SEO is the way that we make sure that your website is prepared to attract potential patients. Keywords, created content and links are all used to increase the quality of your web pages. Authority and relevance is built up by optimizing your website and updating what it is that you show to your customers.

Chiropractic Branding

When it comes to your chiropractic clinic branding is a good step towards expansion. If you decide to create articles for your site consider what branding has done for another popular article using medium: magazines. It has been researched that 72% of marketers stated that branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine (Business2Community). Branding adds a sense of authority and authenticity that non-branded products and companies simply lack.

Creating Mock-Ups for a Chiropractic Website

Website design is an intricate process, we commit to making sure that the steps of this process are done correctly. A mock-up is drafted and the overall design is laid out in order to understand what aesthetic direction a website should go. As a chiropractic practice your website should invoke a sense of healing and invite potential patients to come and use your services to help them better their health. We work out the most efficient way to convey the type of medical environment you provide before beginning to further hone in on the details of your practice.

Patient Approval

Every step of our website design process is made to your specifications and desires. If you do not like the direction your chiropractic website is taking then we will work with you to fix any problems you may have. You will be made fully involved in every step we take, with regular updates on progress. Your input matters to our team, and they work to make sure the website design matches up correctly to your vision and gains your approval.

How We Develop Code for Chiropractic Websites

HTML vs WordPress

Code building for your site can be done through a variety of programs, the choice of which being up to you. HTML is the markup language used to display web pages. Most websites on the internet use HTML and in order to make your chiropractic website like them you will need the help of web developers. Using HTML means that you do not have to worry about maintenance, and your site can be run cheaper with fewer requirements. But HTML sites cannot be updated easily, nor added to without the aid of developers.

WordPress is a CMS, or Content Management System, that allows you to manage your website yourself. Over 26% of websites online use WordPress due to its accessibility and flexibility. WordPress is a program that allows for easy updates, professional template, extensions, and full control. But WordPress requires guidance and consistent maintenance to run properly, both of which On The Map Marketing provides.

Pros and Cons of a Content Management System

Once a CMS is installed you already have a fully functioning website ready to be altered and modified at your leisure. Content editing will be separate from design and functionality, meaning that working with content is made much more seamless and easy. You can decide who has access to what and updates can come as regularly as you would like. A CMS is also extremely mobile friendly, another aspect On The Map Marketing can help with further in order to promote your chiropractor site further on search engines.

The drawbacks of a CMS include loading speed and security. Two fields that On The Map Marketing makes sure are up to your standards. A CMS is vulnerable to security risks without proper precautions and will load slowly due to its nature if you do not work around this problem appropriately.

Chiropractic Mobile Responsive Design

A responsive website reacts to context, adapting to the size of the screen it is displayed on. The usual sizes a website will need to adapt to fit include:

  • Widescreen
  • Small Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile Phone

In order to provide the optimal experience possible for visitors to your site there will need to be changes made suit your patients viewing needs. The layout of the content will need to be optimized to make sure that what needs to be emphasized is. The content itself will need to be adaptable as well, depending on the method of viewing there will need to be a shift in balance between the aesthetic and informational sides of your chiropractic site.

Development of a Chiropractic Sites Website Functionality using JavaScript and PHP

PHP and JavaScript are comparable but primarily serve different purposes. PHP, or Hypertext Processor, is a server-side scripting language and is more of a tool for website building. PHP handles the websites more technical features and uses the coding of your website to smoothly communicate with the patients and work on their needs.

JavaScript is more of an aesthetic tool, where it was designed for network-centric applications. Web pages stop being static HTML with JavaScript and instead become much more customizable. JavaScript also allows for a much more dynamic site that has effects to create a much more professional and accessible site. Immediate feedback to visitors is possible under JavaScript, easing and improving their experience with your chiropractic website.

Chiropractic Websites API Integration

Managing software applications is made possible through application program interfaces, or API’s, and those who can use them. Though invisible to most users, these programs are essential to website program communication. Social media juggernauts like Facebook and Twitter use open API’s regularly and you could too. With the proper API management your chiropractic website can be on top of the latest trends in web development.

Chiropractic Websites and Security


The difference between HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is encryption. HTTPS is a much more secure form of data transfer that is used to protect confidential online transactions like online shopping forms. Your chiropractic website will need to have this sort of encryption in order to have online commerce or appointments made on your website. Without the proper encryption your website is susceptible to security leaks and problems.

Implementation of SSL

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a standard in security technology for websites. This link makes sure that data passed between a web server and browser remain private. SSL is an industry standard, being used in millions of sites like your chiropractic website to protect online transactions with customers. A web server requires an SSL certificate to establish an SSL connection which On The Map Marketing can help provide.

Cross Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting, or XSS, is the patient-side code designed to attack your customer’s software. The script is among the most rampant online and targets vulnerable websites. Any weaknesses in your website’s security is exploited and taken advantage of to deliver the script to the victim’s computer. Your site may not be affected by XSS but those using it certainly are. Proper security precautions must be made in order to prevent any incidents.

Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF, XSRF, Sea Surf) is an attack on authenticated web applications via cookies. The attacker is able to trick victims into making different requests, abusing the application-browser connection. Full application/website compromise is possible if the victim is among the privileged users such as an administrator. Legitimate requests will be indistinguishable from false ones and your website will suffer for it.

Security Misconfiguration

When the safeguards for your website are assembled incorrectly then you suffer from a security misconfiguration. Security misconfigurations leave holes in your security network that can lead to a partially or even fully compromised site. Holes in security occur when a website’s creators make a mistake and can affect any level of the applications’ framework including the web server, application server, database, framework and custom code. Without a thorough security check a security misconfiguration can lead to stolen data.

Quality Testing the Chiropractic Website

HTML Validation

HTML validation is a simple series of corrections throughout your website’s code. HTML is validated through a validator, a quality assurance program that is used to check the HTML markup for any syntax errors. Errors, such as open tags, extra spaces, or forgotten quotation marks are capable of affecting your websites look as well as its rendering. By correcting the syntax errors in your website’s code you will provide an easier, smoother experience for your patients.

JavaScript is Error Free

Any errors in JavaScript can lead to glitches or unexpected changes to your chiropractic website. JavaScript is the program that handles aesthetic functions but can also affect the more practical aspects of your website. An unusable drop down menu or broken link can severely affect the way your patients view your website, and by extension your company. Avoid any JavaScript mistakes by having On The Map Marketing do a thorough check on your website’s coding.

All Images Must Have Correct Licenses

Many images online are copyrighted, which means unpaid use on an official site can lead to take down or even a lawsuit. You are liable for what it up on your website and images can be flagged as stolen even if:

  1. The image is immediately taken down
  2. Taking the image was an accident
  3. The image is resized
  4. The image is linked back to its source
  5. A disclaimer is put up on your website
  6. The image is embedded rather than saved on your server

A flagged image can bring with it a host of legal troubles, which can become expensive very quickly. Avoid the mess by making sure that your images have the correct licenses and are paid for properly.

Relevant and Engaging Chiropractic Content

A website without content is one that does not engage its visitors. Unengaged visitors are usually not left with any positive impression, and are thus less likely to revisit regularly. You have a variety of options to pick from considering the vast medicinal information a chiropractic practice can provide. By providing content in the form or blogs, articles or infographics your website can remain interesting, informative and see repeat visitors.

Optimize Pages

A website that goes unnoticed is not useful, you will need to make sure when there are chiropractic needs nearby yours is the first name found in an online search. SEO, or search engine optimization, is but one of On The Map Marketings many specialties in making sure your website see’s the business that it requires. SEO makes sure that your website ranks higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The higher you rank the more traffic your website will see and the more business will come your way.

Chiropractic Websites and Finding Success Online

In the modern age, creating a website alone is not enough if you want to bring in business. You will need to make sure that your website is up to the standards that patients expect when browsing the internet. Ease of sure, speed and security all play vital roles in ensuring that your chiropractic practice website sticks out among the competition. With the right help and plenty of effort, On The Map Marketing can make sure that your website rises to match your standards and more.

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