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What is a WordPress development company? Don’t worry. As the premier WordPress development company in the U.S. and Europe, our WordPress website development team hears this question a lot, but in order for you to understand the benefits a WordPress development company like On the Map Marketing can offer your business, there are few common questions about WordPress in general that, really explore how creating a WordPress website can have a positive impact on your business and how a WordPress development company can help you maximize your website’s value and performance. These questions include:

Development CMS

What Is
A Content Management
System (CMS)?

Who Uses WordPress

Uses Wordpress

Wordpress Benefits

What Are
The Benefits And Advantages
Of Using WordPress?

CMS Development What Is a CMS?

There are millions of websites connected to the internet worldwide, and the vast majority of these websites are designed and published using a content management system(CMS).

CMS platforms allow web designers to create fully interactive and integrated websites in half the time it would take to write the code for a website, and while there are many CMS platforms available, the largest and most popular CMD platform is WordPress.

In fact, as of 2016, WordPress was responsible for powering 75 million websites worldwide, and an estimated 409 million people view 23.6 billion web pages on WordPress-powered websites each month.

What Is CMS

Who Uses WordPress Who Uses WP?

The reason WordPress is so popular is that it can be used by anyone from amateur bloggers to multinational corporations. According to WordPress, for example, there are about 70 million blog posts published on WordPress-powered websites each month in over 120 different languages. Some of the most well-known corporations operating WordPress websites are UPS, CNN, Tech Crunch, and NBC Sports.

The versatile nature of the WordPress platform is what allows businesses and individuals alike to create high-performance websites, but many businesses of all sizes utilize the services of a WordPress development company to design their website in order to maximize the website’s full potential as a sales tool. Website development companies can accomplish this by exploiting the numerous benefits and advantages WordPress offers as a CMS platform.

At On the Map Marketing, our WordPress website development team offers services for websites built with WordPress.com and WordPress.org, but WordPress.com is the option that most business owners utilize. Consequently, the information we are discussing applies to websites built using WordPress.com, but you can always contact our office to discuss our WordPress.org services.

WordPress.com vs.
WordPress.org & Results

There is often some confusion among business owners distinguishing between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a CMS platform that is hosted by WordPress or installed onto the servers of a third-party hosting company. In contrast, WordPress.org allows companies or businesses that own their own web servers to download the open-source WordPress software for free. This software can then be installed onto your web server and used to publish your website on your company’s in-house server. While the WordPress.org option does offer you more control and the ability to enhance the customizations you incorporate into your website, it also requires a higher degree of technical skill and computer-coding proficiency.

Wordpress Advantages Wordpress Advantages & Benefits

The reason that millions of people worldwide have decided to publish and create their website with WordPress is simple. WordPress offers several key advantages over other competing CMS platforms that are aimed at benefiting the platform’s millions of users. The main advantages and benefits WordPress offers website owners include:

WP User Friendly

WordPress Is
User Friendly

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly CMS platforms in the world, and once a website is fully built by a WordPress development company, website owner’s often enjoy an easy-to-manage website that can be easily upgraded, expanded, and maintained.

Extremely Affordable

WordPress Is
Extremely Affordable

The cost of using WordPress.com ranges from $8 to $45 per month for most businesses, unless you elect to integrate a premium plugin into your website’s structure. When you compare the cost of using WordPress.com to the value each lead or sale brings your business, your WordPress website can easily be viewed as the most profitable piece of equipment your business invests in.

Thousands Of Customizations

WordPress Offers
Thousands Of Customizations

Websites powered by WordPress literally have an almost unlimited amount of customization options. Website owners have the benefit of being able to simply state which task they want their website to accomplish, and their WordPress development company can incorporate a plugin that will perform it. This allows website owners to use their website as a sales tool that meets the exact needs of their business in every way.

Wordpress Services WordPress Services

The reason that millions of people worldwide have decided to publish and create their website with WordPress is simple. WordPress offers several key advantages over other competing CMS platforms that are aimed at benefiting the platform’s millions of users. The main advantages and benefits WordPress offers website owners include:

Custom Website Development

Custom Website

Custom WP Themes

Custom Website

Custom WP Plugins

Custom WordPress
Plugin Development

WordPress Website Development

Our Company

A business owner and a web developer perceive a website differently. From the perspective of a business owner, a website is a tool that increases and facilitates the growth of their business. In contrast, a web developer looks beneath a website’s purpose in order to understand how a user interacts with it. At the end of the day, the effectiveness of your website will depend on how potential customers or clients perceive and interact with your website. So, our job as a WordPress development company is to collaborate with you in order to design a website that meets the needs of your business and your target market.

As of 2014, 87% of Americans age 18 or older were internet users, and of the studies that analyzed how these users engaged with websites online, there were certain key characteristics that effective websites need in order to foster and enhance the user experience (UX). This engagement adds a positive element to the overall user experience by creating an online environment that allows a website visitor to learn about a product or service and view content that is interesting and compelling at the same time. Moreover, creating a superior user experience with engaging content is what ultimately allows a website to generate sales and conversions, so our WordPress website development team designs your website with a focus on these key characteristics:

  • Navigability
  • Graphical Representationand Organization
  • Content Utility, Purpose,Simplicity, and Readability

WordPress offers thousands of free and paid-for themes for website owners to choose from. However, these pre-designed themes often come with limitations that can hinder your website’s ability to meet the needs of its visitors from both a structural and graphical perspective, and these flaws in the design of most pre-made themes can have a profound impact on your website’s performance. In fact, studies have shown that a user’s first impression of a website is 95% design related, and a user’s judgment on the credibility of a website is 75% based on the website’s overall aesthetics. These factors and others demonstrate the importance of utilizing the services of a WordPress development company that can create customized themes that are

Moreover, using a custom WordPress theme for your website’s aesthetic structure will allow your web developer to utilize website information architecture techniques to organize your website’s content structure. This content-structure method ensures that every web page on your WordPress website is optimized for a specific, targeted keyword, thereby ensuring that each web page is designed to rank well on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Designed to maximize your website’s navigability
  • Designed to give your business the freedom to structure your website based on the preferences of your customers

Using custom themes for your website’s structure allows you to create a website that is easy to navigate, organized in a user-friendly manner, optimized for SEO, and aesthetically appealing, but incorporating custom WordPress plugins into your website ensures that your website functions efficiently and effectively for both you and the user.

The WordPress platform has 54,877 plugins that website owners can incorporate into their website. Some of these plugins are free while others you pay to use, and our WordPress website development team’s goal is to collaborate with you to find the perfect mix of plugins that meets all of your business’ needs. These programs range from analytics programs that allow you to determine how users interact with your website to online scheduling programs that allow customers to schedule appointments with your business in real time, and our WordPress website development team can incorporate these features into any aspect of your website that you can think of.

Offering an online payment option to your customers has transformed from a convenience to a necessity in the modern era. According to research performed by Google, shoppers estimate that 60% of their shopping time during the 2018 Christmas season was spent online, and 64% of the online purchases made by shoppers during the holiday season were completed with a smartphone. These statistics demonstrate what most business owners already know. If you aren’t offering your customers or clients the option to pay for your product or service online, you are probably going to lose customers to your competitors that do offer online payments.

Luckily, our WordPress website development team can integrate any payment processing platform you choose into your website’s structure. You don’t know which payment processing software you should use? Don’t worry. Our team has experience with almost every payment processing platform available from Shopify or Stripe for e-commerce websites to Law Pay or Paypal for legal or business practitioner websites. Moreover, our WordPress website development specialists will explain the strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly, the costs of each service, so you can choose a payment processing software package that meets your businesses needs and fits into your budget.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), credit card fraud victims lost an estimated $57,207,248 nationwide in 2017, and with online schemes running rampant in the U.S., consumers are becoming more and more cautious of which websites they engage with online. Moreover, you, like most business owners, know that in order for your website to thrive, your website needs to have a level of security that ensures your customers’ data is secure and each transaction can be completed safely. At On the Map Marketing, we pride ourselves on being a WordPress development company that understands our customers’ needs and concerns, which is why we offer both SSL certificate services and secure-form design services that filter for spam.

SSL Certificate Services

SSL stands for secure socket layer, and it is a type of encryption that website owner’s use to establish a secure link between their website and their customers’ computers. This ensures that customers can transmit and receive data from your website securely, but in order for you to incorporate this type of encryption into your site, you need to purchase an SSL certificate, which you can purchase directly from our team here at On the Map Marketing (OTM).

Online Forms Pre-filtered for Spam

Many website owners are forced to incorporate anti-spam programs like ReCaptcha into their website to filter their online forms for spam and other harmful attacks, but this type of program can often frustrate or confuse users when they are attempting to make a purchase or complete a contact form. At OTM, however, our WordPress website development team designs online forms that are already filtered for spam, so you don’t have to worry about spam being transmitted to your website while also ensuring that you aren’t losing conversions due to frustrating programs like ReCaptcha.

As a WordPress development company, our goal is to help our clients build the most successful and effective WordPress website possible, but maintaining a successful website is an ongoing process. Moreover, as your business and website grow, the needs of your company will start to change over time, which is why our WordPress website development team offers a host of different services to help you maintain and modify your website over time including

Technical Checkups

To ensure that your website is running properly and efficiently.

Website Upgrades

Such as incorporating additional custom plugins into your website’s structure

Website Updates

Such as updating content, plugins, graphics, etc

Development Process WordPress Development Process

One of the main reasons On the Map Marketing has been such a successful WordPress development company is due to a customer-centric culture. You, our valued client, are at the heart of every process we design, and our development process is no exception. Our goal is to ensure that the website our WordPress development team builds for your business meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, and this goal is accomplished through a three-tier WordPress development process.

The Design Phase

Design Phase

At this stage, our WordPress website design team will be focused on ensuring that the design of your website meets your specifications. As part of this process, our team will send you onboarding materials from our company and a “mock” version of your website’s homepage to ensure that you are happy with the layout, design, and look of the website our team is going to build. Once we receive your approval to move forward, our team will begin building.

Programming Phase

The programming phase of our process is the stage where most of the work on your website from a programming and design perspective will be complete. Our WordPress website design team will create your website’s structure, input all of the content for your website, and integrate any plugins you want to be included in your site’s structure. During this process, our team is creating the “demo” version of your website which simply means that none of the content our team creates during this phase will be publicly viewable. Rather, they are creating everything needed for you to see how each web page and portion of your website will look while also putting your website’s content in a format that can easily and quickly be published during the launch phase.

Feedback Phase

During the feedback phase of our process, the demo version of your website will be submitted to you for approval. Any revisions, edits, or changes you request will be executed before your website is publicly available. This allows our WordPress website development team to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your website.

Launch Phase

At this point, your new WordPress website is ready to launch. Our team will upload your new website to your domain and send you your administrator credentials.

Website Opportunities WordPress Website Opportunities

The digital revolution has changed every aspect of how users interact with businesses, but with this change, business owners now have an unprecedented opportunity in front of them, access to millions of customers online. A WordPress website is not just a convenience. It is an investment that can yield an exponential return for years to come. Here are a few facts that demonstrate the opportunities that your business can capitalize on in the online marketplace.

84% of Americans are shopping for something at any given time in up to six different categories. This means that at any time during the year, 84% of the over 328 million people living in the United States could be searching for your product or service online.

Your customers want information about your business, a lot of it. Over 60% of people expect brands to provide them with the information they need when they need it, but less than half of these consumers feel that brands are delivering. This means that a large portion of your competitors are not providing consumers with the information they want which in turn, represents an opportunity for your business to gain market share through a dominant online presence.

The tools for you to access an unlimited amount of consumers that want to buy your product are at your fingertips in the online marketplace. Google is processing an estimated 63,000 searches per second. Facebook has over two billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2019, and Amazon Prime has over 100 million subscribers. All of these platforms allow you to advertise your product or service to millions of customers directly, but all of these factors can only be exploited with an efficient and effective WordPress website.

On The Map Marketing’s
Experience & Results

On the Map Marketing has been helping business owners like you build successful websites for over a decade, and our company is proud to announce that we have been listed on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States in 2017 and 2018. Our reputation has been built by delivering services that exceed our clients’ expectations and produce unparalleled results. This is evidenced by the fact that our portfolio is filled with high-performing websites that our team of WordPress website development specialists has built and reviews that reflect our dedication to creating websites that allow our customers’ businesses to grow.

Why Choose OTM Why Choose OTM?

Our Company

However, despite our proven track record, the main thing that differentiates On the Map Marketing from other Wordpress development companies is our customer-centric culture. Our team is dedicated to providing Wordpress website development services that are tailor-made to meet your business’ needs, and we take great pride in the fact that our company has built a reputation for doing anything necessary to ensure that each of our clients is more than satisfied with our services.

Are you ready to build your website? Call the WordPress website development experts at On the Map Marketing today so our team can start working on your website.

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