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Steps to our Web Design Process

Creating a user-friendly website makes it possible for companies to compete in a huge and diverse market. 

Many companies tend to give the website design process much less credit or importance than it deserves. However, there is more to web design than merely building a functional website. Perfection is achieved by following a tried and tested process. 


When our web designers come across a website, they first try to understand the current deficiencies that impact the growth prospects. We also consider the things that presently work great in the design to ensure that we incorporate them during the design phase.

If you’re conflicted over what you should do with your website that is not bringing you much ROI, turn your attention towards our Washington DC web design company. 


We create a roadmap based on the current changes required on your site or whether it needs to be reworked from scratch. The roadmap will include the specific requirements you have provided us and additional input from our design experts. 

When combined together, we create a unique web design strategy for you to skyrocket your brand visibility. Of course, we will keep you in the loop for all critical strategic decisions we take related to your website.

UI/UX Design

When the users are happy with your website’s overall experience, they tend to interact more, which results in added conversions. 

We understand that keeping the users glued to your website is vital as a high bounce rate for you is advantageous to your competitors. That’s why we come up with bespoke feature additions that make the users stay on the site until they take the action you want them to take. 

All this is done with our expert UI/UX team’s help. They are proactive in implementing the latest, in-demand features that can attract more loyal users. 

Washington, D.C. skyline with highways and monuments

Design Approval

We just don’t stop giving you what we feel is good. We value your inputs; that’s why we make sure to send you the design’s mockup, which will be a non-interactive version.

With the mockup, you can give us input about the features and additions needed before going into the development phase. We want to make sure that none of your suggestions or requests are left unattended. 

Why Pick Us – The Best Washington DC Web Design Company

First Impressions That Convert

When a customer visits your website for the first time, the site must offer them a rundown of your company and your brand. They will determine the credibility, feasibility, and compatibility of your organization in the initial few seconds, and it’s crucial to capitalize right from the moment they land.  

A business must strive to give its audience a good experience one-hundred percent of the time. We will remove any obsolete or unappealing features that cause user distraction and provide no room for negative impressions and questions about your brand. 

Our professional web design services are also helpful for the growth of your website as we work to positively shape the view of your audience and support your cause.

High-Quality Performance

Higher quality work is another advantage of using a professional web design business. We retain talented team members who have mastered the right skills to build a successful website. 

This will mean that people keep going back to the website to search, buy or share the website because of the quality of design and content. You can expect a high-engagement website that calls to your audience. 

One-Stop Digital Marketing Agency

If you want to improve your leads or start a multi-tiered marketing campaign, On The Map Marketing is the one place you need to be. With over 12 years in the Digital Marketing sphere, we have helped thousands of businesses reach their marketing goals. 

Our digital marketing professionals have a multi-phased approach to internet marketing. We examine each client and their target audience, then we find out their geographic market, and finally, their immediate and long-term goals. After that, we come up with custom-craft next-level campaigns designed to increase website traffic through search engines to improve revenues. 

We understand the necessity of having a great website. That’s why we tailor our web page development services to cater to different client’s unique needs, ensuring that your website engages with your target audience and drives conversions. Our Washington DC Web Design team can help you reach out to your target audience more effectively. 

Our designers and developers can take a blank canvas and create a beautiful, minimalist or bold, and undoubtedly attractive website that not only perfectly encapsulates your brand and values but is also designed for optimum lead generation.

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