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Our SEO Experts will Fully Analyze your Website.

SEO optimization may seem simple, but it’s a complicated marketing technique with countless moving parts, in reality. 

A legitimate SEO expert, such as a seo company in Birmingham has the necessary skills to optimize your website. It is conversant with valuable SEO-boosting techniques such as enhancing page speed and optimizing URL structure.

When analyzing your website, SEO agency experts check your website’s position and rankings on Google.

They then examine your meta descriptions and URLs and optimize them if required.

Afterwards, they look at your website’s general and global rankings to determine the average time users spend on your website.

SEO agency professionals will then check for any broken links on your website and repair them. From there, they will compact images on your website and provide them with the right ALT tag and heading.

For search engine enhancement, they will check your internal links before getting down to writing unique content.

The analysis process enables your website to provide your clients with a great experience. The site can also have high-quality content optimized to rank higher, which is a plus for you.

Keyword Research for SEO done by our Specialists

Almost anyone can do some keyword research, but the truth is, not everyone can look up some terms that will catapult websites to the top spot. Here’s where SEO experts like seo company in Birmingham come in. 

They have the expertise to ensure the SEO keywords used in your content match your service, brand, or product.

SEO experts first learn more about your niche in the keyword research process. This helps them find out new angles to their SEO and marketing technique.

Depending on your brand or service, they categorize the keywords into either buyer intent or informational keywords.

Their next step is to make a list of SEO topics they can group the keywords under. This not only promotes order but makes the process smoother as well.

After thorough research of the topic and the related terms, the final step is checking how your competitors rank for the keywords they are aiming for.

Keywords have a large focus on your target audience. Finding the exact ones for your business is no easy task. Keyword research, therefore, helps in streamlining your goal of receiving more clients.

Full Website On-Site Optimizations

If you want to make your website useful to your audience, a complete website on-site optimization will help. An SEO professional such as seo company Birmingham is the right people for the job.

They carry out optimization to provide excellent user experience, adequate search results, enhance brand awareness, and grow lead volume and site traffic.

When performing a full website on-site optimization, SEO experts begin by examining your website data.

Next, they carry out thorough keyword research for the words that best fit your service, brand, or company.

The third move is providing content of at least 1,600 words.

On-page Search Engine Optimization is the next step. They use the preferable primary keyword in the headline as close to the beginning as they can. To enhance your site’s SEO, they also do off-page SEO.

They then focus on optimizing your website to make it mobile-friendly, after which they work to speed up your website’s pages and get the best backlinks for your website.

Full website on-site optimization makes your website easier to access. It also makes it more appealing to leads and users.

Link building is the intricate process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to your own. It takes plenty of effort and has methods that vary in difficulty. Only the best SEO professionals, such as seo company Birmingham, can successfully carry out the task.

The first step of the process for SEO agency specialists is research. It is not just for keywords, but also for examining industry influencers and the target audience and the areas they consume media.

Afterwards, they design the best outreach message for the audience. Each letter is skillfully adjusted to give it a personal touch.

Next is distributing the messages through either a Gmail account or importing lists and providing metrics.

After sending messages, SEO professionals then track the audiences, checking how they responded and reply to them if necessary.

Lastly, they do some reporting on the number of conversions they gained from the generated links and the amount of traffic from those link referrals.

Link building is vital because it helps promote your brand, build meaningful relationships, improve your ranking, and encourage traffic to your site.

Fully Optimized Custom Content for your Business: Content is King!

When fully optimizing custom content, SEO agency specialists such as seo company Birmingham first conduct keyword research. They check how various phrases and terms fare in search results.

They also try to use more detailed long-tail keywords that suit your service or product.

If you have a local company, the professionals personalize your content by including geo-specific terms in keyword phrases to help you rank on local searches.

Second, they brainstorm content ideas by making a long-form, detailed pillar page based on a keyword that links to content they have created.

The third step is the writing phase. As they write, they use incentives such as meta descriptions and titles to draw your audience. The content should meet the user intent to help your customers connect with your content better.

The next step is editing, ensuring that everything is in place, after which they upload and publish it on your website.

Fully optimized content not only makes your content rank higher in search engines but adds authenticity to your content as well.

Customized Reporting Made Just for You!

An SEO report is a crucial way for you to convey to your clients, boss, or other stakeholders the effect your SEO efforts have upon your enterprise.

Reporting is a big challenge faced by establishments and agencies since it can be hugely time-consuming. The good news is SEO agency specialists such as seo company Birmingham take the load off by providing useful custom SEO reports.

A custom SEO report is a sure way to reach out to your clients and gain their trust because it helps them learn what worked for their site, what didn’t, plus what can be done to make things better in future.

It is written in language that users can understand, which gives them the motivation to keep reading. Also, it is brief but contains all the relevant details.

A custom SEO report also lets your clients know what they should expect and is easily retrievable.

It connects you to your clients since it promotes transparency. 

Additionally, these client reports work as success stories agencies and help them expand their business.

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