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A trip to an exciting destination in or out of the country is appealing to anyone who wants to visit new places and have new experiences. And when they want to do so, the first place they go is to a travel website to learn about the destinations available and book a trip to get there. If you want a great travel website that will attract visitors and get them excited for an exotic vacation, then you want to work with us at On The Map Marketing.

We are a digital marketing agency that has created hundreds of websites for a wide variety of clients. That means we can incorporate all of the elements that make for a great travel website. We already know how to make a great website for all kinds of businesses, which means that we know what elements go into making a great website in general. But we can also cater to the specific needs of each website that we design. You put those two facts together and it means that we are your best choice for travel web design and for making a website that every traveler will want to use.

What Your Travel Website Needs

There are some features that every website needs regardless of the service that it provides. However, there are also features that a travel website needs to make it a top choice for anyone willing to take a trip. At On The Map Marketing, we are a travel web design company that can incorporate both of those kinds of features into your website to make it the main destination for anyone who wants to travel to a new destination.

High-Resolution Photos

This is a must-have for a travel website as enticing photos of exotic destinations are sure to get would-be tourists salivating. You need to have a good variety of high res photos of your various destinations as that not only gets visitors excited, it also gives them a good idea of what to expect should they decide to go on that trip. If you can add videos of those destinations as well, then that is even better since it gives visitors an even more immersive experience.

However, you should be careful about incorporating those photos because large, high-resolution photos could slow your site down. That could be a huge turnoff for visitors since a lot of great photos may not be worth the inconvenience of a slow-loading site. Fortunately for you, at On The Map Marketing, our programmers and designers are experts in travel web design and know how to compress and optimize big photos to create a nice balance of quality and speedy loading.

Simple Navigation

This is a must for any website but is especially important in god travel web design. There are many things that people will be looking for when they visit a travel website; from pictures to descriptions to maps to booking information. All of those elements need to be easy to find and every page should be accessible in just a few clicks. Navigation of your site should be highly intuitive, meaning that all the elements of each page are logically laid out and that pages link to each other in a way that makes sense to the user.

A great search tool is also integral to a good travel web design because it can help users to find specific information more quickly. A good search tool should have predictive results that anticipate what the user is looking for so that they can find it as fast as possible. It should also have a filter that can separate similar results so that users do not get confused when using it. The search tool should also be fast and responsive so that visitors can quickly get the results that they are looking for. A voice search function adds some extra functionality that many users will appreciate.

High Security

Users will be sharing their credit card information with you when they book a trip and the last thing they want is that information falling into the wrong hands. You will need a secure and reliable payment gateway to put their fears to rest. You need to carefully and thoroughly vet the payment provider that you plan to use on your travel website. 

You should find out how tight their security standards are and you should check their reputation by finding out what other sites that have used them have to say about them. The right provider can ensure that any transactions that take place on your site are completely secure. That will give your customers confidence that their valuable information is safe and secure.

Mobile Friendliness

A lot of people who are searching for a destination to visit will be doing so while on the go, which means that they will be using their phones. That means your website should have responsive design so that it fits perfectly on all screens. Responsive design is a necessity for every website since many people use their phone as their main way of interacting with the internet. A site that is mobile-friendly will appeal to a wide range of users who appreciate the convenience of being able to access your site whenever and wherever they want. 

In addition to looking good on a smartphone, your site should load quickly on that device as well. At On The Map Marketing, we have a lot of experience optimizing sites for all platforms so that they look good and load quickly on every type of screen.

Quick and Easy Reservations

The people who use your site will almost certainly want to be able to easily book a reservation at a hotel in the place that they are interested in visiting, assuming they are not going the Airbnb route. It is very convenient for them if they are able to do so from your website. They should be able to use check-in and check out calendars and make payments through your website as easily as possible. You can integrate booking engines and booking systems into your website to facilitate those processes for your users. You—or rather we—can customize the way that those engines are integrated into your site so that they make a good fit with the rest of your website.

Multilingual Friendly

If people from all over the world will be using your site, then you should make sure that it has multiple language options so that they can use it. However, you should have an actual translator to help you if you can since using Google or some other translation tool can give you some questionable results. We can make sure that it is easy for visitors to choose from the various language options on your website and that each page changes quickly to reflect that switch.

On The Map Marketing Can Design Your Travel Website

There are a lot of different elements that go into good travel web design that users will love, and we know how to integrate all of them since we’re used to designing websites that users love. We know that a travel website needs to have unique features that make it different from other kinds of websites, and we can incorporate those features seamlessly throughout your site to give visitors the kind of experience that will have them coming back for more. So contact On The Map Marketing when you are ready to build and optimize your travel website and make it the dream destination for people who are looking for their dream destination.