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  • Custom legal content creation to engage your target audience
  • High-quality legal link building that moves the needle
  • Transparent reporting on leads, rankings, and organic traffic: accessible 24 x 7
  • Quick and responsive account management (we believe in fact-based client education)

Want more car accident cases? Want to build a consistent pipeline of injury cases?

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Wondering how to get more personal injury clients? Well, start your SEO flywheel today…

Clio’s 2021 Legal Trends Report found that the utilization rate — which measures the workload and productivity — for law firms stood at merely 31% billable hours.

Utilization rate chart

The figures mean that the average lawyer billed merely 2.5 hours in an 8-hour day.


Such low utilization rates across the industry indicate many lawyers either:

  • Don’t have enough clients to fill their 8-hour workday,
  • Or they struggle with inefficiencies in their law firms.

Kicking off lawyer SEO services for your site can help you book more personal injury clients to fill your workday. Indeed, it’s one of the most sustainable and lucrative personal injury marketing strategies to improve your utilization rate. 


As you start accumulating results from SEO — each click, read, and backlink to your personal injury lawyer website makes it easier for you to rank even higher and for more competitive keywords. 

Soon your influx of leads and clients starts to scale. 

A few months down the line, you can identify and enter new markets to expand your business (yes, SEO experts can advise you even on that!) 

See how a moat of links and content drives compounding business returns? 

So get ahead of the curve and start the SEO flywheel for your personal injury law firm immediately. Make catching up with your personal injury website in SERPs difficult for large law firms, instead of the other way around.

Hey, Morgan & Morgan has already entered my market. Am I screwed?


Search engine optimization still offers you a level playing field against the likes of Morgan & Morgan

The market size for the personal injury law industry stands at $41.5 billion and is expected to increase by 1.8% in 2021. Large personal injury law firms are always looking for opportunities to capitalize on this new demand.

Do you know what huge firms like Morgan & Morgan do once they decide to enter your market?

They splurge millions of dollars across radio, billboards, TV and digital marketing.

The cost of acquisition from these channels is exceptionally high. It won't make business sense for most smaller to medium-sized personal injury attorneys to invest in them. Here’s data from 2016 on the average CPM (average cost per 1000 impressions) for TV, radio, print, and online (see the sky-high rates for most physical media?):

Chart of average cpm (average cost per 1000 impressions) for tv, radio, print, and online

However, you can still figure out how to compete with huge law firms in the digital space. For instance, search engines don’t directly consider your law firm’s size and marketing budget for ranking a website. They care about serving relevant content in search results that satisfy the users.

Here’s a sought-after keyword “car accident attorney Miami” where our client, 1800injured.care, ranks. They are the first attorney website to rank organically (the first one’s a legal directory):

Personal injury lawyer seo

Here’s a second peek of the above SERP (see a familiar personal injury law firm’s website?):

Car accident attorney miami serp

On The Map Marketing can help you take advantage of this even playing field and compete with huge law firms on a day-by-day basis.

Components of On The Map Marketing’s personal injury SEO services

Personalized and data-backed SEO strategy

Our SEO audit evaluates where your personal injury lawyer site stands right now. Have a spammy anchor text profile? Then, we may prioritize disavowing bad links. If you lack content, we’ll dedicate more resources towards that. Does your site load slowly and have tech issues? OTM’s developers will first fix it.

We tailor our efforts based on where you are and focus on the quickest way to grow your business.

Quality legal link building and digital PR (at scale…)

It’s challenging to get links for unsexy topics like insurance, but our lawyer SEO backlink building team thrives on creativity. After granular backlink gap and anchor text analysis, our team gets you those hard-to-earn backlinks, and they do that at a much higher volume than most other SEO service providers in the market.

Custom content marketing

We’ll craft content rooted in smart keyword research targeting local keywords that injury victims in your region want information about — while taking care of your branding requirements. We’ll create practice area pages (on car accidents, truck accidents, and the other legal services you offer), blog posts, and anything else to close the content gap with competitors.

Local SEO to penetrate your regional market

Along with a strong foundation of content and links, the On The Marketing team will also focus on local-3 pack optimization so that you appear at the top of SERPs for relevant local keywords. Our robust local SEO plan is tailored to help your business dominate local business rankings inside Google Maps and Search.

Technical optimization that ensures a stellar user experience

A strong site structure is the foundation of SEO. If your website has technical issues, it can negatively affect the user experience and rankings, especially with Google’s rollout of the page experience update. Our developers will make necessary technical fixes to ensure a solid technical SEO.

Here’s why elite personal injury attorneys trust On The Map Marketing

Personal injury law firm SEO expertise

OTM's strategists have seen and analyzed websites for over a decade in the personal injury industry—making it our sweet spot. Identifying weaknesses for a PI lawyer site and opportunities in a new market comes fairly quickly to us. And our team takes pride in ranking clients for some of the challenging (and profitable) keywords in this ultra-competitive niche.

Proven success in highly competitive markets

Every marketing agency says they are niche experts. OTM lets results do the talking.We have an impressive lineup of extremely competitive and lucrative keywords our clients rank for on the first page. Here are a few:

  • Bronx personal injury lawyer
  • Jacksonville personal injury lawyer
  • Miami car accident lawyer
  • St. Louis car accident lawyer
  • Fresno personal injury attorney

Attention to detail for every personal injury law firm client

Throughout an SEO for personal injury campaign, our clients love the balance of personability and professionalism we bring to the table. You can trust your account management to always be quick and responsive. If you have any questions about your SEO strategy, your customer success manager will be happy to answer them. We believe in fact-based client education.

Transparent reporting on revenue, leads, and rankings inside TrackRight

OTM's strategists have seen and analyzed websites for over a decade in the personal injury industry. The organic traffic team has built a proprietary reporting software: TrackRight. It reports all the important KPIs for your personal injury lawyer SEO, including keyword rankings, traffic, leads, and revenue. Oh, and it’s conveniently accessible to you 24 x 7.

We’re “digital advisors” focused on your business growth

We don’t stop at helping elite personal injury lawyers dominate first-page rankings. Instead, we take your feedback to iterate our SEO strategy and ensure you get more of your ideal clients. Further, our team has worked across markets and law disciplines, so you can rely on our wide range of expertise and systems to expand your business.

Our clients love the knowledge we can share to avoid pitfalls while expanding their attorney business. They depend on us for data-backed insights about which markets to enter and capitalize on opportunities. We know how everything ends up working in tandem with each other. No wonder clients refer to us as “digital advisors” instead of purely SEO folks.

How OTM does SEO for personal injury lawyers: Step-by-step breakdown

Step #1: On The Map Marketing experts will do a free SEO audit for you

Want to explore what On The Map Marketing can do for your personal injury firm? The first step is filling our commitment-free form by clicking on the “Get a FREE SEO audit” CTA button at the top of the page. Our personal injury lawyer SEO experts will analyze your website and share some quick growth opportunities with you.

Step #2: Sign a contract with us to kick off personal injury law firm SEO for your site (only onwards and upwards from here!)

Once you make your mind and choose a package that suits your needs, you sign a contract with us. We then start preparing to launch your project after introducing you to your account manager.

Step #3: We get together on a goal alignment call

Is your current business strategy getting more of those auto accident cases that promise quick returns? Want us not to focus on medical malpractice leads? Your personal injury lawyer SEO advisor welcomes you with a goal alignment call to get these details and understand more about your top-selling legal services and business priorities.

You also fill out a content questionnaire listing your branding requirements, state rules to be aware of in your locality, and if you have other preferences for crafting legal content for you.

Step #4: Setting up your reporting inside our proprietary software

Next, we set up your business profile inside our proprietary software, TrackRight. It pulls data from your Google Analytics, Search Console, and industry-leading SEO tools. Once set up, the tool can report on KPIs for your campaign — including your keyword rankings, organic traffic, Google My Business rankings, and leads.

Step #5: Three-month sprint planning and discussion with you

Our strategists present you with a three-month sprint plan consisting of content and links based on your website’s audit and chosen consulting package. This plan also includes the technical optimizations necessary for your website. We then go over the plan on a call and iterate it based on your feedback. Our team then deploys resources based on the finalized marketing strategy.

Step #6: Ongoing campaign management and performance reviews

Your account manager will stay in touch to share any ranking jumps and drops, take your feedback on the lead quality, and answer any questions you may have. You also connect with them on monthly touchpoints and get monthly marketing reports to judge the effectiveness of the SEO efforts. 

Once we have sufficient data on your site’s performance, we suggest iterations and modify the campaign strategy after your approval.

Success story of our past law firm SEO client.


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Personal Injury SEO Throwdown that Led to 435% Increase in Organic Traffic

Frequently asked questions about personal injury lawyer SEO

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