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Mass Texting Service: How It Can Help Improve Your Business

Text messages have been a common form of communication since the early 1990s. History proclaimed that UK-based engineer Neil Papworth sent the first text message on December 3, 1992, when he used his personal computer to send a “Merry Christmas” message to the mobile phone of Richard Jarvis. When this form of communication became popular thanks to the release of Nokia mobile phones in 1993, the mass texting service soon became a regular way to convey messages to a larger group of people. 

Text messaging can help carry out the main goal of marketing, capturing the customer’s attention. While you can use other marketing techniques like sending emails, putting up billboards, or handing fliers, sending messages through mobile phones can still be the best way to reach out to your target audience. 

Since text messaging is deemed useful for business marketing, you must consider looking for the best mass text messaging service provider to let you send one text to multiple recipients. By doing this, you will send one message to two or more recipients at once. But what exactly is mass texting? It is also necessary for you as the business owner to know how it can provide your company’s best benefits.  

What Does a Mass Texting Service Mean?

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When talking about mass text messaging, it is a type of communication service that allows your business or organization to send SMS messages to hundreds or thousands of subscribers simultaneously. Your company can take advantage of a mass SMS texting service to reach out to as many people as possible.

With the help of a compelling mass text messaging service, you will save a significant amount of time and effort since you will send a single message to multiple recipients at once. 

Also, taking advantage of mass text messaging service for businesses can allow organizations under different industries to send special deals and offers to their loyal customers. It can also alert prospective clients about various promos to encourage them to purchase their products or services. 

The best mass texting service can also let you enjoy more efficient communication with your staff, send emergency alerts and daily updates, or announce an upcoming contest to anyone under your subscriber list. You can also set a schedule when sending your message in advance so your audience will have a reminder about an upcoming sale that is about to go live. 

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What Are the Perks of a Mass Texting Service?

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Sending mass text messages is known for its efficiency and high success rate. Thus, businesses worldwide decided to take advantage of a mass texting service for business for more effective marketing and communication. 

Here are some of the most helpful perks that a mass texting service can do for your company. 

Boost Email Marketing

Sending mass messages can help your company enhance your email marketing strategy. Most of the time, the consumers are no longer interested in reading the emails sent by different companies, retailers, and other establishments trying to capture their attention. By combining your email marketing efforts with a mass texting service, you will have a better chance of encouraging the message recipient to open the emails you sent.

Provides Real-Time Interaction

Recent statistics claimed that as many as 77% of all Americans own at least one smartphone. Among all those with these mobile devices, 47% admitted that they could not live without their phone. More than half of the survey respondents also claimed that they purchased something using their mobile phones. 

It is the reason why mass texting could help your company send out vital messages to your consumers. You will be able to send them time-sensitive news so they will not miss out on your exciting deals and special promos. 

For example, your grocery store intends to put your fruit products on sale before they turn bad. The best option that your company can use to let your customers know that you will sell fresh fruits at bargain prices is to take advantage of an online mass texting service. Those who will receive the message will be encouraged to grab your special promo to enjoy fresh fruits without paying too much. 

Generate Feedback

Mass messaging services can let you understand your client’s interest-based in your products or special deals as a business owner. You may send out a text message to invite your loyal customers to join in a survey or provide feedback regarding your messaging strategy. 

Offer Rewards for Retention

It is often challenging to look for a new customer and entice them to remain loyal to your brand. But by using a mass messaging scheme where you send messages that will let them know about a customer loyalty incentive program, you may find your list of loyal customers growing in no time. 

There are several ways to use mass texting service for the benefit of your business. It includes: 

  • Sending a mass text containing a special offer and direct link to your online store if you want to boost your company’s sales.
  • Sending a poll or the URL of your reviews page if you need to generate customer feedback
  • Sending a constant reminder about a specific time and location to boost the attendance of the events hosted by your company 
  • Sending time-sensitive updates about policy changes to keep all your employees informed about the adjustments
  • Sending an invitation to respond directly by text to boost consumer relationships
  • Sending unique discount codes that are redeemable in stores to increase the foot traffic in your shop

Why Consider Adding Mass Texting to Your Company’s Digital Marketing Plans?

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Small businesses and large multinational companies benefit from using mass texting messages as part of their digital marketing strategies. It also helped reshape the way their brands communicate with their market. 

If you are contemplating using this marketing strategy in your business, here are several reasons that could convince you to start incorporating mass texting in your marketing plan. 

  • Beguiled Audience – Nowadays, customers usually check their smartphones or mobile devices while doing other tasks. They would often browse through their devices while eating, working out, or even before they go to bed. It is the reason why sending compelling messages to your customers through text makes perfect sense. 
  • Exorbitant Open Rates – Reports claimed that 90% of text messages sent in busy are opened and read by the recipients within three minutes after being sent. It means that the message you want to convey would be read and included in your contact list. 
  • Extremely Low Costs – One of the most encouraging reasons for business owners to consider bulk texting is its reasonable price tag. Most service providers of mass texting services can provide efficient message sending platforms without breaking your bank. You only need to find the cheapest mass texting service that can meet your requirements. 
  • Efficiency and Ease of Use – Since you no longer need to text all people in your contact list individually, you can save a lot of time and effort by sending a quick message in just one click of the send button. 

Essential Mass Texting Facts You Need to Know

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To convince you about the benefits of mass texting service for your company, you need to understand this digital marketing scheme further. 

Here are the most common facts about mass texting that every company needs to know:

Can you send a mass text using your phone?

Anyone can send bulk messages through their mobile phones. However, it must not be done using the same way you send a message to your friends’ group. 

Most of the time, the default messaging app in mobile phones can only allow you to send messages to a total of 10 people simultaneously. It will not also let the recipients opt-out of receiving messages from your contact number. But if you will install a mobile app on your phone specifically developed for sending mass text messages, you will be able to send a single text to an unlimited number of people. 

Is It Legal to Send Mass Texts?

Yes, sending mass texts to multiple people is perfectly legal. It will only turn illegal if you send messages to people who did not sign up for text subscriptions. They must sign up for the service to let you send messages on their contact number. 

How Many Text Messages Can I Send?

There are no specific limits in terms of sending messages in bulk using mass messaging services. You are allowed to send out as many messages as you want, as long as it will not turn off your recipients due to your company’s volume and frequency of messages. 

Is Mass Texting Affordable?

Not everyone knows that mass texting is one of the most affordable and cost-efficient ways to promote your products and services. Most of the time, the asking rate of mass texting service providers is based on the number of messages you intend to send. Some companies also offer special deals for those who plan to send many messages. 

How To Use The Power Of Mass Text Messaging To Your Advantage

If you finally decided to use an SMS marketing campaign for your company, there are several ways to help you maximize the service to help your marketing plan succeed. 

Tip #1: Establish A Text Marketing Team 

Most of the time, an extensive SMS marketing campaign cannot be completed by a single person. You will need the help of a group of professionals who have adequate skills to contribute to your marketing strategy. 

Your SMS marketing team must include an SMS marketing program expert, a person who has plenty of knowledge about retail, several coordinators for on-location signage, a group of creative digital designers, people who know a lot of techniques about social media marketing, a promotions specialist, and someone knowledgeable about ROI and discount budget analysis, among others. 

Their tasks must be properly coordinated so they can work together to complete the important tasks immediately. The team must have frequent communications about their plans and how to execute them. If you have a complete SMS team, you will gain more benefits each time you effectively implement your marketing strategy. 

Tip #2: Know Your Customers

You may take advantage of using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app to assess your messages’ success. You may use the app to look into the customer’s purchase history and its location-based demographics. It will help you determine which messages to send to the right customers. 

If you have more information about your customers, you will send customized messages to segmented clients for special promotions. It will also let you send bulk messages for everyone in your contact list to inform them about general deals and promos.

Tip #3: Compose Clear Messages 

When writing text messages for bulk texting, you always need to get straight to the point. You are only allowed to use 160 characters per message. Since it is limited, you need to ensure that your message is concise and written in a language that your target audience will not have any problems in deciphering what you want to convey. You also need to avoid using emoticons that could waste your allowed characters. 

Also, it is very necessary to avoid using open-ended messages. If you want to invite your target customers to an upcoming sale, you need to specify when the sale will end. It will let them know that the sale will only happen for a short time. It will prompt them to act immediately to avoid missing the deal. 

Tip #4: Add Call-to-Action Buttons

Your customer engagement will increase by incorporating calls-to-action in your mass text messaging schemes. Some of the most effective calls-to-action phrases include:

  • Show this text -It is the ideal message if you plan to give your customers discounts to encourage them to visit your store. This strategy will help increase your onsite traffic. 
  • Click here – If you want to include more details about your upcoming event that you cannot mention in your message due to character limits, you can further add a link or video explaining the details. The “click here” button will let you visit a website that can provide the necessary details. 
  • Text-to-Vote – You can encourage your customers to have more engagement with your brand by having a mobile poll. It will let you gauge their impressions about your products or company. You can use the information that you gathered to strategize your next marketing plan. 
  • Text-to-Win – Most customers are interested in having a chance to win a prize from any company. You can send a bulk message to encourage as many people as possible to join your contest. This method can help boost your customer engagement. 
  • Buy Now – If you want to increase your sales, this is an ideal CTA button for your messages. Setting up a link in your message to the page where they can shop for your products will make things easier for them to complete the purchase. 

Tip #5: Find the Right Timing

Text message marketing is known for its immediate effect on the target audience. The customers will respond to the sales, events, and promotions mentioned on the messages they received based on impulse. It means that if you plan to open your new store on a Saturday night, you must start sending your messages by Saturday afternoon. It must not be too early or too late, so your customers will have enough time to act on your invitation.   

Tip #6: Focus on Your Local Customers 

People who often buy your purchases and stay loyal through the years can be considered your best clients. They are also the ones who usually provide positive feedback online and confidently promote your brand to anyone who will ask. 

You must identify these clients and provide extra attention to them to maintain their loyalty. They would love to have special treatments, so always consider sending them special text messages that contain rewards and added benefits. 

Tip #7: Encourage Opt-in Across All Your Channels

You can get more customers to opt-in through different contact points. One of the most common channels that you can use is your social media accounts. You may add a mobile number field in your social media sign up page as well as an opt-in button so they can link it to your SMS campaign. 

Other helpful media channels that can grow your text message marketing contact list include your website and point-of-sale transactions. 

Whatever type of business you are managing, you can still maximize your mass text messaging campaign’s benefits if you will dedicate your time to writing compelling messages. You must also analyze your customer demographics and invest your resources to build an SMS-proficient marketing team to help you get the most out of your text marketing efforts. As a result, your company will reap all the rewards and boost your sales and revenue in the long run. It will also allow more people to become aware of all your products and services in the most cost-efficient way possible. So always make sure that you include mass text messaging marketing schemes in your digital marketing strategies.

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