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Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Reflections at Twilight. Oakland, Alameda County, California, USA.

Steps To Our Web Design Process

If an experienced Oakland Web Design Company is what your business needs, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s how our process works. 


Step one of the process is our analysis. At this stage, our Oakland web design team does a deep dive into your existing website. We go through everything in detail and figure out what’s going wrong. After we identify these issues, we make a note of them and resolve them when we’re building your website. 

Our search engine optimization team also does some important work during phase one. This team studies the industry that your business is associated with. They also check out what your competitors are up to. With this information, they plan out how they could improve your ranking on search engine results pages, the kind of keywords your content is lacking, and the measures to attract the best possible visitors to your website.  


Next, it’s time for strategy. We use everything that we’ve understood from our analysis to create a strategy around which your website will be built. Your vision for your website matters the most, and we make sure we incorporate it into our strategy as well. 

We know how the backend of website building can be tedious and technical. But we work closely with you to understand what’s going on.

Is your website new? In this case, our strategy is focused on creating a website from the very beginning. We’ll chart out a bold and eye-catching layout design, research and write web content with the right keywords, and optimize your website for mobile use. 

If it’s just a website revamp you’re looking for, then our Oakland web design team delivers a strategy that sets out all the changes that can be made to improve its performance.

UI / UX Design

Here’s where the magic happens! The design phase! Our Oakland web design team knows that the key to a good website is a sleek User Interface (UI) and an excellent User Experience (UX). With this in mind, they get to work, designing you a tasteful and user-friendly website. 

Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Reflections at Twilight. Oakland, Alameda County, California, USA.

Design Approval

We then get to the final step – making sure that you love the website we’ve designed for you.

Once we finish your website’s initial design, we send over a mockup of it to you. The mockup is an unpublished edition of the website. You can use this mockup to tell us what you’d like to be changed. We’ll incorporate these changes and publish your website, opening it up to all your new visitors. 

Why Choose Our Oakland Web Design Services? 

On The Map will help you take your business’ website to a whole new level. We understand web design, and we know how important it is in the internet age. Working with us means you’re definitely going to have a visually pleasing, optimized, and accessible website for your business.

10 Years Of Work Behind Us

When you decide to partner with us to build your website, you’re not just collaborating with a dedicated team. You’re also partnering with a company that has years of web design experience. 

Our clientele spans industries, ranging from law firms to home design companies. You can see how we’ve built incredible websites for companies like 1800injured.care, Whitney Bloom Design, Lou La Vie, and many more.

All Your Work is Done In-House

At On The Map, Oakland, you don’t have to worry about your website being outsourced to remote developers on the other side of the globe. We handle all our projects with our in-house team. Your work is safe and secure in our hands. 

The other benefit of working with an in-house team like ours is a quick response time. Our expert in charge personally handles all your queries and requests. That saves you from the cycle of multiple rounds of feedback with various persons that you might have to endure with other agencies.

Positive Results

It’s simple. We know how to help your business grow. 

The On The Map team knows the value of a smooth-functioning website and this is exactly what we bring to the table when we work with you. 

SEO And Mobile-Friendly Websites

Let us help you harness the power of the internet to boost your business. Beat all the competition in Oakland by getting in touch with us. 

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