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The best way to get your business noticed is with a slick, well-designed, highly-optimized, user-friendly website. And the best way to get a slick, well-designed, highly-optimized, user-friendly website in Orlando is by working with On The Map Marketing.

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If you are looking to increase traffic to your website, maximize conversions, and to take the next step in your online presence, hiring a web designer is one of the best steps that you can take in this direction. An outdated, confusing, or poorly-designed website can quickly turn a visitor off from learning more about your company and ultimately converting as a customer. When you work with a professional design company with knowledgeable insights and reliable work, you can ensure that you are taking the best steps towards building a successful and productive online presence that will drive the traffic that you need. Trying to find the right web design company in Orlando can be overwhelming, though, and you may find yourself stressed out about making the right decision about who to work with before your project can even begin.

The team at On The Map Marketing offers full-service web design, meaning that we will be able to help take you from your first concept and needs to working with you to produce the blog posts, articles, and other content that your new visitors want to see. Working with a proven and experienced web design company is a great decision for anyone who wants to make sure that they are getting the quality they expect and the attention that they deserve.

Read more below to learn a bit more about the web design process, the different things that we can help you focus on, why a well-made website is so important, and more. Contact us now to partner with Orlando web designers who can take you through this entire process with ease and confidence, and ultimately provide you with the website that you wanted. We will be happy to discuss your wants and needs during an initial conversation so that we can begin to get a sense of the work we will do together, and ultimately return to you with an action plan and a path towards success.

Why Is Web Design So Important?

When you hire a web designer in Orlando, or anywhere, you are hiring expertise and knowledge about all aspects of web design, from the initial design phases to the technical implementation required to get your site running seamlessly. To the average web user, the concept of web design may consist of aesthetics and little more; however, while important, the aesthetics of a well-designed website are only a small factor of the overall quality of the page. The following sections will explain a bit more about some of the high-level areas of importance for a site design. 

User Experience

Web designers focus a lot of their time and energy on something known as user experience, which is the actual usability of your site. The user experience of a good website is the type of quality that goes unnoticed if implemented properly but will drive a visitor away in a hurry if not done right. There are many different ways that a professional web designed in Orlando will focus on creating a seamless user experience that supports both your needs and the users’ desires when they first arrive at your homepage. 

Conversion Funnels

When someone first arrives at your site directly or via the Orlando PPC campaign, what are your goals for conversion? What are your desired outcomes when someone visits your website? The journey that a visitor takes in order to “convert” on your site is called a funnel, and each website has a variety of funnels depending on your goals. Are you trying to get subscribers for your mailing list, or are you selling products on your site and your goal is to transact? When you are working with an experienced web design team, you will be able to set targets, and then use a data-driven approach to maximizing your conversion rates.

Measurable Performance

If the most beautifully-designed website in the world does not ultimately lead to conversions, then the site is not accomplishing what it should be. In order to encourage conversions, you and your web design team will need to monitor performance, analyze visitor data, and work through testing in order to make sure that your site performs as it should. Third-party tools like HotJar and Google Analytics will provide you with a stream of useful information, but you need someone to know what to do with the data once it has been collected.


Of course, a well-made website must be attractive and working with a design company that understands design trends and how to integrate beautiful design with seamless user experience and targeted goals is extremely important to get the value that you expect from this project. As we have mentioned a few times, the aesthetics of your website are only one piece of the equation, but it is very important nonetheless. 

Ease of Maintenance

There are many different website template tools that provide users with a simple way to build an aesthetically-pleasing website. While these tools are a great option for someone who is looking to put a simple blog online, there is a range of limitations to all of these sites that require third-party add-ons for many functionality needs. Initially, these add-ons do not pose any sort of issue, but over time, these third-party developers may stop updating a key add-on to your site. People may find themselves in a situation where they are unable to update their core site because these add-ons are no longer compatible. Working with an experienced web design company helps you avoid these common pitfalls of using a site design tool.


Speed may seem like a “nice to have,” but the major search engines use site speed as a central factor in determining how to rank different websites, both for organic and paid rankings. In cases where a site loads slowly (due to things like add-ons, server issues, and more), Google, Bing, and other search engines will assign a lower quality score to your site. This quality score is one of many different factors that ultimately determine how your website will rank, and therefore how likely it is that a user visits your page.

Content and SEO

Without content, your website is just a wireframe with blocks of Lorem Ipsum instead of useful content. When a user arrives at your site, they expect to find content that provides them with an informative and easy experience, answers the questions that they have, and encourages them to ultimately convert with your business. In addition to this central, important benefit of good content, you are also being judged by Google for the quality of your content, too.

There are many other things that go into designing and maintaining a well-performing website, each of which you will be able to go through specifically with the help of the experienced Orlando web designers and Orlando SEO experts at On The Map Marketing. Whether or not you are focusing on Search Engine Optimized content, it is important that you are able to reach your desired audience by providing them with the right information and the type of content that they expect when they visit your site instead of a competitor’s. 

The Three Steps Of Designing a Website 

There are many different steps that a variety of stakeholders will need to take in order to launch your website, but they can be divided into three major phases, each with their own individual deliverables and targets. When you are working with an established web design company in Orlando, you can be confident that there is a reliable infrastructure in place designed to meet each of these deadlines and benchmarks.

Step 1 – Design

During this phase, you will work with the designers in order to establish the goals of your site, the type of content that you hope to include, and much more so that the design team can begin to develop concepts. Once you choose a homepage mockup that you like, the designers will be able to implement this design theme across each page of your site to provide continuity to your visitors. 

This phase will require revisions, changes, and ongoing conversations about how to best bring your vision and the design team’s output into alignment, at which point you will be able to approve the design and move forward to the next steps in implementation.

Step 2 – Programming

Once you have approved the designs and general concept of your site, a range of teams will go into action in order to create a functional website to power these designs and create a seamless experience to move visitors towards your desired conversions. During this phase, you will receive a demo site that you can interact with and provide any feedback or edit requests for. This beta version of your site will give our developers time to smooth out any possible bugs or snags in design, before finally approving the demo and moving forward to launch day.

Step 3 – Launch

The final steps for launching a site can be tedious and complex, and require connecting a variety of services and credentials such as hosting, domain registration, email, and more. We will go through each step necessary for your final launch, while making sure that your site is in pristine condition and ready for traffic. Once we have ensured that your site is completed, we will hand you your admin credentials so that you can share your new look with the world.

Things To Consider When Hiring a Web Design Company

There are a lot of different factors that you will need to consider when you are vetting a web design company in Orlando to take on this important job. On The Map Marketing is proud of our work, and will be happy to discuss why to choose us during an initial conversation. However, the following are just a few reasons that On The Map Marketing is a great choice for your Orlando web design needs.


On The Map Marketing has over a decade of experience with web design, and many designers with more experience in their own professional careers, all of which is to say that you can be confident with the level of experience and understanding that you are getting with our team. We work with a wide range of high-profile clients and have designed many different high-traffic sites that continue to prove the level of quality that we put into each website that we design. Working with an inexperienced web design company may mean that you will save some money upfront, but these savings can quickly be eliminated when you need to bring in other professionals to correct mistakes, update work, and more.

In-House Work

When you hire a web design agency in Orlando, they may hire third-party subcontractors to perform certain tasks in order to streamline their own process. Unfortunately, this can translate to lapses in communication, as well as other issues when you are trying to get the quality of work that you expect. On The Map Marketing has a full team of experts in-house, so that you can expect a high level of quality control and accountability for every service that you receive from us.


Aside from all of the benefits of working with the team, our results speak for themselves. We work with a wide range of clients in many different industries and locations, all with specific goals, and are happy to share our results with you. When you launch a professional website boasting exceptional design, excellent content, and all other benefits that a visitor expects, it is important that people are able to find your site. When you are partnered with On The Map Marketing, you can be certain that we are focusing on getting you exceptional Google rankings that will translate into substantial traffic and many opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

Contact On The Map Marketing Now To Speak With an Orlando Web Designer

If you are looking for a trustworthy, professional, and proven web design and digital marketing company in Orlando to deliver the results you expect, then contact our team as soon as possible. We will be able to discuss your needs, help you understand the benefits of working with us, and ultimately explore a path forward towards a successful website launch for you. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you will have a new website that you can be proud to share with the world.

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Responsive website design

Internet users now largely rely on mobile devices. Our website design starts with custom templates that work smoothly and look visually appealing across devices of all sizes. 

So your final site will be accessible in its full glory, representing your brand accurately and offering an outstanding user experience - irrespective of the device it's browsed from in Orlando.

SEO-friendly (strong) foundation

Our templates are coded to precision, and the final site will be lightweight to ensure your website can load fast and meets Google’s technical requirements. Not just your visitors - even search engines will love the technical foundation of your site.

Custom conversion-friendly layout

There’s no point in getting thousands of visitors to your site if you can’t convert them. Our professional designers have the expertise to craft conversion-friendly experiences so that you keep driving high-quality leads from your traffic.

A scalable site (that you own…)

We build sites on scalable templates. Even if you want to scale your business out of Orlando, your website will be ready for it. Also, you own the site. So if your goal is to grow an inhouse team of developers that maintain and grow your site in the future, you’re in the right place.

Proven project management

With over a decade of website development experience, we’ve built systems that ensure we deliver a website within 90 days (given you give us timely feedback). Throughout the process, you’ll know where your project currently stands and get a clear picture of your final design.

Optimized call to actions

There’s no point in getting thousands of visitors to your site if you can’t convert them. Our professional designers have the expertise to craft conversion-friendly experiences so that you keep driving high-quality leads from your traffic.

Award-winning web design experts

On The Map Marketing is a global digital marketing agency. The team is constantly growing to meet the needs of our clients, with over 50 people filling the conference rooms, offices and sales floors.

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