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Steps To Our Web Design Process

If there’s one thing we all know to be true, it’s that everyone looks for answers on the internet. And that’s why your business must be represented in the best way possible online. 

Here are the steps we take to develop a website for your business. 


The primary step of the process is the analysis. Our Spokane web design team goes over your old website with a fine-toothed comb. They pick up on any issues that might be affecting the efficiency of your website. All of these issues are resolved by the team when they build your website.

While this is happening, our search engine optimization team jumps in and does some research of their own. They check out your competitors and your business industry to find out what can be optimized better. 

The team also figures out how to improve your rankings on search engine results pages, pick out keywords that your web content is missing, and chart out a course to draw in the most loyal clients. 


Step two is where the strategizing happens. Our Spokane web design team has learned a lot from their analysis of your website. All of this information is utilized to create a highly specific strategy to build your website. The most crucial factor we consider while developing your website is your vision for it. 

Don’t get spooked by all the web development jargon you’re dealing with because we’re going to be with you to help you make sense of all the technical work that’s going into your website. 

We approach every project differently. So if we’re creating you a fresh website, we follow a 360-degree approach. This approach covers everything you need to build a website from scratch, including the design layout, the visual language, the creation of the right web content, and optimization. If we’re refreshing an old website, our team will recommend changes that we believe have the power to improve your website drastically. 

View of the Maple Street Bridge in Spokane at Sunset

UI / UX Design

Now we’re at the stage where the actual design of your website begins. Our design team gets started on programming and designing your business’ website. 

The key to a good website is providing an enjoyable User Experience (UX) and a smooth User Interface (UI). Our team makes sure this is present throughout your website. 

Design Approval

We want you to love your website! And we won’t stop trying until we get there. 

Once the initial design has been created, we send you a mockup of it. A mockup is essentially an unpublished version of the final website. You can use this mockup to provide us with your feedback. We make changes based on your feedback and then publish your website for visitors to check out! 

Why Choose Our Spokane Web Design Services?

Let On The Map’s Spokane web design team help you build your business a strong website. We’re an experienced team of professionals that knows what works on the internet and what doesn’t. Whether you’re looking for a whole new website or revamping an old one; We’re here to help. 

A Decade Worth’s Experience

We come with over ten years of experience in web development. When you combine that with the fact that we’ve worked with a long list of clients, you’ve got the solution to success. 

You can take a look at how we’ve advanced the achievements for a range of companies. These include law firms like 1800injured.care, home design companies like Whitney Bloom Design, car rental companies like Lou La Vie, and so many more.

An In-House Team

We believe that an experienced and dedicated team is incomplete if they don’t work closely together. That’s why we never outsource our work to any remote developers in other countries. 

The other bonus of an entirely in-house team is that we’re quick to respond to any queries or suggestions that you might have. All of these are relayed directly to the person in charge, saving you the hassle of multiple conversations with multiple people.

Consistently High-Quality Results

Your growth is our growth. It’s just that simple. 

We understand how a great website can be a gamechanger and work hard to help you get to that point. With us, your website will be optimized, efficient, and attractive. 

SEO And Mobile Friendly Websites

A city like Spokane is growing faster and faster with each day. And businesses are booming at the same rate too.

Help your business’ website stand out. All you need to do is get in touch with us. 

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