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Web design is a work of art at its heart, and our award-winning web designers are very proud of every project. Templates? Are you sure about that? Don’t even mention templates around  Myrtle Beach web design businesses. We handle each client differently since every client is different. All of our designs are personalized and tailored to each specific customer.

Our 4-Step Process

We follow an in-depth protocol to find solutions to all your web design problems. Here are our stages of operation: 

Stage 1: Analysis

The review is the first step in our web design process. Our website design team conducts an in-depth review of your website to find out glitches or ineffective functioning. We analyze several metrics to figure out where the problems are coming from. Many of these problems will be resolved when the website is updated.  As part of our research, our team also reveals where you stand in relation to your rivals. They also take a look at your industry to find a way to boost your ranking on the search results pages, to broaden your market, to find out what kind of keywords your web page needs, and to ways to attract the visitors to your website.

Stage 2: Strategy 

After the first step of our process is complete, we will take all we have learned from our review of your website and use it to revert to an efficient strategy. We work closely with you to put your vision into line with our plan of building or updating your website. 

With us by your side, you will learn the technical world of website creation and program optimization. Our plan varies depending on your requirements. If you want a new website, our approach aims to make it as optimized and competitive as possible. We will create a website template that is eye-catching and visually pleasing.

Our Myrtle Beach web design experts at On The Map will write and curate web pages that have the keywords of your brand to help you maximize your mobile traffic and much more. 

If you update your current website, we’re going to tailor-make a technique to improve it. We’ll recommend improvements that will deliver an optimized and enticing website.

Stage 3: UI/UX 

The strategic phase follows the concept process. It is crucial for your site visitors to have an outstanding experience on your website. The Myrtle Beach web design team works to create your website to ensure that it is visually appealing and user-friendly. We carefully review to ensure that all required User Experience (UX) and Interface (UI) requirements are reviewed.

Stage 4: Approval Of design 

The next move is to get your approval! Our Myrtle Beach web design team will finish designing the preliminary version of your website and make a mockup of it for you. The prototype is an unpublished version of your website that you can always send back to our team with your feedback and suggestions. We’re going to take these points, integrate them and send them back to you for approval. Once you’re proud of the platform, we’re going to publish it. Your website will then be ready to accommodate all your new guests!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA city skyline.

Why Us?

We try to give you the web presence you need to define who you are as an organization, whom you are targeting as potential clients, and what you want your website to do for your brand.

All In-House

We promise you that all our work is done in-house. Your website can only be operated by a team that works closely together regularly. We’re not outsourced to developers in foreign countries, so all of your information remains secure with us.

Our in-house team also ensures that there are swift responses and turnarounds. Any request or question that you may need is addressed directly by the person in charge—no more stress on several rounds of reviews from various individuals.

High-Quality Results

Our team knows the usefulness of an optimized website is often for a company. We want your website to turn visitors into regular, loyal customers at the first interaction. In today’s fast-paced world of taps and clicks, having a functional website for your company is the bare minimum. What makes a big difference is a website that is optimized, esthetically pleasing, eye-catching, and user-friendly. The ability to offer you the right customers to shop for your product or service again and again matters even more. This is always exactly what we’re going to do for you and your company.

Our team of experts is committed to offering you the highest level of service while ensuring that your business goals are never compromised. To put it simply, we’re helping you create the perfect website you’ve created for yourself or your company.

SEO Optimized 

For any website to do well on the web and get more coverage, the website should have a superb SEO score. This idea of priming the website for crawling, indexing, and ranking high on different search engines is vital for the website to be in the spotlight.

Research indicates that most visitors do not look for results past the second or third page of any application. We have set up a user-friendly website with proper SEO maintenance, which is necessary to bring your site to the primary SERP sites.

As a growth marketing consultant and specialist, we put together 10 years of digital marketing and app design expertise to help you plan and introduce the new marketing strategies that will lead, boost sales and develop your business. As a Myrtle Beach web design company, we understand your needs and work to deliver the best product out there. So please don’t hesitate to book your first consultation with us at the earliest!

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