Social Media Management

There is no better marriage in digital marketing than Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. To cover all your bases, a business needs to not only show up when people are looking for their products and services using search engines, but they need to be sure they are engaging with them on social media. We have you covered!

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Regular Activity

The key to using social media effectively is consistently giving your followers new, fresh, relevant content they want to share with their friends and family

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Build a following

Customers are 2-3 times more likely to use a business they are fans of or follow!

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Increase Website Traffic

Get more people to your site by giving them a direct avenue from sites they are already on. You need to be where your customers are!

Why you need to be on Facebook and Twitter?

Have you ever heard the saying that “you have to be where your customers are”?

56% of people check Facebook EVERYDAY, so you should take advantage of it. By staying active on your Social Media accounts, you develop your brand and awareness with the people in your local community.

Just to give you an idea, 68% of All American use Facebook, and the fastest growing age group is users 65+ years of age. 21% of all adults on also on Twitter.

While determining the direct effect of using social media to help your business is hard to quantify, it is easy to see the trend here. More and more adults in the US are using Social Media, it can only help you get more customers, and your competition is surely going to be doing if they are not already.

Social Media Management

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