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If you are interested in taking your digital marketing efforts to the next level for your medical spa, then look no further than the web design team at On The Map Marketing, Inc. to help you make the changes you need. Our history of successful web design projects, both for MedSpa web design as well as a wide range of other industries, is a great indication of the level of quality you can expect when you work with our team.

Steps to our Web Design Process

When it comes to designing a website, there are a lot more steps than you may first guess. We take our process seriously because good web design doesn’t end with a nice aesthetic – everything we do is with the intention of improving your site ranking, helping your customers navigate your website, and ultimately increasing your conversions while attracting a new pool of potential clients. 

The following is a high-level overview of our design process, but keep in mind that each step will ultimately be completely specific to your needs, and the goals for your MedSpa with your new website. We know that there is no “one size fits all” with web design, so you can expect that we will be giving you the specific and detailed attention that you and your MedSpa deserve in order to truly make an impact online.


What sort of learnings can we take away from your existing website? Are there any strong elements that absolutely should be brought into the new site? How about any weak spots, that we must absolutely redesign? A comprehensive analysis of your existing website, your traffic history, and your performance metrics can all tell us a lot about what we need to focus on moving forward.

In addition to analyzing your own site, we will explore your industry as a whole, particularly any of your direct competitors, or MedSpa businesses that you admire. Taking an inward and outward look with strong analytic tools is a great way to set the course for the rest of our work.


Once we have completed our analysis, the next step is to take these learnings and pair them with your unique perspective as an industry professional so that we can develop a long-term strategy. This step is essential to ensuring that we ultimately launch a website that you are proud to share with the world, and that performs the way that you need it to. Remember: a website is a sales tool, meaning that we must absolutely step beyond aesthetics (although they are equally important!) and focus on generating useful and valuable traffic.

Too often, inexperienced or over-enthusiastic designers skip this step so that they can charge headfirst into the design process. We like to remind our clients that our web design process starts the moment one of our analysts first looks at your website, not when the first wireframes are created.

UI/UX Design

Finally, we can take our learnings and apply them to the user interface design and user experience design that will be the backbone of your visual website. User interface design refers to the actual structure of your site, such as navigation options, site hierarchy, and other foundational aspects. User experience design, while often grouped with UI design, focuses more on the actual feeling that your visitor gets when they arrive on your site, and how they are encouraged to move from your home page all the way to their final action.

Both UI and UX design are essential to building a website that does what you need it to do: attract new customers, retain existing customers, and encourage all visitors to simply and easily find their way through their workflow and ultimately convert on your page. A conversion could be anything from signing up for a mailing list to purchasing a product directly from a sales page, and each target conversion will require its own specific attention in terms of the UX design and flow.

Design Approval

Once we have completed our initial designs, we will present you with a mockup site, which will give you a visual idea of how it will look when completed. We make sure that we have your design approval at each step of the process to ensure that we are all on the same page, and don’t find ourselves back-tracking in order to fix an issue that could have been recognized long before. Communication is key, and our design approval process is entirely focused on proper communication.

Once you have given your final approval for your mockups, we will move forward with preparing your site for the actual launch, including publishing all necessary code, installing tools, and ensuring that your visitors will have a seamless experience when they first arrive at your new website. 

Why Choose Our Miami Web Design Services?

Hiring a design team to build a new website can be a stressful process, because you want to make sure that your money gets you the results that you rightfully expect. 

SEO Experts in Industry

On The Map Marketing, Inc. has helped many companies reach the top of the search engine results pages through comprehensive and robust SEO campaigns. While SEO and web design are different areas, they each feed up to the same goal, and there is a significant amount of overlap between the two. Our experience with both is a great way to help your site pass your competitors and start getting new traffic.

Web Design Experts With Over 10 Years Of Experience

There are many different design firms out there who can help build you a website, but On The Map Marketing, Inc. has over a decade in the industry, with many of our team members with far more individual experience. You can’t teach experience, which is why we are so proud to have such experienced and seasoned web design veterans on our team.

All Work Done In House

Many web design firms outsource areas of their work using platforms like UpWork and other freelancer-for-hire sites. We prefer to keep all of our work in-house so that we can guarantee our work, and know that we can deliver consistent results for every area of the complex web design process. Accountability is key, and when something goes wrong and the contractor has seemingly vanished, it leads to delays or lower quality work, neither of which we tolerate.

Consistent Positive Results

We are happy to talk all day long about how we can help you with your MedSpa web design so that you can bring your digital marketing to the next level, but we also have the numbers to back it up. We meticulously track progress and results for our clients, meaning that we can show you exactly the results we have produced in the MedSpa industry, as well as countless others, for the past decade.

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