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Steps to our santa barbara web design process

Are you looking to level up your website? Do you need a brand new website for your brand new business? Are you searching for the best Santa Barbara web design agency to help you with search engine optimization?

The search stops here. For all your website design needs in Santa Barbara, collaborate with On The Map. With us, your website will be eye-catching, easy-to-use, and will rank highly on search engine results pages. 


The first step in On The Map’s web design process is the analysis. Our Santa Barbara web design team does an in-depth examination of your website to find what’s glitching or working ineffectively. They check a range of metrics and pinpoint where the issues are coming from. All of these issues are addressed when your website is upgraded. 

As a part of our analysis, our team also figures out where you stand when compared to your competitors. They even take a look at your industry to see how to improve your ranking on search results pages, to scope out your market, to determine the sort of keywords your web content requires, and to figure out how to draw the best visitors to your website. 


After step one of our process is complete, we take everything we’ve learned from our analysis of your website and use it to come up with an effective strategy for it. We work closely with you to weave your vision into our strategy, to build or revamp your website. 

With us on your side, you’ll be able to understand the technical world of website development and search engine optimization without any stress. 

Our strategy differs depending on your requirements. If you’re creating an entirely new website, our strategy works towards making it as optimized and competitive as we can. We’ll create a web design that’s eye-catching and visually appealing. We’ll research, write, and curate web content that includes the keywords you need. We’ll help you optimize for mobile use, and much more. 

If you’re upgrading an existing website, we’ll tailor-make a strategy to improve it. We’ll suggest changes that result in an optimized and attractive website that brings you the most ideal visitors. 

UI / UX Design

The design phase follows the strategic phase. We understand how important it is for your site visitors to have a great experience while on your website. The web design team works to make your website is visually pleasing and user-friendly. We carefully check to see that it ticks off all the necessary User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) standards. 

Design Approval

The next step is getting your approval! We finish designing the first iteration of your website and create a mockup of it for you. The mockup is essentially an unpublished version of your website, based on which you can send our team your feedback and suggestions. We’ll take these points, incorporate them and send them back to you for approval. Once you’re happy with the website, we publish it. Your website is then ready to host all your new visitors!

Why choose our santa barbara web design services? 

A decade of experience

On The Map’s Santa Barbara web design team comes equipped with over 10 years of experience. We don’t just serve expertise, we also bring a side of extensive experience. 

If you don’t believe us, our work speaks for itself. We’ve collaborated with a range of companies like, Whitney Bloom Design, Lou La Vie, and many more.  All of these businesses have advanced their growth with our assistance. 

All in-house

We assure you that all of our work is done in-house. Your website will only be handled by a team that works closely together every day. We don’t outsource our work to developers in foreign countries, so all your information stays safe with us. 

Our in-house team also ensures that there is a quick response and turnaround time. Any request or query that you might have is directly handled by the person in charge. No more stressing about multiple rounds of feedback with different people. 

High-quality results

Our team knows how valuable an optimized website can be for a business. We want your website to be able to convert first-time visitors to regular, loyal customers. 

We want to help you grow. And we know how to do it. 

Seo and mobile friendly websites

There’s nothing your business can’t achieve when it has a great website to represent it. And we want yours to stand out from the sea of business websites in Santa Barbara. 

Start now by contacting us.

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