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  • Rank for important plumbing SEO keywords in your area and book more contracts 
  • Scale your leads and grow your business with multi-location SEO
  • Receive custom plumbing website content that engage your clients
  • Get transparent reports about your phone calls, appointments, and website traffic 
  • Partner with a responsive team that will serve your personalized needs

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SEO is the only marketing channel that creates long-term digital equity

Facebook ads are cool for brand awareness, but plumbing searches typically require immediate services. Look at the rise in interest for the search term “plumber near me".

Google trend plumber near me

To earn some attention from potential clients, sure you can rent space by buying Google Ads.

But it can quickly turn expensive. Ahrefs, for instance, shows an average cost per click of $30 for the above keyword. You may end up losing hundreds of dollars every hour if you’re not careful. Plus you’ll need to pay for the rest of your life for getting this traffic.

Google trend plumber near me

If your website is not ranking on page one of Google organically (through search engine optimization), your competition will continue getting stronger. 

  • They will invest in publishing new content, get digital PR to improve their authority, and ensure robust health of their site (technology-wise),
  • It will lead to them lapping up more SERP equity for relevant plumbing keywords (SEO offers ~20x more traffic opportunities than PPC on both mobile and desktop),
  • And grow their plumbing business at the back of the immediate clientele their SEO efforts will drive.

Catching up with your competition is only going to get harder with time. Investing in hiring plumber SEO experts today is crucial. But what does a plumber marketing company offer in their SEO services, you ask?

1. SEO tech support: For large plumbing websites serving many locations, technical issues may prevent their content from being found, crawled, and understood by search engine spiders. Even for smaller websites, a clean code leads to smoother performance. Besides, mobile-friendliness and a secure HTTPS environment are also a part of technical SEO.

2. Digital PR: Building citations and working on your local Google My Business profile (GMB) is an important part of any local SEO campaign. Backlinks from authoritative and relevant sites in the plumbing niche count as a vote of trustworthiness for your plumbing website and build your authority.  

3. Custom content marketingAnswering the frequently asked questions of your potential customers goes a long way to build trust. When led by smart keyword research targeting local phrases, content creation also scales your leads and conversions.

But wait…what’s the business impact of these SEO services for plumbers?

Let us guess:

Your previous plumber SEO agency ripped you off. 

You couldn’t make out if the client calls you got were actually from SEO or your brand presence and word of mouth. There wasn’t any performance tracking whatsoever. 

Such experiences have led you to believe that plumbing SEO agencies are shady. You wonder if SEO can even drive any business!? 

Pause from reading this page and search for “plumber in [your city]” or a related phrase in Google (which is the de facto search engine for the majority of internet users). 

Do you find your competitors ranking at the top?

Yep, they are getting client calls and earning revenue every single day from that precious SERP real estate. We know because we’ve driven hundreds of thousands of leads for clients in the home service industry by ranking them for such keywords across locations. 

How can you get there? 

If your previous SEO efforts have been below par and your authority is low, you might need to wait for over six months to see an uptick in leads. 

But guess what? 

Even a single million-dollar house that wants its plumbing redone can net you upwards of a $50k project. In time, you’ll not just recoup your investment in plumber SEO services — your revenue will splash like a water fountain in all directions.

Throughout your journey to the top of search listings, the proprietary On The Map (OTM) tracking software, TrackRight, will transparently report the improvement in your rankings and other performance metrics.

We partner with you to deliver results and take pride in offering one of the best SEO for plumbers.

What to expect from OTM plumber SEO services?

GMB management to amplify your online reputation:

Our plumbing marketing experts will optimize your Google listings to boost your local rankings and get more leads.

You’ll get citations from known websites in your niche, and they will actually move the needle.

Custom content that engages your prospects:

You’ll build trust through persuasive copy that resonates with your visitors and leads them to inquire about your plumbing services.

Personalized account management:

We listen to your local SEO requirements and tailor your experience around what you want.

24/7 transparent reporting dashboard:

In Trackright, our proprietary tracking software, you’ll always have access to your keyword rankings, website traffic, phone calls, and forms filled.

Why do smart business owners choose OTM?

Growing plumbing companies look forward to hiring us as their plumber SEO agency. They trust us because:

We deliver results

Hollow promises and BS aren’t an OTM thing. We create a plumbing SEO strategy based on your requirements, get your approval, execute the laid down local SEO plan, and get you those calls and sales. We’re all about driving business growth for you. Period.

Onthemap team

You get dedicated account managers (that are SEO experts)

Our team works as your partner and truly cares about your business. You will build a healthy relationship with us because our account managers are personable and professional. It also helps that they are knowledgeable about SEO, and “our team is on the ball” (a client’s words — not ours!)

We offer transparent reporting on revenue, leads, and rankings

Did that last customer call come from SEO or your previous marketing efforts? Are your rankings going up or down? No behind the scenes voodoo magic. Our proprietary software (TrackRight) tracks leads, rankings, calls, and forms filled — and you have access to it 24 x 7. You also get automatic updates from the tool.

We holistically cover all the bases of SEO for you

You get a dedicated account manager who has a huge team of outreach managers, SEO tech experts, developers, and content writers behind them. In short, a full stack marketing team will execute your SEO strategy and leave no stone unturned to scale your plumbing SEO lead generation.

Otm riga office team

Exclusivity (if you buy all our three slots in your locality)

Want us to serve you exclusively? Then buy all of our three slots for your service location, and your competition wouldn’t be able to access our award-winning SEO team.

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We’re on the Inc. 5000 list

Yep, we have all of those trust badges and credentials you’re looking for, and then some. Recently we bagged the US search award for the best local SEO campaign.

You grow with us

Want to grow with franchise SEO? Awesome, let’s win together 🙂. That’s because we offer a complete range of HVAC marketing services. So whether you want to expand into a new area or add another home service to your offerings, we can deploy more resources to cater to multi-location SEO or add HVAC SEO to the mix.

A Success story of our past Home Service SEO client:


Increase in Ranking Keywords Monthly


Increase in Generate Leads Monthly


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Increase in
Traffic Value

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How Portland Roofing Scaled Their SEO to 50+ Leads Monthly [SEO Case Study]

Here’s a hose to hose step-by-step breakdown
of our SEO services methodology…

  • Step #1: Free Plumber SEO Audit for discovering quick growth opportunities

    Selling you on our highest-priced plan isn’t our thing. We begin with a free site audit and research the low-hanging fruits for you in your local plumbing market. You then get a data-backed strategy to thread through the competition (in layman terms) and a recommended package that delivers business results for you.

  • Step #2: Signing a contract with us and filling the client intake form

    Once you’ve decided to go ahead with one of one SEO packages and signed a contract, we transfer you to our customer success team. You’ll then fill a client intake form, and your account manager will identify relevant KPIs for your plumbing SEO campaign based on your current stage.

  • Step #3: Kicking off with a client goal alignment welcome call

    Already know your money keyword(s), or do you want us to identify them for you? Either way, within 24 hours of filling the above form, OTM plumber marketing experts will set up a goal alignment call with you. The aim here is to get both of us on the same page about the services that bring you the highest ROI, any competitors you’re trying to model, seasonality in your business, other marketing efforts you’re pursuing, and your goals with the current campaign.

  • Step #4: Setting up your TrackRight profile and tracking for KPIs

    Based on the above information, your customer success manager sets up your business profile, call tracking, keyword tracking, and Google My Business tracking in our proprietary software: TrackRight. You can think of it as your own little CRM with a reporting dashboard for accessing your performance insights: 24/7. Just so you know: TrackRight integrates with your Google Analytics and pulls keyword rankings data from your favorite industry-leading SEO tools. Say bye-bye to multiple dashboards sucking your time and energy.

  • Step #5: Three-month strategy call within the first month

    Once we’ve gathered information about your business and understood your expectations from the campaign, our team will audit your site and frame a three-month strategy. Then your account manager will set up a call to get approval on the 3-month content and link building plan for you. Once finalized, we’ll rally our resources and get those leads bubbling in for your plumbing business.

  • Step #6: Ongoing performance reviews and monthly calls

    Once we execute your tailored plumber SEO strategy, in a month or two, you’ll get data about what’s working and what’s not — right inside TrackRight. Your dedicated account strategist will regularly go over performance reviews on scheduled monthly calls. As we’re nimble and dynamic in our strategy execution, we may sometimes recommend more content and sometimes more link building — depending on what’s needed and approved by you. You’re always in control.

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Frequently asked questions about
SEO for plumbing companies

  • SEO for plumbers entails putting your site in front of local people looking for plumbing services right now. It majorly involves writing content for high-value purchase intent keywords, building links from relevant and authoritative websites in your industry, and ensuring your site is coded properly so that search engines can find and crawl it.

  • SEO scams are common in the plumbing industry. To scrutinize a plumbing SEO agency:
    Check a few of their past client testimonials and case studies,
    Get a thorough understanding of how they execute SEO strategies for clients,
    Find out their opinion of Google’s webmaster’s guidelines,
    Ask them how they will measure the success of SEO campaigns,
    Inquire about what will happen if you cancel your contract with them.
    Their answers will be sufficient to determine their legitimacy and fit.

  • Any plumbing SEO agency worth its salt knows the importance of transparent reporting. In TrackRight, we offer a 24 x 7 micro CRM to our plumbing clients that tracks their leads, calls generated, and keyword rankings. If any SEO company only promises growth in vanity metrics like traffic and links, run backward. Visitors from China aren’t going to help your business, aye?

  • If you’re already ranking on page 2 (or at the bottom of page 1), then you might see results within a month or two. But if your market is competitive and your website has low authority, it can take 6-9 months to see an increase in leads and revenue. Why don’t you contact us by filling our proposal form? We’ll (for free) share any low-hanging growth opportunities that exist for you.

  • A few important things to put on your plumbing website are:
    your business name,
    contact information,
    business type (with photos),
    details of the services you offer,
    testimonials from past clients,
    and the social media platforms where you’re active.
    If you have the bandwidth, regularly try to publish blog posts relevant to people in your locality.

  • If there’s less competition in your locality, you may do your own plumber SEO. But especially in bigger cities, a surface-level knowledge of search engine optimization won’t do. Plumbing companies might be spending lots of money on hiring professionals. So you either need to dedicate yourself to build your SEO skill set or hire an agency — else you won’t make the cut.

  • A small SEO company will have limited resources and might even be picky about who they work with. If you want to expand your business into related HVAC services from plumbing, such an SEO agency might eventually not come in handy. OTM caters not just to internet marketing for plumbers but specializes in SEO for the whole home services industry — we’ll grow with you.

Our clients reckon we’re a top local plumber SEO agency

Go fit pipes while we find you new good fit clients…deal?

We get it. Running a plumbing business is challenging in itself and growing your online presence is another challenge on top of it. How about we generate plumbing leads for you while you serve your clients? Fill the form below, and the OTM plumbing SEO experts will get back to you with a free analysis of your market and any low-hanging opportunities.