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SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is quite simply the additions and actions you take on and off your website to receive better results on search engines. Online presence is much like the real estate market, where location and presentation are key to revenue. Your place on a search engine results page, or SERP, is vital to attracting potential clients. But top spots are often disputed and never easy to attain.

48% of consumers start their mobile research with a search engine (Smart insights, 2016), with Google alone receiving over 100 billion searches a month (Mashable, 2015). Your ranking in any search engine is not guaranteed, but it is important. First position on Google has a 34.36& click through rate on desktop and a 31.35% click through rate on mobile devices (Advance Web Ranking, 2015). The statistics show that the top result pages receive the most traffic, and thus the most business.

Marketing Trends: Social Media for Realtors

Online presence is key to having your website attract traffic. But digital media platforms are different from traditional media in terms of how they approach advertising. The internet is an infinitely expanding conglomerate spanning over a billion websites. With such high numbers you will need to understand the tools to make sure you stick out above the peers in your field.

Social Media Presence for Realtors  

Google trusts a site that has plenty of connections to social media, as do customers. A business that is out there for everyone to see gives off the impression of openness and reputability that consumers look for. Connection to social media sites also make it easier to communicate and market to any interested consumer bases. With over ⅓ of the world on social media (eMarketer, 2016) it remains a digital media platform too large to miss out on.


A local SEO will see exponential help with the addition of a Facebook links to your website. Google connects the activity on both your site and your Facebook page thus doubling your exposure and Google’s attention to your Realtor content. Search engines will be able to more easily associate both your Realtor website and Facebook page with additional information which doubles as a potential link to either site. Facebook sees 1.13 billion daily active users (Statista, 2016) which gives you quite a large audience to advertise to.


Search engines rank on popularity, and thrive by linking to popular sites. Twitter is not as effective a method to SEO but it does increase site traffic. Twitter has 313 million monthly active users (HubSpot, 2016) and these translate into important Realtor numbers as 3 out of 10 urban residents, 21% of suburbanites, and 15% of rural area residents use Twitter (Pew Research Center, 2015). The statistics show that Twitter remains an effective hub to attract those who live in areas that make use of Realtor services like yours.


Professionals thrive on LinkedIn and you are no exception. 25% of internet using adults use the site (Pew Research Center) and this is the market for Realtors. Millions of people fill the website meaning that there is plenty of opportunity to appeal to the Realtors seeking demographics you are aiming for. There are also plenty of chances to make sure your Realtor customer base has additional sources of information on your business.


Pinterest continues to grow as one of the highest trafficked sites on the internet. It ranks well with search engines which means the more boards your business receives its pins on, the greater number of people will find it. Authority will be garnered by being found on Pinterest through Google, which is further built up by creating more pins, which have a lengthy time span in activity. SEO boosts through the use of Pinterest is common as Google rankings place a high value for popularity on this site.


Video marketing is an effective tool that has seen increasing use over the years. Marketers who use video have seen a revenue growth 49% faster than non-video users (Aberdeen, 2015) while 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide have declared marketing video as the type of content creation with the highest ROI, or Return on investment (Adobe, 2015). With over a billion users and continued growth the site continues to present new and exciting marketing opportunities. You are able to advertise to and inform your audience of your firm and what you do at the same time.

Realtor Online Reviews

Social media helps bring attention to a website, but with attention comes the need for potential clients to know the general opinion on practice. 97% of clients read online reviews for local businesses, while 12% of clients read online reviews for local businesses every day (Bright Local, 2017). Reviews matter and for your Realtor business to receive any attention it is necessary to build up online opinion for marketing purposes. 85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (Bright Local, 2017), which means that the reviews you do have must be existent and positive to create the sort of attention your business needs. Collective opinions paint a clearer picture for potential clients to see what it is your Realtor firm does, the specialized services you market and the content provided.

Content on Realtor Websites

Digital marketing and SEO is not effective without content to provide for clients and search engines. A blank website is not an attractive one, and it is worse when you consider that there are plenty of Realtor websites with plenty of marketable content built to attract clients. Customers have a tendency to visit and revisit sites that do not remain static, frequent posts add a sense of relevance and attention that attracts a customer base with limited patience.

Your content also plays an important role in keeping clients informed and bringing new clients up to speed. The newest housing opportunities, price changes, and venue openings are able to be expressed via the content you produce. Quickly and efficiently convey any messages across through your website and make sure out-of-date information is eliminated. Clients trust recent content and frequently updated websites rank much higher in search engines than static ones.

Realtor Website ROI Expectations

ROI is your net profit divided by net worth, resulting in end result of your marketing efforts. With an increased rank in search engines that comes along with a marketing campaign you should see better results over time. But expectations should be tempered realistically in order to effectively calculate ROI. Digital marketing and SEO improvement is a careful, intricate process that results in gradual, not instantaneous, change.  

Time-to-Results for a Real Estate Agent Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign is a gradual affair that takes time and patience. Marketing campaigns require understanding multiple factors in order to gauge the time needed to create any sort of effect on the website. Age, condition, content and prior SEO work are all factors that affect the time needed to help you achieve maximum results. However, from the ground up you should usually expect 2-3 months for a Realtor marketing campaign.

Local Real Estate Agent Marketing

Realtor’s like you thrive in local markets, where a community receives your help for its housing needs. But while this positively emphasizes local relations it also means that competition for a limited area remains fierce. Local marketing is vital to catching the eye of client, 95.3% of clicks go to the top 4 results of a search engine page (WebSpand 2017) which makes coming out on top all the more essential to your business strategy. Realtor marketing is a fiercely competitive field and every advantage counts.

Realtor Marketing Digital Assets

On The Map Marketing is a company that focuses on providing you with the information and resources you will need to have an effective marketing campaign. As such we have links ready to lead you to pages that will better give you an understanding of what it is we do and how we do it.

There will always be a price, and we understand that you have your budget. On The Map Marketing provides its services at reasonable rates and with your financial plans in mind.

Digital Media Benefits for Realtor Marketing

Digital media marketing has seen a rise of the years for a reason. The benefits are easy to see and simple to access. The internet is a sea of opportunity for you to harness in your efforts to create a more effective marketing campaign. Realtors who have been using traditional means of marketing for years risk being left behind by ignoring the benefits offered by digital media platforms.

An Expanding Realty Client Base

The internet is expanding, and it continues to do so daily. Billions of people access the internet and many do so for a purpose in their area, 30% of mobile searches are actually in relation to a location (Google, 2016). There is no finite limit to your possible client base, your firm will receive the business that you dictate that yourself possible to receive. With the correct planning you will better utilize a resource that provides a plethora of opportunities.

Scaling Realtor Business

Expansion is not a negative or hindered online like it is by traditional media. Where extended efforts must be made by traditional media to express the new additions or changes to your business, digital media possesses the ability to do so at an accelerated pace. Growth and change is the lifeblood of websites, and is something akin to a requisite online. Your firm grows with business, business comes with better marketing, and SEO matches the state of your firm in a beneficial cycle.

Better ROI Results

Effective change to ROI comes from the improvement of your marketing campaign and SEO. Traditional media has fallen behind the times and Realtor marketing must change to suit a new clientele. Using digital media to its fullest has become the preferred method to receive better ROI results. 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the highest ROI (Adobe, 2015), with other forms of digital media not far behind.

Tracking the Results of Your Realtor Marketing Campaign

You need to know what your firm has done in order to better gauge where it is going. Luckily there are plenty of tools to help you do so, On The Map Marketing will provide the means to more effectively measure how far it is you have along with your realty marketing plans. Call tracking, form tracking, traffic reports, ranking reports, Google analytics, Sitemap, and Search console are all ready and able to assist in your tracking needs. It is incredibly advantageous to know your progress, as it allows you to understand your campaigns effectiveness and continue your firm’s growth in the right direction.

Accessing Realtor Firms Marketing Potential Through SEO

You have two venues to explore during your marketing campaign. On-site, is the improvement of your website itself. Off-site is the improvement of your website’s connection to the larger web. Together they provide greater benefits and better improvement to your online presence.

On-Site SEO

Improving your website is an important process to keeping the attention of any client base. Keyword selection is manipulated so that relevant keywords are researched and placed. Your website is re-structured, thus easing of navigation through your site. Your website is also reviewed in order to change it in order to benefit its appearance and make it more secure. Realty marketing content is made available and added to raise search engine rank and general interest in your website.

Off-Site SEO

One of the most important aspects of the realty business is getting in touch with clients. But many Realtors make mistakes with this vital step online. 50% of small businesses have seen listings for their business that are not accurate, 70% say they don’t have the time to manage listings and 23% have a good sense of how listings drive traffic to their business (Search Engine Land, 2013). Inaccurate listing or using a less trusted online directory for your business is devastating. The correct off-site marketing campaign makes sure that your listings are correct, authoritative, and linked to multiple websites to increase search engine trust.

Grow Your Realtor Firm With Digital Media Marketing

The Realtor marketing field is a competitive one, and you will need every advantage you are able to find in order to have the advantage over competition. Do you have enough links to and from your website, is your site loading fast enough, is navigation easy? If these are question you find yourself asking then it time to seek out help. You will need a group focused in updating your marketing efforts and On The Map Marketing is here to provide its services for you.