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Steps to our Raleigh Web Design Process

At On The Map Marketing in Raleigh, we know all there is to know about what makes a website captivating and engaging to visitors and what will boost its ranking on Google search engine results pages.



UI / UX Design

Design Approval


Each successful campaign must start by comparing the structure of your current website. Our Raleigh SEO experts will analyze your website and specifically look into its information architecture, page attributes, and its content. Our Raleigh web design experts will sit down, go through your site, and write their observations and findings to questions such as:

  • Who was the target audience? 
  • Is your current website’s design focused on the user, or on getting higher rankings on Google? If the latter, what measurable growth and success has your current strategy yielded, and how can we shoot your numbers up?

At first, it may seem strange to design a website without Google rankings in mind. After all, isn’t that the point? Well, no. Websites are built for people, not Google, so they need to be designed with the user experience in mind. But before rankings can be achieved, your audience needs to be compelled to keep returning. Businesses that own successful websites often outperform competitors with websites that don’t rank as highly. It takes out-of-the-box thinking to provide fresh, creative, and measurable solutions.

The first step our Raleigh web design team will take is analyzing your current website to see what is working efficiently, They will also take a hard look at what isn’t working so well, such as having slow loading speed, not being optimized for mobile phones, or lacking the most current security protocols. Our experts will also analyze your website compared to others in your industry and perform detailed market research to boost your rankings. We will find out who your business is trying to attract, what keywords they’re using to find businesses like yours, and what captivates them and keeps them coming back to your website or others in your field. Our research will also include looking into your competition’s keywords to help yours outrank theirs on Google search engine results pages. 


Following our analysis, our Raleigh web design company will work with you to strategically implement improvements to your new or modified website. Our Raleigh web design experts will go into detail about the improvements and changes that need to be made to your current website. If you are establishing a new website, they will determine which features your site will need to be competitive. This will mean that a lot of bold and creative work will go into your web design. Our Raleigh web design experts will focus on creating striking, eye-catching design that will captivate your audience. Well-written and carefully researched content will keep your visitors engaged and excited to share your posts, or come back to learn more. Our goal is to build you a website that will have a low bounce rate, a high engagement rate, and will attract leads and conversions. 

UX/UI Design

UX/UI are web designer terms that mean User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). The design and programming phase begins after we have collaborated with you about what strategy will be behind your new website. During this time, our Raleigh web development team works to ensure that visitors to your site have the best experience possible, even while your better website is being built. Their goal is to have visitors freely go from page to page without any confusion or difficulty that will ultimately cause them to go to a competitor’s site. All of this falls under the umbrella terms UX and UI. While the two terms sound related, they are fundamentally different from each other, so let’s take a look at each one individually.

How a visitor feels when they visit your website will determine whether or not they want to stay on the page, come back to it, or will recommend it to others. Your website needs to make a great first impression on everyone, regardless of what kind of device they’re accessing it with. Below are some of the design tenets our Raleigh web design team uses to enhance the user experience for all your website users:

Loading Speeds - You know that feeling when you see a blurred image or a rotating dial over what should be a video. And you wait. And wait. And wait. This can be irritating, but for users on the go who need to make quick transactions or decisions about your products, waiting around for images, graphics, videos, and text to load will be one good reason to make them turn to a competitor. Whether your users are on a tablet, phone, or computer, we will ensure that your website loads quickly, and is supported to fit whatever content you have. Need multiple pictures of products from various angles? No problem!

Hierarchical Design - To put it simply, this means that the most important information on each page of your website is easy to find. This makes it easier for visitors to navigate through your website and to get the information they need. It also means organizing additional content and information you will be adding. If someone loved your blog post from last June about summer products, then they should be able to find it weeks later when they are deciding to buy them before summer is over for one last trip. Visitors who frequently come back to your site should see it uniformly the same each time so they know where to go. A website with solid hierarchical design is more likely to be shared online and with others than a website that doesn’t.

Responsive Design - This is where the fun happens: making sure that your website not only works on mobile devices but also looks great. There’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to view images that are too large for a phone, causing the user has to scroll left and right? These websites are desktop versions of websites on mobile devices and are difficult to use. With the majority of people accessing the Internet and social media through phones or tablets, you must think about mobile design and how to make your responsive design stand out.

Simplicity and Clarity - An overly busy design, fonts that are difficult to read, background colors that are too bright, and other bad design choices make a website look unappealing and noisy. Our team will ensure that your website has a clean design with all information clearly laid out and easy to read.

The easiest way to understand how important user interface is to your visitors is to think about the most confusing, poorly constructed website you’ve ever visited. Maybe you’re thinking of an early, 1990s website that was made on Angelfire, for example. There’s no doubt, however, you’ve landed on a website that was so frustrating that you never went back to it again, and probably even developed a poor opinion of the company that owned it. So, then what developing a good user interface look like? Key features of great UI that our Raleigh web design team will implement for your website include:

Accessibility - You want your website to be open and accessible to all people regardless of difficulty with hearing, seeing, or moving. This allows all people to become potential clients. Before your site goes live, we also test it to ensure that descriptions are accurate, and screen readers are clear in traditional trouble spots, such as reading forms to submit information. 

Clear Feedback - The user should never be confused about what is happening when they interact with a website. Any negative part of the experience will risk losing them as a client. By clearly indicating what will happen when they click on an interactive element on your website, they have an easy flow to their experience and avoid interruption of getting what they want. Additionally, it means that the user can go back to whatever they were looking at before if they accidentally ended up somewhere they didn’t mean to go. A clear architecture makes your website easy to navigate.

Call to Action - This feature on your website compels your audience to use your business. It should be clear and prominent, but not obnoxious or desperate. It should be easily accessible for when the visitor is ready to use it without having to hunt around for it. A clear design may also include making some features uniform across so visitors can know where to go if they have familiar questions, such as how to find out what they have already put into their online shopping cart.

Design Approval

Once our Raleigh web designers have completed the initial design based on your overall vision, we will create a mockup of your new website for your approval. This mockup will be a non-interactive simulation of your website that allows you to see it before it is published. You can use it to give our web development team feedback and critiques of the design for us to implement any of the changes. We will send you another mockup once those changes have been made so you can see the improvements and updates. Upon approval of the final design, we go into the publishing phase, and then your website will be open to the world.

Website Platforms We Work With

woo commerce
react native

Why Choose Our Raleigh Web Design Services?

SEO Experts in Industry

Web Design Experts With Over 10 Years Of Experience

On The Map is a website design company in Raleigh with over a decade of experience serving clients from a variety of industries and niches across America. Our team has helped boost the search engine rankings for home design companies like Whitney Bloom Design, luxury car rental companies like Lou La Vie, attorney referral services like 1800injured.care, and many more. But we can do more than just design a website. We can help you build a strategy that incorporates social media and SEO, and is flexible so it can adapt and change as your company grows. We love to see our clients flourish. In over 10 years, we’ve seen all sorts of trends come and go, and have been around since the inception of SEO marketing. We have helped hundreds of companies achieve higher rankings on Google, which has yielded higher revenues and generated more leads for our clients. If you want to rocket launch your business high up, then we are the Raleigh web design team that you need.

In House

All Work Done In House

When work is outsourced a lot of problems can arise, from miscommunications to missed deadlines. Having everyone on the same team that has been working together for years means you’re getting a dedicated compilation of creatives who enjoy wowing our clients. With everyone in close contact with each other and seeing each other regularly, no task slips through the cracks. Any requests for changes or suggestions are sent directly to the team member responsible for that relevant area. This makes us more responsive because we can quickly take care of any changes that are being requested.

Consistent Results

Consistent Positive Results

Our record at On The Map Marketing speaks for itself. Our clients have seen growth and have been propelled into many different levels of success. Each had remarkable improvements in the quality of their website, the generation of new leads, and the ranking of their website on search engine results pages. Our web design team provides our clients with a huge return on investment by developing a top-performing website with regular, fresh content. Check out our successful clients and the results we were able to give them. If you want success in your business, then reach out to us. We will make your business soar into the stratosphere.

SEO and Mobile Friendly Websites

If you’re in need of a custom website, or if you want to optimize your existing website for search engines, then you need to talk to the SEO and Raleigh web design experts at on the Map Map Marketing in Raleigh.

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