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Our SEO Consulting Services Will Give Your Business an Edge Over Your Competitors

If you want your business to be a huge success, then you need to let everyone know what it’s about and how it can help them, in other words, you need to get its name out in the world. You could do that by saturating the airwaves and public spaces with ads upon ads upon ads so that everyone everywhere will know all about your business. That’s pretty easy if you’ve got millions and millions of dollars to spend. If you don’t, then a more effective way is to use the SEO consulting services of On The Map Marketing. 

We are a digital marketing agency with over ten years of experience helping clients from a variety of different businesses get their name out into the world. Our SEO consultants do that by using our SEO know-how to get them on page one of Google’s search results. That means higher visibility, which means more visitors, which means more potential clients. So, if you want your company to rise like a phoenix and shine like a star, then get in touch with your digital marketing experts at On The Map Marketing and prepare for a level of success that you could never have anticipated.

What Do Our SEO Consulting Services Include?

Short answer: Everything. Longer answer: Keep reading.

In-Depth SEO Audit

This is where we start and we do so by examining your website and taking a close look at how it can be improved. That means going over it with a fine-toothed comb and looking for ways we can refine and optimize your site. We look at how we can improve your site structure to make it more user friendly. We examine how we can make your content more engaging for the reader. We take a look at how we can create more backlinks for your website. We find out how we can optimize your web pages to make them more search engine friendly. We do all that and more so that we know exactly how to tailor our approach to improving your website.

A link gap means that your competitors are getting links that you are not, thus increasing their authority and making them rank higher. So, if you’re wondering why your competitors are doing better than you, this may be one of the reasons. But we can fix that. Good links are important for good ranking and we will perform an analysis to find out what links your competition has that you don’t and how you can get authoritative links for your website. 

Essentially, the sites that link to your competition show that they are interested in your competitor’s business. If we can show them that your business is better than your competitors’, then there is a good chance that their links could become your links and your site will get all the benefits that come with it. 

Keyword Research

Keywords are the terms people enter in the search engines when they’re looking for something specific, and we can perform research to help you get a better understanding of your target market. We can help you find out what people in your market are looking for and how many of them are looking.

Once we have performed that research, we can then strategically integrate those keywords into your content, making it much more likely that your site will be among the first to show up when people look for those keywords. We target both short-tail keywords (keywords consisting of one or two words that are more generalized) and long-tail keywords (longer phrases that are more specific) so that all your bases are covered.

Competitive Analysis

While you are trying to improve your website, your competitors won’t be standing still. They’ll be on a quest for self-improvement too, and in some cases, they might even have a head start over you. Lucky for you, we can help you to close that gap and eventually overtake them by taking a close look at what they are doing well and what they could be doing better. 

We then use our research to help you by using what works for them and exploiting any gaps in their strategy to bolster your own. But we don’t just take your competition’s strategy and then copy/paste it onto your SEO campaign. That wouldn’t work for you. Rather we see what works for them and then reverse-engineer and improve it to create a strategy that will work for you. That way you will catch up to them and eventually race right past them.

Site Architecture Optimization

As you can probably tell by the name, site architecture refers to how your site is built and structured. And like an actual building, you want your site to look good, be accessible, and have a strong foundation. That means arranging the pages in an attractive, logical way that makes them easy to navigate. Ideally, you want people to be able to get to any page on your site in four clicks or less. 

It also means linking the various pages of your site together in a way that is useful to visitors and search engine crawlers so that they can both easily find what they are looking for. This is great for users and it helps with your rankings as well because pages that you want to get highly ranked receive link authority from pages that are already highly ranked. That is why we make sure that your site architecture is strong from the get-go — so that you can easily add pages without creating confusion for the user or the search engine.

Page Speed Analysis & Optimizations

This basically means that we test how fast your pages load and then make sure that they load as quickly as possible. No user wants to wait around for a page to load no matter how well the page is designed or how great its content is. That is why we make certain that slow-loading pages are a thing of the past. We also make sure that your pages load quickly on all devices, so anyone using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone doesn’t have to sit around waiting to access any of the pages on your website.

Content Strategy

We touched on this topic in the Keyword Research section but here is where we go into a little more detail. Content strategy is where we brainstorm about the kind of content your site needs and how we integrate all of the keyword research we have done into said content. That means great content needs to be friendly and informative to both the user and the search engine, so typing a bunch of keywords along with a few other words to make some rudimentary sentences won’t get you anywhere with either. That is why our writers make sure that their content is well-written and well-researched and that it incorporates all the relevant keywords that our SEO team discovered. That is how we create content that users find relevant, informative, and engaging.

Duplicate Content Identification

In internet terms, duplicate content is content that appears on more than one web page. This is bad for a lot of reasons, the main one being that it can really hurt the search rankings of the pages on which that content appears. That is because the search engine doesn’t know which version of the duplicated content is more relevant to the user’s request. Since search engines tend not to display multiple versions of the same content, they need to choose which one is more relevant and ignore the other. 

This could have a negative impact on all the pages with the duplicated content. Duplicate content can happen for many reasons other than simple plagiarism. One could be that there is an older version of a web page that wasn’t scrapped when the site was updated. Whatever the reason, we will thoroughly check to make sure that all of the content on your site is wholly original and not replicated anywhere else. 

Roadmap Designed SEO Success

All of the services listed above are essential parts of your path to SEO success. Taken together, they create a roadmap or blueprint that is designed to put you on a path to higher visibility and better rankings. There is no one size fits all solution, which is why we tailor all of those strategies specifically to your business. SEO is all about constant iteration and improvement so we don’t just rest on our laurels when your website is done. We constantly monitor your site to make sure that your journey to the top is swift and steady. And once you get to the top, we make sure that you stay there.

Achieve GREAT Results with our SEO Consulting Company

All of the strategies and techniques discussed in this article are tried and true methods that have proven successful for a large array of clients with all manner of businesses. Our SEO Consultants know how to use these techniques to serve our clients on an individual basis so that they will have a campaign that is perfect for them. We look at what makes each of our clients unique and then create an SEO campaign to make the world realize what makes them unique.

Get in touch with us and we will work with you to come up with ideas and implement strategies and techniques to create a one-of-a-kind SEO campaign that is perfectly suited to your needs and the needs of your customers.

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