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10 Best Miami SEO Agencies in 2024

Looking for the best SEO agency in Miami? Below, I’ll help you with your search and highlight Miami SEO agencies that have helped their clients get great online visibility and build. a solid reputation. Later, I’ll also share tips for running successful SEO campaigns in Miami, and how they can help you achieve your lawyer marketing goals. Let’s get started.

Top SEO Agencies in Miami to Hire For Your Campaign

Here are the top 10 agencies in Miami based on their online profiles and customer feedback. These Miami, Florida SEO agencies have an established client base and verified ratings in

1. On The Map Marketing

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Year Founded: 2010

Headquarters Address: 200 SE 1st Street Miami, FL United States 33131

Industries They Specialize In: Law Firms and Home Service Businesses

On The Map Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency offering SEO, web design, content marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We specialize in helping law firms rank for competitive keywords including personal injury and criminal defense.

We use time-tested methods in all our SEO processes, including strategic keyword research, thoughtful content creation, result-driven link building, attracting local audiences with local SEO, and using technical and on-page SEO that’s focused on targeting high-quality leads.

We take pride in our excellent project management and transparency in reporting, with dedicated account managers that help you make important business decisions to ensure the success of your campaigns.

2. SEOFly

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Year Founded: 2020

Headquarters Address: 66 W Flagler St, Miami FL, United States 33130

Industries They Specialize In: Legal, Finance, Health Care, Construction

SEOFly is a dedicated search engine optimization agency helping businesses from law firms to dental clinics achieve online visibility with their SEO services. Reviews show that SEOFly’s SEO experts successfully increased clients’ rankings in Google using high-priority keywords. Clients also talk about the agency’s responsiveness and being able to provide quality service within the client’s budget.

3. White Shark Media

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Year Founded: 2011

Headquarters Address: 120 SW 8th St. Suite 113 Miami, FL, United States 33130

Industries They Specialize In: Real Estate, Legal, Retail, Medical

White Shark Media is not just an SEO agency but also offers paid advertising and content creation services including video production. This Miami-based agency is highly regarded for its top-tier customer service and for delivering effective SEO strategies that help clients achieve their business goals including driving organic traffic to their website.

4. Wegacha

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Year Founded: 2017

Headquarters Address: 66 W Flagler St. Miami, FL, United States 33130

Industries They Specialize In: eCommerce, Medical, Retail, Consumer Products & Services

Wegacha is a Miami-based SEO agency that focuses on providing growth for any business with a collaborative approach. In addition to SEO, they also offer other internet marketing services like website design, pay-per-click, branding, and reputation management. Wegacha’s positive feedback includes professionalism, timeliness, open communication, and being able to deliver the desired results.

5. No Good

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Year Founded: 2017

Headquarters Address: 78 SW 7th St, Miami, FL 33130

Industries They Specialize In: Healthcare, B2B, Fintech, Cryptocurrency

No Good is an established digital marketing agency in Miami that offers SEO services to businesses of all sizes. They’ve worked with global brands like ByteDance, Nike, and Citi, and is a verified agency by the TechCrunch community. Although founded in New York, No Good has an office in Miami, FL, and West Hollywood, CA.

6. Outsmart Labs

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Year Founded: 2013

Headquarters Address: 14 NE 1st Ave, Suite 1401, Miami, FL United States 33132

Industries They Specialize In: Entertainment, Government, Finance, Hospitality & Leisure, Information Technology

Outsmart Labs is a progressive digital marketing agency in Miami offering SEO, influencer marketing, branding, social media marketing, and content marketing. Their clients include Luis Vuitton, Hilton Resorts, Corsair, and Miami Design District. In reviews, this Miami SEO agency is said to deliver personalized customer service, keeping it fun yet professional. The agency was also credited for reaching clients’ marketing goals, from increasing sales to bringing high-quality leads.

7. Alphametic

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Year Founded: 2015

Headquarters Address: 150 SE 2nd Ave Suite 1411 Miami, FL 33131

Industries They Specialize In: Hospitality & Leisure, Retail, eCommerce, Consumer Products & Services

Alphametic provides comprehensive SEO services including keyword research, backlinks, technical SEO, and content strategy. The agency has a great track record of successful SEO campaigns, which clients attributed to having a knowledgeable and experienced team. Most reviews also acknowledged the seamless project management process and their ability to go above and beyond expectations.

8. Pacific54

Word image 1097 8

Year Founded: 2009

Headquarters Address: 150 SE 2nd Ave Suite 1411 Miami, FL 33131

Industries They Specialize In: Consumer Products & Services, Education, Hospitality & Leisure, Legal

Pacific54 is a boutique online marketing agency that offers SEO solutions to businesses in any industry and of all sizes. The agency also offers other marketing services like branding and paid advertising. Former clients of this Miami-based agency praised them for their adaptability and timeliness, which helped the client get the desired result. Other clients liked the way the agency has a structured and streamlined process and that they are honest in setting expectations.

9. Rizen

Word image 1097 9

Year Founded: 2014

Headquarters Address: 31 NE 17th St Miami, FL 33131

Industries They Specialize In: Consumer Products & Services, Education, Legal, Medical, Home Services

Rizen helps brands and businesses achieve any marketing goal with their years of expertise and the ability to adapt to the constantly changing algorithms of search engines. The agency lays out their marketing strategy on their website, saying that they test each strategy and see what the audience responds to. Their former clients rate them high for achieving great results (conversions), timeliness, responsiveness, and attention to detail.

10. Optfirst

Word image 1097 10

Year Founded: 2001

Headquarters Address: 620 NE 126 Street North Miami, Florida 33161

Industries They Specialize In: eCommerce, Automotive, Business Services, Hospitality & Leisure, Legal

Optfirst has been helping businesses with their SEO strategy since 2001, so the agency has established a long list of accomplishments in terms of running campaigns. Today, Optfirst is a full-service digital marketing agency in Miami, with SEO as one of its service offerings. The agency stays ahead of marketing trends, making sure to adapt and apply new concepts and strategies to provide innovative solutions to their clients.

How to Choose the Best SEO Agency in Miami

Selecting the best SEO company for your business involves considering a few factors that can greatly affect your decision. Here are some of them:


Your ideal SEO agency should be a good fit for your budget, especially if you have a small business. SEO agency charges vary depending on their pricing model, tenure, track record, and your company’s current SEO performance. Before choosing an SEO company, be sure to sit down and talk about the cost so you know whether or not the agency fits your budget allocation.

Experience and Specialization

A great way to choose a suitable SEO agency is to look at its previous clients. Agencies that have worked with businesses similar to yours have the relevant experience to help you meet your goals.

Your Marketing Goals

The best SEO agency should understand your marketing goal and present a plan on how they can help you reach it. Whether you want to be on the first page of Google or boost your conversion rate, the agency should have the expertise and experience to deliver the best strategy that gets you results.


Location is an important factor if you want to personally meet with people from the SEO agency. In this article, for instance, we talk about SEO companies in Miami because it’s for business owners who want to find an agency near them. If you have a local business, you’ll want an agency that is familiar with your city and the areas around it.

If you think On The Map Marketing fits the bill, contact us for a free SEO audit.

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