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Keyword Gap Analysis

Have you ever wondered how it is that your competitors get so much traffic to their website? Are you a new website or business that wants to have an auspicious beginning to your company story? Do you want to dominate search engine results pages for certain keywords? Of course, you do. Most companies have these goals or questions. If your competitor knows about something that is trending in your niche, then you want to know about it, too. Knowing what your competitors are focusing on allows you to think about how you can create your own unique experience for your users. And a lot of times those trends can be found in certain keywords. The way to get this information is to use a keyword gap analysis.

This is the process of finding out what keywords are ranking for your competitors according to the types of rankings such as:

Why conduct keyword gap analysis?

By identifying which keywords are working for your competitors that are not working for you, you also identify areas of opportunities in your strategies. At On The Map Marketing, we discover opportunities you may be missing in your current SEO strategy, such as less-competitive keywords that can actually work well for you. Your SEO team at On The Map Marketing creates effective campaigns based on keyword gap analysis.

How is keyword gap analysis conducted?

There are a number of reliable tools available online that our experts use to analyze keywords. The reason for this is because both you and your competitors may rank for thousands of keywords, and this process could take very long if done manually. Instead, by using a keyword gap analysis tool, you can get visualizations that show the results in easy-to-understand reports.

Types of Keywords

The report that is given after the analysis has been conducted will provide a number of different types of keywords to consider, and which ones to avoid. In one part of the report, all of the keyword rankings between all of your competitors will be listed. The different types of keywords we report on include:

  • Shared keywords: these are keywords that you and your competitors are using.
  • Weak keywords: These keywords are far lower in ranking and may not be as valuable.
  • Untapped keywords: These are keywords that you do not use but at least one of your competitors does, so you can consider incorporating it into your content and social media.

What are some ways to analyze keywords?

In order to get results that are valuable and useful to you, you need to be specific about which keywords are valuable to your company and which ones aren’t. That means determining which keywords are more likely to convert new users into customers, increase traffic to your website, or are related to your business or niche. Next, you should consider using more than one competitor to compare yourself against when conducting an analysis. For example, you can pick your top three competitors to see how you rank against all of the major ones. This will give you a deeper look into your industry and what is or isn’t working for you and for other companies. Lastly, you want to analyze and consider keywords that will increase your rankings from all of the ones that the report will generate, which could be dozens or hundreds. You don’t want to just choose the keywords that the analysis provides arbitrarily. Let our experts at On The Map Marketing, with over 10 years of experience, guide you. Call us now!

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