Why Every Plumbing Company Needs a Google My Business Profile

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When you want to make sure your business does well online, Google My Business is a wonderfully well-established program to work with. It is a free tool provided by the Google search engine to help business owners reach a wider audience in their local area. It’s a great starting point for your plumbing marketing efforts.

Users type in a search for a product or service near them and the search engine provides a local plumbing businesses name, address, phone number, the time they are open, and a URL link to the website. You want to be the first business customers see when looking for local plumbing help so it is critical that you make use of the program.

Local SEO Control

The search result following a local search for a plumber is at least three of the nearest businesses to a client. If you want to stand out among competitors, then you definitely want to be one of the three results that pop up. Google my Business will help you control what clients see when they use the search engine and the amount of detail provided is up to you. The more potential clients know, the more they will trust your business and the higher the chance they will come to you with their plumbing needs.

Google Analysis

When you make a Google My Business page, the process is free and you can add as many locations as you want. Remember that every location requires that you add in the information and verify them one at a time. Each location will have its own reviews and if you register enough locations then that may entitle you to discount. Google is always checking for spam though, so you will need to register your home address instead of your P.O. Box. This is for businesses that provide services at customer locations and this address will not be made public as long as you mark that you do not receive customers at said address.

Getting Reviews

One of the most important aspects of getting a Google My Business page is the reviews that will come in. People will start talking about the quality of the services and products you provide and this will have a big impact on how people see your business. There is a large amount of trust placed on online reviews and someone is much more likely to go to a business with customers talking than one without any third party opinions. You need to be careful though, be sure to respond to negative reviews when they come.

When dealing with a negative review, be sure to respond thoroughly and with respect to the reviewer’s position. You want to provide a satisfying response that addresses the issue and shows your willingness to improve. Once you get the hang of handling both positive and negative reviews, the whole Google My Business Profile process becomes much smoother. You will be able to more effectively attract new clients and satisfy the ones you have.

Needing a Google My Business Profile

In the end, a Google My Business Profile is just another tool you can use to ensure appeal to a wider audience. It is intuitive and easy to use so there is no reason not to use the program in order to make it easier for clients to contact your business. However, like any other tool, you will need to keep your profile updated and maintain it regularly. If done properly, you will find yourself utilizing an effective and easy to use tool to help boost your business to success!

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