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A well-designed website is a prerequisite for the success of any business. A professional website offers good user experience and helps in increased conversions. On the contrary, websites that fail to keep up with the standards deter target audiences and, as a result, will never return. 

Whether you need help making your existing website more feature-rich or creating a new one, Memphis web design services offered by On The Map can help. 

We have a team of creative web designers and developers to build eye-catching, easy-to-use websites for businesses.

Our 4-Step Process

The process that we have set is highly success-oriented, and we involve you in each of these critical steps to ensure that your expectations are met completely. 


When creating a new design, the first step is to determine what’s lacking in the current site. Our design experts will examine your site for its downfalls and ensure that the gap is filled when designing the new one. We consider the strategic evaluation of your existing website and the goals that have been set by your business. This helps us to ensure that there exists a synchrony between the design and the business goal. 

Furthermore, our team will analyze your competitor’s website to better position you in the market. We study your industry and identify what type of websites are winning more customers. We then incorporate this information into creating a success formula that can convert your visitors into customers. 


We learn about your requirements in detail during the strategy phase and work with you to build a tailor-made website that fulfills your specific requirement. It works best when you provide your inputs, and we use our design expertise to build a fabulous website. We keep you posted in every step so you get a website that works perfectly for your business.

Our experts create engaging and easy-to-navigate designs that are responsive and easy to rank on Google. Our aim as the top-rated Memphis web design company is to rank you #1 on search engines with a well-optimized site that any search engine will love to feature on the results. 

UI / UX Design

A great website makes way for a great user experience. That’s why we design sites that are both visually appealing and easy to use. Our web design team sees that an interactive and seamless design is put in place for you, keeping the latest UX and UI standards in mind. 

Bringing your website to life is a crucial step.  In the design phase, we work with you closely to create a beautiful design that you envisioned.

Design Approval

After you approve your website’s first draft, it’s time to progress to a more advanced stage. But we don’t do that in haste. We will send you the first iteration of your website design as a non-interactive mock-up. This way, we make it easy for you to point out the changes and additional features required. 

We collect your valuable feedback and then go back to the design table for implementing them. Once we finalize the design, our team moves to the next step, which is development. 

With the two important processes completed, we make your site live on the server of your choice. Don’t worry about the technical hassles; leave it to our Memphis web design team, and they will take care of it for you.


Why Choose Us? 

On The Map is one of the best Memphis web design companies. We have years of experience providing customers with advanced and feature-rich websites that rank high on search engine results pages. We can improve the aesthetics of your site and make the user interaction as classy and intuitive as possible.

Years of Expertise

For over ten years, On The Map has served as a trusted Memphis web design company. Hundreds of satisfied brands, such as Lou La Vie and Whitney Bloom Design, have worked with us to create unique websites that serve their needs.

We like to work together with businesses to help boost their growth. It’s our pride to work in Memphis as one of the best Web Design companies. Having worked with clients from various businesses, we’ve been helping them achieve their goals. 

Safe and Secure

Anyone can create a website for you, but when you entrust your website to us, you don’t just get a site from the experts — you get a team of experts working together to ensure your vision is achieved. We don’t outsource anything. Each website we develop is done entirely in-house to maximize quality and protect your important information and data.

High-Quality Results

As experts in web development, our Memphis web design team understands the value of optimization — we know how a well-executed site can skyrocket online revenue. By focusing on the main two functions that a website serves (getting traffic and increasing monthly conversions), we create optimized sites that generate a higher return on investment. We’re experienced at converting first-time visitors into regular customers and loyal patrons.

SEO and Mobile Friendly Websites

A brand’s story must be told in the most meaningful and powerful way possible, which is why you need SEO support. Don’t fret, we have an experienced SEO team to help you out, and they are involved even in the design phase to make sure that the best practices are followed. That way, we can build a website that is both SEO-friendly and beautiful.

We want to help your business with an essential tool in today’s digital age — an excellent site. We’ll be your partners in getting it done, and you’ll be happy with the results. Call us now!

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