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A website is the top recruiting tool of the 21st century. It allows people from across the country, and indeed the world, to access job opportunities that they never had before. This means that if a company wants to take advantage of the wide array of eager candidates that are out there, then they will need a top-notch recruitment website that is inviting and easy to use. If you want your firm to have the type of recruiting website that can attract the best candidates, then you need the help of On The Map Marketing.

We can design a recruitment website that has all the convenient tools and features that will make navigating your site a breeze. Not only will it be easy for candidates to use, but you will also be able to easily sort through the resumes and CVs candidates leave behind so that you can quickly know which ones are the most qualified. Job recruitment was already going mostly online and with the recent changes in the world, that is now more true than ever. So if you want your recruitment website to be able to keep up with the flood of hopeful job seekers coming through, then hire On The Map Marketing to build and design your recruitment website.

The Elements of Good Recruitment Website Design

There are a lot of elements that separate a good recruitment website from a bad recruitment website, and in many cases, they are the same elements that separate a good website in general, from a bad one. However, there are some elements that are unique to recruitment websites and they need to be of a high quality if you want your site to stand out from all the rest.

Simple Navigation

A great website is one that is easy to use and simple to navigate. That means that every page on the site should only be a few clicks away and that it is easy to return to a previous page. You do not want your viewer to disappear down a rabbit hole in order for them to find what they are looking for. If that happens, then they are unlikely to stay on your site no matter how desperate for a job they are.

Your recruitment website should have a clear user interface (UI) that gives visitors a great user experience (UX). That means job listings should be easy to find and the requirements for each job should be clearly listed. Any forms that the user needs to fill out should be short and to the point since no one wants to spend a long time filling out forms. It should also be simple for the user to upload their resume to your site. If your UX and UI are of a high quality, then you will attract a lot more candidates.

A Clear Positioning Statement

A positioning statement gives visitors a quick summary of what your business is all about and why they should choose it. Ideally, the positioning statement of your business should be one of the first things that people see when they visit your recruitment website. This is important because visitors will quickly want to know if the jobs you are offering are what they are looking for and your positioning statement will inform them immediately. 

A good positioning statement will let the visitor know the category of business in which your company operates. It should also display your USPs (Unique Selling Points) that show how your business is different from the rest and that you can offer something that other businesses can’t. Your positioning statement should also offer proof of what you have to offer, such as testimonials from successful recruits. A good positioning statement that is placed upfront is key to a successful recruitment website.

Good Security is a Priority

Your candidates will likely be sharing some valuable and sensitive information with you and they will want to be confident that it is safe and secure. They do not want unscrupulous actors stealing their information and using it for nefarious purposes. That is why you need to safeguard their information using the HTTPS security protocol. 

The S at the end stands for secure and ensures that encryption protects the connection between the user and the website. The security of your recruitment website is indicated by a lock icon in its URL, which assures users that their information is safe and cannot be intercepted by hackers or other miscreants.

Incorporate Social Media on Your Recruitment Website

Job seekers will be using a lot of different tools to find the career they are looking for and social media is one of the more powerful tools available. By integrating social media links on your site, you will be able to open up a dialogue with candidates. Plus you may be able to get more referrals since candidates can share your job postings so that you can reach people who have never even visited your recruitment website. So make sure to integrate icons and links to the most popular social media platforms on your site, they should be prominently displayed so that users know that they have another way of engaging with your business.

Have a Clear FAQ Section

Users that are new to your site will probably have some questions about your business and the job that you are offering. A good FAQ page should provide answers to the most obvious questions that people are asking about your business. Your FAQ should not be too long or too wordy as that could be a turnoff for anyone looking for answers. You should make the questions and answers in your FAQ as short and sweet as possible. 

Those questions should also be relevant to the user as well, of course. An easy way of finding the right questions is by putting yourself in the user’s shoes and by finding out the types of questions that the job seekers you are looking for typically ask. A good FAQ shows that you understand the user and what they want, which gives them confidence that they are on the recruitment website that will best serve their needs.

Your Recruitment Website Should be Mobile Friendly

Many people sit at their desk and search for job information on their PC or laptop, but just as many—if not more—people search for jobs on their phones. That is why your recruitment website should have responsive design, which means that it works well on all screen sizes, including smartphones. 

A website that is well optimized for mobile phones should be easy to navigate and have all the information fit well on the screen. It goes without saying that what works well on a computer screen may not work as well on a smartphone. Your website should load quickly on all devices as well since even the most patient job seeker could get discouraged by a slow-loading site.

Let Us Help You With Your Recruitment Website

At On The Map Marketing, we have extensive experience designing a wide variety of websites for a broad range of clients. That means we have the know-how to incorporate all of the elements that make for a great recruitment website. We can incorporate them so that any candidates who visit your site will know that they are in the right place. They will have the confidence that you know exactly what you are looking for and they will immediately know whether they fit that criteria or not. So get in touch with On The Map Marketing if you are interested in creating a recruitment website that attracts the cream of the crop.

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