Local Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

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In order to grow your small business, you need to grow your customer base to earn profits. Small businesses often rely on local advertising for promoting their products or services. 

Since most people rely on local searches to discover local businesses, small businesses must improvise their local presence online.

Here are some effective ways to advertise local businesses.

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1. Create Your GMB Listing

Google My Business or GMB is a free business listing service available online for businesses to share important information about their services, such as their contact information, shop address, working hours, and other essential details. 

Once you complete creating your GMB profile by entering all the necessary information, adding photos and videos related to your business, you will require to verify these details. Once you verify, people can find your business listing when they search for it online.

A GMB listing for your business will allow your customers to leave feedback, share their first-hand experiences, add images and videos or provide recommendations, which will testify to the quality of your business to others besides helping you improve.

According to a ComScore study, around 78% of online search results in an offline purchase. If your GMB listing has good ratings and reviews, Google will boost it to appear in the local 3-pack for related local searches.

2. Advertise Your Business Locally Through Google Ads

Local advertising allows all kinds of businesses to directly target consumers who are looking for businesses similar to yours nearby. You can enable a PPC campaign on Google Ads to attract customers based on your predefined demographics.

Using Google Ads will display your business to relevant users. You can choose different call-to-actions for your local ads depending on your conversion goal, such as allowing users to directly call your store, visit your website, or find your store direction on Google Maps.  

Advertising on Google ads helps you get more qualified leads and brings more exposure to your business. Moreover, it is also cost-effective since you only pay when your target audience takes action from your ads.

3. Run Local Offers and Promotions

Running exciting offers and promotions always help in attracting the crowd. If your business is relatively new and the competition is steep, try running some offers and promotions locally after doing some research of your own. You don’t want your offers to be any less than what your competitors are providing.

Limited period offers and discounts work best to attract people quickly to your business. For example, if you run a coffee shop, you can roll out an offer like the free coffee for the first ten buyers or buy 2 get 1 coffee free. 

To make sure that your customers keep returning, offer them a certain discount for their next visit. But, while you do so, you also have to ensure that you keep changing your offers and promos so that it doesn’t get monotonous with time.

4. Become an Expert with Local Content

Focus on local content if you want to be different from your competitors. Analyze the local issues and write content that highlights the plight of the locals. 

For example, if you live in an industrial area, it is bound to have a high air pollution rate. If you have a coffee shop or a restaurant in the same area, you can promote how you use eco-friendly means to run your business, such as using paper plates and cups instead of plastic or using gas logs instead of wood.

You can use your blog or website to create and share content that educates people on the adverse effects of using non-biodegradable material, or natural ways to reduce air pollution like planting more trees or avoiding excessive use of automobiles, etc.

Creating such content will make you appear socially responsible and encourage local people to support your business venture by giving your shop a visit or purchasing products from you. 

Take the initiative to educate your community about the present issues in your locality and help them with solutions. They will also follow your opinions and consider you an expert in your field. 


Promoting a local business shouldn’t be very difficult, provided you know who your target audience is and what they expect from you. So, before you implement any of the above local advertising techniques, try understanding who your target customers are and where you can find them. This will help you prioritize the most effective advertising strategies over others.

Article by Valeria Nunez

I graduated in international business and marketing from Florida international university before starting as a CSM and SEO account manager at On The Map Marketing in 2017. Now I’m the client strategy director, leading a team of eight customer success managers — and have overseen hundreds of successful SEO campaigns for our clients. Outside of marketing, I love playing Tennis, watching sports, traveling, and meeting new people.