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Steps to our web design process

When it comes to website design in Sacramento, we’re the experienced team your business needs. We take every single step to make sure that your website is appealing, easy-to-use, and ranks as highly as possible on Google’s search results pages. 

Let’s just say that we know how websites work. 


The base of our web design process is the analysis stage. The experts at our Sacramento web design team evaluate your website and figure out what’s not working effectively enough. Whether it’s the slow loading time, the lack of optimization, or anything in between, our team picks out the problems. We address and resolve these problems when we re-build or revamp your business’ website.

Our search engine optimization specialists also take an in-depth look at your industry. We do this to see how to improve your overall rank on Google’s search results pages. The team analyzes the market that you’re trying to attract as well as your biggest competitors in the field. With this information, the team identifies the keywords that your web content needs. 


We understand that words like search engine optimization, backlinks, and loading time can sound confusing if you’re not already familiar with them. Don’t worry, that’s why you have us! After we finish up with our analysis, our Sacramento web design team works along with you to create a strategy to upgrade your website. We use everything that we learn from the analysis to help build you an optimized and effective website. 

If you’re looking to upgrade an existing website, our experts will suggest a strategy to improve it. If you’re trying to build a brand new website, the recommended strategy will revolve around creating an optimized and competitive website. This means creating a web design from scratch, writing content with the correct keywords, optimizing content for mobile devices, and much more. 

We pay attention to all the details. Your new website will be aesthetically pleasing and carefully curated with the right kind of content. We want your website to bring you the best and most accurate clientele. 

UI / UX Design

The next step of the process is the design phase. Here’s where the fun happens! Your website will be designed with its User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) requirements in mind. Our web design team in Sacramento begins building you a website that not only looks great but also has an interface that’s easy for your visitors to use. 

Design approval

After our team completes designing the first version of your website, we create a mockup of it for you. Both the mockup and the final website are influenced primarily by your vision and our technical inputs. The mockup works as an unpublished iteration of the website. You can use the mockup to give our team your feedback, suggestions, and points of critique. Once we incorporate these points of feedback, we wait for you to approve the design. After you give us the green light, the website is published and ready to host your visitors. 

Why choose our sacramento web design services?

We’re experts with experience

We’re web designers with over a decade of experience behind us. So trust us when we say that we really know our stuff! 

We’ve helped build some incredible websites for a long list of companies, ranging from law firms to luxury car rental agencies. Our clients include, Whitney Bloom Design, Lou La Vie, and many more.

So if you’re looking to boost your business’ presence, look no further than On The Map. 

We’re entirely in-house

When you choose On The Map, you’re choosing to collaborate with a team of experts that work in close contact with each other every day. We never outsource our work to remote developers in other countries. We take a deep personal interest in all of our web design projects and take pride in our amazing results. 

Working with a completely in-house team also brings you the promise of the quickest results and responses. This is because all of your inputs and queries are always directly addressed by the person in charge. So don’t stress about a hundred rounds of back and forth with a hundred different people, because that’s just not our style!

We’re consistently great about results

In today’s fast-paced world of taps and clicks, having a functional website for your business is the bare minimum. What makes a real difference is having a website that is optimized, aesthetically appealing, eye-catching, and user-friendly. And what counts even more is its ability to bring you the right clients that will come back to buy your product or service again and again. This is exactly what we can provide for you and your business. 

Our team of experts is determined to bring you the highest quality of service while making sure that your aspirations for your business are never compromised. To put it simply, we help you create an ideal website you’ve envisioned for yourself or your business.

SEO and mobile friendly websites

As the capital of the great state of California, Sacramento is one of the United State’s growing hubs for a whole lot of businesses. That’s why it’s more important than ever to get your business on the map.

We strongly believe that there’s nothing your business can’t do when you’re armed with an optimized, high-ranking website. And we’re here to help you create exactly that. Ensure that your website outshines all the others on the world wide web by getting in touch with us.

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