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What Can A Professionally Created Website Do For Your Dental Business?

For your business to be taken seriously in its industry a great way to gain that respect is to craft an innovative website. Websites are basically an online presentation of your company’s portfolio. To showcase your website in the best possible for, you should hire a respected website design company to handle all of your needs such as SEO as well as the actual building of the site.  

How A Website Represents Your Dental Business

Your website is an extension on your business and should always appear professional. Online real estate is unique because a provides for a space where your products or services can be viewed at any point from anywhere in the world. Be sure to keep a neat and fashionable code to stay ahead of current trends and modern activity.

Website Analysis

When you decide on benefitting from a website concentrate on these factors:

  • Security. Remember that it is not only your name on the line here. Protect your customers from identity theft. You have a duty to your clients to keep all of their information private.  
  • Design. No one wants so look at an ugly, sloppy script. Be sure to keep a website that can be easily navigated through but is also appeasing to the eyes.  
  • SEO. If you have a good website, make sure that someone can find it. SEO is the best way to ensure that your business gets noticed among its competitors.
  • Accessibility. Now that your website is fully formed, it can be accessed from anywhere the internet is available. You design should not lose any aesthetic depending on which device it is viewed.   
  • Keywords. Keywords are the little clues that lead Google and other search engines to your website.

Measuring Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicator are used to weigh the success of strategies used on the website. Examples of KPI include:

  • Profit. Is the most obvious indicator to whether a business is succeeding or not. If revenue is ongoing and exceeding costs, then you that your money making strategies are working.  
  • Cost. having low costs in your plan is also a great indicator of accomplishment.  
  • Customer Satisfaction. Being able to measure the level of customer satisfaction and retention is directly related to the success of your business.
  • Amount of Customers. The amount of your customers is great way to tell whether a business strategy is working or not.

Analyzing Conversion Factors

“Conversion” references the ability to change the web surfer from a potential client to an actual consumer. The ratio is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of ad clicks.   

Analyzing Call To Action

A CTA is an attempt to coax the client to perform a certain duty. This could be as simple as downloading a free e-book or purchasing a full year of magazine subscriptions. When more clients that follow your CTA is the more likely you will succeed in business.

Dental website design
A dental website design with clear CTAs

Our Approach In Designing Your Dental Website

When we approach any task we put our best foot forward. We create our websites for the client with their consumers in mind. This means that our websites are always professional, functional and of course aesthetically pleasing.

Conversion Focused Design

To completely service a client, we focus our energy on maintaining a high level of conversion. This will lead to our client’s ability to retain business which will ultimately increase their revenue. Tips on how to increase the conversion rate  of your website includes:

  1. Neat and clear buttons
  2. Informative headlines
  3. A smooth layout
  4. Strong Call to Action


Branding is when a company establishes itself in the mind of the consumer with a consistent theme. To craft a sticking brand identity can take many years to do and is conducive with a good reputation. Your brand includes the colors and themes you use along with the logos and advertisements you present. An example of exceptional branding is the company, Coke. Their branding works so well that it influences the consumer into thinking that every dark carbonated beverage is a Coke regardless of which generic company actually owns the brand.

Creating Mockups   

Mockups are the blueprints of your website. They are used to view and catch mistakes before the website goes live. Here are some methods to create mockups:

  • Besoke Tools: such as UXPin, Moqups or Balsamiq allow for easy design manipulation and focus on the creative side of styling a website
  • Graphic Design Software: Photoshop and Illustrator and other software provides a space for graphic designers to spread their creative wings. These tools allow for a wide array of colors and other design options that might not be easily found using other methods.
  • Coding Mockups: Unless you are a master at coding, then you should probably consider using a different method. Coding mockups are great, but done in a very specific language that can be difficult to understand to casual coder.

Client Approval

As with any service, client approval is an important step. Once the website is complete a client reserves the right to change anything from design to content. Keeping a client happy is our main goal and driving them business is our guarantee.

How We Develop The Code For Your Dental Website    

Your website is built from a series of scripts and codes. Codes are a series of user-input that tells the computer what to do. In a completely different language, codes are used in almost every aspect of artificial intelligence.

HTML vs WordPress    



  • Easily updated
  • Custom Templates
  • Option to add plug-ins
  • Cheaper


  • Low maintenance
  • Doesn’t require PHP or MySQL servers


  • You are responsible for updates
  • Can be tough for beginners


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to update
  • Nearly impossible for beginners
  • No plug-ins or additional features

Pros and Cons of a Content Management System

Content Management systems are commonly used by bloggers because they practically eliminate the use of HTML. Due to a user-friendly interface, it makes the knowledge of coding obsolete, however, that does not mean that it is the right option for you. Here are the pros and cons of using a Content Management System.


  • Perfect for a beginner
  • User-friendly
  • Easily updatable
  • Can be managed by a single person


  • Low-Security
  • Difficult SEO ranking
  • General templates

Mobile Responsive Design

Your website needs to look the same regardless of the platform it is displayed on. Websites can now be accessed on anything from your smartphone to your Leappad. Be sure that your design does not malfunction if used on a non-traditional screen.   

API Integration

Your website’s Application Program Interface, is responsible for communicating your website’s information to other sites. Large websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have many uses for API Integration as they offer many sharing capabilities.

Website Security

Website security is of major importance to your dental company as you may accept payments online. As a business owner it is your responsibility to protect your consumers from identity theft. Personal data such as telephone numbers, addresses, and even bank cards can be vulnerable to a hacker if your website is not secure.


HTTP is the data transferred between your computer and the server. The acronym stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. HTTPS is the exact same thing, however it has the addition of the “S” which stands for “Security” or “SSL”. For your website, be sure to use the safest methods possible.

Implementation of SSL

SSL should be used to secure every website. A Secure Socket Layer encodes the shared data between the server and the website. Running a server without the use of SSL leaves your business vulnerable to an attack.  

Cross Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting is a hacking method that works by stealing your private information. In a typical case of Cross Site Scripting or XSS:  

  • Someone visits the site.
  • XXS will load and external website instead of the one the user intended.
  • The new website will invade the browser DOM.
  • It now has the ability steal data and may use it to send messages or load malicious images.  

Cross Site Request Forgery

Cross Site Request Forgery is a bit different from XXS because this method controls the actions of the user. In other words, a hacker would have the ability to change email addresses and bank transfer amounts.   

Security Misconfiguration

Security Misconfiguration is a small error in coding opens up a vulnerability in the website. A tiny chink in the armor of the website’s coding can crack a space for malicious spyware to enter. Unfortunately, websites are long structured text of dense code and it can be easy to make a mistake small enough for someone to enter.     

Quality Testing  

Launching a website is not an easy task to undertake. There are several components and places where a small mistake can lead to a huge disaster. Before launching your website, be sure to create a checklist to organize your thoughts.  

HTML Validation

Check your HMTL for syntax errors. Pay special attention to:

  • Code Indentations
  • Spaces
  • Inline Elements
  • Inline styles

Javascript is Error Free

Make sure that your script is debugged by:

  • Step Filtering. Makes it easier to focus on the types that you are working on rather than the ones that can distract you.  
  • Cop Stacking. Is the simple process of copying correct stacks of script before it hits the breaking point  

All Images Have Correct Licenses

If you choose to use an image on your website, be sure that you have all the proper rights. You can risk getting sued. Even if:

  • You’ve changed the size of the image
  • You cited the source with the photographers name
  • The image is used for non-profit services
  • There is a disclaimer
  • It was a mistake

All Pages Have Content

All pages must have content. However when reviewing content pay special attention to:

  • Correct names and phone numbers
  • Normalized color scheme
  • Font styles and sizes are not distracting
  • Directions are detailed and correct  

Pages Optimized For SEO

  • Keywords are relevant
  • Links are authoritative
  • Content is up to date and timely

Website Launch

Now that all of your ducks are in a row, you are ready to launch your website! Stay ahead of the game by constantly updating your content! This would keep your page at high ranking for a longer period. Good luck!