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Downtown city skyline of Salt Lake City, Utah, with the Wasatch mountains in the background in afternoon sunshine.

Steps To Our Web Design Process

In today’s day and age, a business’s success isn’t solely based on the product or service it offers. The business’ branding and communication can make a massive difference to its performance, especially on the internet. That’s why web design matters so much. 

Here are the steps that we follow through our web design process.


The web design process begins with the analysis phase. At this point, the experts at our Salt Lake City web design team systematically check out your existing website. The team figures out what’s not working for your website and makes a note of these issues. 

The issues could range from poor optimization to bad layout and anything in between. All of the problems that our team identifies are resolved when we’re rebuilding your business’ website. 

The search engine optimization team also plays a vital role in the analysis phase. They carry out market research on the industry that your business operates in. 

At the same time, they check out what your competition is up to. With this information, they’re able to find out the best keywords to optimize your web content. 


The phase that follows the analysis stage is strategy. Our web design team in Salt Lake City utilizes all their learnings from the analysis to develop a highly specific strategy for your website. 

The metric that matters most to us during the strategic phase is your vision. We do our best to ensure that this shines through all across your website.

If you’re worried about all the technicalities surrounding web development, you can rest assured that we will be right beside you, helping you understand everything perfectly.

Our strategies also vary, depending on the nature of your project requirements. If you’re looking at building a completely new website, our strategy will create an attractive, functional, and competitive one for you. 

This means we’ll be taking care of your web design, web content optimization, mobile device optimization, and much more. If you’re trying to reconstruct an existing website, our Salt Lake City web design team will recommend changes to improve your website’s quality. 

With the skill set that we bring to the table, your website won’t just look great but will also be populated with optimized and researched content that has the potential to bring you the perfect clients. 

Downtown city skyline of Salt Lake City, Utah, with the Wasatch mountains in the background in afternoon sunshine.

UI / UX Design

Stage three is where the designing and the fun happen! Our Salt Lake City web design team knows how important it is for users to use your website while simultaneously enjoying the experience easily. That’s why they make sure that your website complies with new User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) standards. 

Design Approval

The final stage is crucial to us. We want to make sure that you absolutely love the website we’ve built for you during this step of the process. 

After we finish designing the first iteration of your website, we send you a mockup of it. The mockup is an unpublished prototype of your website. You can use this mockup to provide us your points of feedback and criticism.

We take these points and incorporate them into the functional website. Once you approve of it, we publish the website on the internet. 

Why Choose Our Salt Lake City Web Design Services?

When it comes to website design in Salt Lake City, On The Map is the company you need. With our careful attention to detail and our precise strategies, we’ll make sure that your business’ website is as optimized, aesthetical, and attractive to visitors as possible. 

We Bring Years Of Experience With Us

With over ten years of working experience, we’re the website people you’d definitely want to partner with. Our dedicated team has helped build websites that have advanced the growth of a wide range of companies. 

This includes law firms like, home design companies like Whitney Bloom Design, luxury car rental companies like Lou La Vie, and many more.

So choose us to help you scale success! 

An Entirely In-House Team

On The Map promises you that our team is entirely in-house. All of our experts work closely together on our projects. This means that we never send or outsource our work to remote developers in other parts of the world. Your work is safe and secure in our hands.

The other plus point of working with a full in-house team? Quick response and turnaround time! All of your queries and suggestions are directly managed by the person in charge. We’re truly a one-stop solution for all your web design needs.

We’re Known For Consistently Good Results

Any business can have a website, but not every business can have a great website. And a great website is exactly what On The Map, Salt Lake City, can provide for you. 

Our team works hard to bring you a website that is optimized, visually appealing, eye-catching, and accessible. We’ll also build it in a way that allows your clientele to come back to it more than once. 

We keep your dreams for your business website at the forefront and create a powerful blueprint to back them up. 

SEO And Mobile Friendly Websites

Utah’s capital city is booming with growing businesses. Making a significant impact on the market and leaving an impression on customers is more critical now than ever before, especially with your internet presence. 

We understand the value of a good website and are excited to help create one for your business. Contact us to start today!

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