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The best way to get your business noticed is with a slick, well-designed, highly-optimized, user-friendly website. And the best way to get a slick, well-designed, highly-optimized, user-friendly website in Phoenix is by working with On The Map Marketing.

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How can we help your business in Phoenix?

Steps To Our Web Design Process

Let’s face it, having a robust online presence is one of the most important aspects of a successful business in the 21st century. This isn’t just limited to a social media presence but also the web.

Your business website is at the very base of its entire online presence. A well-made website not only serves as a portal to the product or service that your business offers but also works as a means of connecting with your potential clients. 

You can check out all of the steps that we take to make that happen for you. 


At the very start of the web design process is the analysis stage. The On The Map Marketing Phoenix web design team does a thorough study of your business’ old website. 

Through this examination of your business’ website, they’re able to shine a light on anything that’s not working the way it’s supposed to. 

Whether it’s a bad layout, poor optimization, or missing keywords, our team makes a note of it and resolves it during the website reconstruction process. 

The search engine optimization team plays another important role in the analysis stage. The search engine optimization team does a study of their own. This study is focused on checking out the industry that your business operates in. 

They also carry out market research on your competitors. Through this, they’re able to figure out the kind of keywords that your web content is not yet targeting. Adding these missing keywords to your web content can help your website rank higher on search engine results pages. 


The next step of the web design process involves putting our thinking caps on because it’s time to build a strategy. The Map’s Phoenix website design team takes all of the information they learned from the analysis phase and uses it to develop a precise strategy for your new website. 

Aside from our learnings, the most important factor of our strategy is your vision for your website. We weave this vision into every part of the website because of our belief that no one understands the way your business functions better than you do. 

While all our strategies are highly personalized, we have two broad routes to approach our projects. The first is for brand new websites. The second is for a revamp of older or existing sites. 

If you’re seeking a completely new website, we follow a 360-degree approach. This approach entails building a website from the bottom up. From your website’s design layout to its web content,  from your website’s design layout to search engine optimization and mobile device optimization, we take care of everything. 

If you just want to refresh your current or older website, then our web design team in Phoenix recommends a strategy that revolves around changes to improve it on the whole. We’ll make sure your rebuilt website is attractive, functions smoothly, and is as optimized as it can be. 

Our team also understands that the world of web development can seem intimidating, primarily due to how technical it tends to be. But we want to assure you that we’ll be working closely with you throughout the process, helping you understand everything as it happens. 

The strategy phase’s final result is a detailed blueprint that our team uses to build you a great-looking and fully optimized business website. 

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UI / UX Design

The next stage of the web design process is where all of the fun happens. It’s the design phase!

Our Phoenix web design team gets to programming and designing your business website. The key factors that they consider are an enjoyable user experience and a sleek, smoothly operating user interface. 

The web design team basically ensures that your business’ website meets modern User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) standards. 

Design Approval

The end of the web design process brings a crucial stage along with it. It’s time for us to get your approval on the website we’ve designed for your business. It’s vital that you love the website we’ve designed for you. 

That’s why we send you a mockup of the website after the initial design. The mockup is basically a non-interactive version of the final website. You can go over the mockup and tell us your feedback and suggestions. 

We take your feedback and make edits to the website. Once you give us the final nod, we publish your business website and make it live on the internet! Your business’ website is now ready for all your new visitors. 

Why Choose Our Phoenix Web Design Services?

That’s why you need the services of our web design team in Phoenix, Arizona. With the help of On The Map Marketing, Phoenix, your business’ website is most definitely going to be optimized, loaded with the right type of content, well-designed, and highly ranked on search engine results pages. 

We Have Many Years Of Experience Behind Us

When you choose to collaborate with On The Map Marketing’s website design team in Phoenix, you’re getting the guarantee of a decade’s worth of experience. Our team doesn’t just have trained experts and specialists; we also possess years of skills to back it up. 

We’ve helped a long list of clients reach greater heights with efficient, optimized, and effective websites. These clients range from law firms to home design companies to luxury car rental services. They include, Whitney Bloom Design, Lou La Vie, and many more.

So don’t wait any longer! Partner with us and watch your business blossom! 

Our Team Operates On Am Entirely In-House Basis

On The Map Marketing promises you that our team is entirely in-house. We believe a cohesive team is a strong team, and that’s why we work in close contact with each other on all our projects. 

Additionally, this means that we won’t ever outsource any part of your project to remote developers based in other parts of the world. Entrusting us with your work guarantees safety, security, and privacy. 

There’s another major plus point that working with an entirely in-house team brings. And that’s a quick response and turnaround time. Since all your questions or suggestions are directly relayed to the person in charge, you don’t have to stress about multiple rounds of back and forth with multiple people. 

Our Results Speak For Themselves

The On The Map Marketing web design team in Phoenix is committed to helping you level up your business. We know the wonders that a great website can do for a business, and we want to help you accomplish exactly that. 

Our dedicated team works hard to make your business’ website look great, attract the right visitors, and rank you higher than your competitors on search engine results pages. We also prioritize your vision for your business website and never compromise on the quality of our deliverables. 

SEO And Mobile Friendly Websites

As Arizona’s capital, Phoenix is swiftly transforming into a burgeoning hub for all sorts of businesses; this is a phenomenon we’re witnessing across many parts of the United States of America, especially with how the internet and social media have transformed over the last year. 

Your business must be represented in the best way possible globally because your business website is a gateway to its sales, branding, and communication. 

We understand this better than anyone else and want to help you advance your operational expansion. 

Get started today by partnering with us. Just get in touch and let the magic happen! 

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"We look at every dollar companies invest in their company using our services an enormous responsibility that we take seriously."

We have been able to follow and strictly adhere to this code by building a team of some of the brightest and most talented web developers, designers and SEO consultants in the industry. Our team is driven to be the best at what we do and to never compromise. We can only grow through the work we offer to our clients.

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What website design services do we offer?

Responsive website design

Internet users now largely rely on mobile devices. Our website design starts with custom templates that work smoothly and look visually appealing across devices of all sizes. 

So your final site will be accessible in its full glory, representing your brand accurately and offering an outstanding user experience - irrespective of the device it's browsed from in Phoenix.

SEO-friendly (strong) foundation

Our templates are coded to precision, and the final site will be lightweight to ensure your website can load fast and meets Google’s technical requirements. Not just your visitors - even search engines will love the technical foundation of your site.

Custom conversion-friendly layout

There’s no point in getting thousands of visitors to your site if you can’t convert them. Our professional designers have the expertise to craft conversion-friendly experiences so that you keep driving high-quality leads from your traffic.

A scalable site (that you own…)

We build sites on scalable templates. Even if you want to scale your business out of Phoenix, your website will be ready for it. Also, you own the site. So if your goal is to grow an inhouse team of developers that maintain and grow your site in the future, you’re in the right place.

Proven project management

With over a decade of website development experience, we’ve built systems that ensure we deliver a website within 90 days (given you give us timely feedback). Throughout the process, you’ll know where your project currently stands and get a clear picture of your final design.

Optimized call to actions

There’s no point in getting thousands of visitors to your site if you can’t convert them. Our professional designers have the expertise to craft conversion-friendly experiences so that you keep driving high-quality leads from your traffic.

Award-winning web design experts

On The Map Marketing is a global digital marketing agency. The team is constantly growing to meet the needs of our clients, with over 50 people filling the conference rooms, offices and sales floors.

Each person is important to us because we wouldn’t be here without our clients. Each business is important because it’s the passion of business owners that gives us our motivation and direction when building their online presence.

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one business, one dollar at time.

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