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With over a decade in business, we have a history of experience with the many changes to online trends, and our track record of successes shows that we have what it takes to keep delivering high-quality web traffic to a wide range of clients and industries in Miami

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How Internet Marketing can help your Local Miami Business

Consumers are smart. Data shows that the number of consumers who conduct product and price research online before making final purchase decisions is only increasing. Internet marketing allows you, the business, to build relations with customers through the internet. Other reasons that illustrate the importance of internet marketing include:

  • Reach: The internet has no barriers of distance, and think about how many people are searching Miami businesses every day. You can sell a product or advertise a service without setting up any local shops, widening your target market.
  • Convenience: Your business now never has to close, and you never have to pay anyone overtime. Offering products and services online like on an App is also convenient to clients who can browse your website at anytime and make purchasing decisions when it’s convenient for them.
  • Cost: The costs of marking your business online are miniscule compared to other costly and outdated advertising methods such as television or radio.
  • Easy to track: It is easy to track what is working and what is not with Miami Digital Marketing, and you can easily adapt.


The bottom line is even the most amazing site won’t rank if it has bad SEO. Why? SEO is like a client magnet. It draws potential buyers to your website through critical and relevant keywords and phrases that have already been ranked high in search engines. SEO in Miami is one of the only marketing tools available that can increase your sales without proportionately increasing your costs, thereby growing your profits over time.

Responsive design

Web Design in Miami

A good website doesn’t just help build your brand (which it definitely does), but it also increases customer conversions and helps you reach more customers in general. A good website will lead a customer to what they are looking for easily and smoothly. Web design enables you to decide how a potential client navigates through your business.


Social Media Marketing and Management

There is huge potential to increase sales and gain new customers with Social Media Marketing. Why? Here’s four great reasons:

  • Provides a Platform: with social media, you give your website the opportunity for hugely increased brand visibility.
  • Organization: you can organize all your content in one place, and also across different social media platforms.
  • Accessibility: the more platforms you engage with, the more potential clients you have on your radar. Maybe someone looking for exactly what your website offers doesn’t have an Instagram account, but they do have a Twitter.
  • Loyalty: social media offers a unique opportunity to improve brand loyalty with your clients because you are able to connect directly with your audience.


PPC, or pay-per-click, is an internet marketing model where advertisers pay a fee if their ad is clicked. With more traditional forms of offline advertising, an advertiser can be expected to spend X amount of dollars in the hopes that their target market will engage with the ad; however, PPC in Miami is much more straightforward: you only pay when an interested party clicks your ad. A successful PPC campaign requires close monitoring and constant adjustments to produce high conversion rates.

1000+ Miami Business Served over Multiple Industries

Located in the heart of Downtown Miami just steps away from Brickell Bridge, we are invested in supporting Miami businesses grow and thrive. It’s our life’s work! At On The Map Marketing, our portfolio is filled to the brim with diverse experience across a broad spectrum of industries. From local to national campaigns, our Miami SEO services stand in a league of their own.

SEO for Accountants

We have experience optimizing websites through various internet marketing techniques in order to drive traffic to your site, ultimately bringing more clients to your Miami Accounting business.

Don’t wait till tax season! Reach out to us for a personalized accountant internet marketing quote for your Miami CPA firm today!

Air Conditioning and HVAC SEO

In Miami, we know exactly how important air conditioning and HVAC services are—which is why we have spent a great deal of time researching and implementing the best internet marketing techniques and strategies to drive engaged traffic to your company’s website.

Did you know every 10 seconds an air conditioner in Miami needs to be repaired? We can’t actually prove that, but just go with it. Contact us for a personalized Air Conditioning and HVAC internet marketing quote today!

SEO for DJs

DJs are the pulse of Miami. We have spent as much time cultivating the best internet marketing strategies for DJs as Skrillex has spent balancing levels.

Don’t fade away. Contact us today for a personalized DJ internet marketing quote!

SEO for Nightclubs

Can you imagine a Miami without its legendary nightclubs? Neither can we, and we don’t want to! That’s why we have work work worked on researching and implementing the most lit digital marketing strategies.

Turn heads with your nightclub internet marketing. Contact us today for a free personalized quote.

SEO Roofing

If we had to make a list of the most important industries in Miami (actually, all of South Florida for that matter), the Roofing industry would be at the top. It’s vital that all Floridians have access to your Roofing website, which is why we’ve made a point of knowing everything there is to know about the best internet marketing strategies for the Roofing industry.

Your Roofing Internet Marketing is a priority. Contact us for a free personalized quote today!

SEO for Dentists

Miami is a city full of beautiful pearly white and oftentimes veneered smiles. We have as much experience optimizing websites for dentists as your dental office has booking fillings the week after Halloween.

Let’s drive more patients into your office! Contact us for a free personalized Dental internet marketing quote today!

SEO for Realtors

Miami is a city with a stunning amount of people looking for apartments, and an even more stunning number of realtors showing them! We know exactly what methods and internet marketing techniques you need to stand out from the crowd and bring you more clients!

Give us a call today for a free personalized Realtor Internet Marketing quote!

SEO for Plastic Surgeons  

Plastic Surgery is to Miami what yellow cabs are to NYC. It’s a gigantic part of our culture here. We know a strong online presence is vital to your plastic surgery center. We have the experience and the knowledge to drive new patients into your office through our strategic internet marketing strategies.

Get in touch with us today for a free personalized plastic surgery internet marketing quote!

Looking for a Data Driven Internet Marketing Company in Miami?

At On The Map Marketing, thousands of Miami businesses trust us with their Internet Marketing for a simple reason: relying on data is embedded in our way of thinking. We aren’t just any Miami SEO company. Data is what drives everything we do from decision making to our water cooler discussions, and we use that knowledge to help businesses outrank their competition across a huge range of industries. We believe in the integrity and quality of our content, and we hope you wouldn’t settle for anything less.

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"We look at every dollar companies invest in their company using our services an enormous responsibility that we take seriously."

We have been able to follow and strictly adhere to this code by building a team of some of the brightest and most talented web developers, designers and SEO consultants in the industry. Our team is driven to be the best at what we do and to never compromise. We can only grow through the work we offer to our clients.

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What Internet marketing services do we offer?

Search is one of the reliable and scalable marketing channels. If you want to grow your business online, investing in SEO is a no brainer. With over a decade of experience in the most competitive markets (including metros), our marketing team will have a ball with creating a robust SEO strategy to scale your traffic.

With a decade of website design experience, our team now has expertise in creating visually stunning designs that make a mark on your visitors. Your prospects will remember you because of your custom design, and search engines will love crawling and ranking it because of its strong technical foundation.

The fastest way to rank on the first page of Google and get instant traction of high quality leads is Google ads. Our PPC marketers have run successful campaigns in the most competitive markets with a CPC of over $ 1000. They will set up your ads account and manage it, continuously optimizing your ROI.

Want a mobile app to swerve your audience on small devices? We research and analyze your sketch boards to create a roadmap for developing your app. Then our full-stack team of UX and UI designers will get their hands dirty to ensure your app has a sticky user experience and is visually appealing to your audience.

Persuasive content marketing

Beyond writing content that satisfies the search intent for a target keyword as efficiently and effectively as possible, our content marketers specialize in emotionally connecting with a target audience. Your content strategy will be data-backed, and your content will strike chords with your ideal target customers.

Social media management

Organic social media is now majorly a brand awareness medium for brands. We’ll identify the top channels where your audience hangs out and chart a strategy to communicate with them. We also run social media advertising campaigns to generate some leads from your social presence if your budget allows.

Award-winning Internet marketing experts

On The Map Marketing is located in beautiful downtown Miami. The team is constantly growing to meet the needs of our clients, with over 50 people filling the conference rooms, offices and sales floors.

Each person is important to us because we wouldn’t be here without our clients. Each business is important because it’s the passion of business owners that gives us our motivation and direction when building their online presence.

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one business, one dollar at time.

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