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Med spa digital marketing channels of all types are great ways to bring in new and valuable traffic to your medical spa and will help you develop loyal relationships with clients who found you through these advertising mediums. However, trying to run a medical spa business at the same time as trying to learn, build, and manage comprehensive digital marketing strategies can be exhausting, which is why all too often, business owners shy away from digital marketing after an overwhelming and underperforming attempt at doing it themselves. 

SEO is one of many digital marketing options but has increasingly become the favored tool for many industries for a number of reasons. Primarily, SEO is a great choice because a great medical spa SEO campaign is centered on providing useful information to your target audience, instead of paying for targeted ads that offer no benefit beyond bringing them to your site. 

Read more below to get a better idea of what medical spa SEO is, how it will help you, and how On The Map Marketing can work with you as your trusted SEO consulting firm to bring new customers to your med spa website.

Our SEO Experts will Fully Analyze your Website 

The first step of any digital marketing effort is to do a comprehensive website analysis in order to determine exactly how new visitors interact with your site, and identify any areas that need improvement before we start bringing new people to your page. There are many different indicators that we will look for, all of which feed into Google’s Quality Score and a number of other metrics that will help us recognize how we can provide your clients with the best user experience possible. 

Keyword Research for Medical Spa SEO done by our Specialists

At the same time that our experts are analyzing your website for improvements, our SEO researchers will perform a comprehensive analysis of your industry, your competitors, and the online habits of your target audience. With this information, we will be able to develop a content strategy that reaches your new clients the way they want to find you, provides them with the information that they are looking for, and ultimately leads them to convert on your page. 

Full Website On-Site Optimizations

In order to make sure that you site meets your clients’ expectations and facilitates a simple journey through your sitemap, we will perform all necessary on-site optimizations that we have identified during our website analysis. This could include things like organizing your site structure, increasing load speeds, adding identifying tags to all elements on your site to improve your search rankings, and more. Our optimizations are specific to your business needs, and we will discuss all of these options with you in detail.

In addition to writing professional, well-researched content for your site, we will also reach out to other leaders in your industry to create an off-site link strategy. Google, Bing, and other search engines like to see a website that provides useful information for visitors and is also connected to the greater internet by sending visitors to authority sites, and has a number of sites pointing back to them. We will reach out to industry leaders (but not competitors) in order to provide them with guest posts and articles, all of which link back to your site to improve your connectivity and catch more traffic.

Fully Optimized Custom Content for your Business: Content is King!

Research is the foundation of a strong medical spa SEO campaign, but the content itself is the backbone of the entire operation. Our in-house content writers are experienced in a range of industries and will be able to provide you with quality content intended to build trust with your target audience, improve your search engine page ranking (SERP), and generate new, organic traffic from the major search engines. 

Customized Reporting Made Just For You!

Our analysts manage these performance indicators using complicated tools, but will then provide you with customized reporting that is simple to understand and highlights the exact metrics that you are interested in. It is important to us that you know exactly how your website is performing.

SEO Experts With Over 10 Years In the Industry!

Not all MedSpa SEO firms are created equal, but On The Map Marketing has years of experience and the results to prove it. During your consultation with one of our sales representatives, we will be happy to show you the work that we have done for happy clients in a diverse range of industries over the past decade.

All Work Done In-House

Consistency and accountability are key, which is why all of our work is done in-house by our team of SEO experts. Often, hiring a MedSpa SEO firm means that you will hire a single consultant who will then outsource different areas of the work on platforms such as Upwork, meaning that there is little accountability and it is extremely difficult to request changes. Not with On The Map Marketing!

Tracked Data

Once your MedSpa SEO campaign is up and running, the next step is to continuously monitor performance and work to improve as aggressively as possible. Without consistent tracking, there is no way to be certain how effective our strategies are. 

Consistent Results!

The team at On The Map Marketing has years of experience managing a wide range of MedSpa digital marketing channels and will be happy to help you see the results that you expect. If you are looking for a consistent and reliable way to reach clients effectively, then we invite you to learn more about our MedSpa SEO services and to contact us now to learn about how we can bring our expertise to your medical spa as soon as possible.

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