Thrive Internet Marketing Review 2023

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A quick research about Thrive reveals that they are one of the most popular companies offering internet marketing solutions. But whether or not the agency is the best for your business is another question altogether. Keep reading to know the answer to this question.

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What is Thrive Internet Marketing Agency?

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Thrive Internet Marketing Agency has over 15 years of experience helping businesses of different sizes across various industries, including law firms, reach their goals through the creation and execution of results-driven campaigns.

Thrive Internet Marketing Services Offered

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As a digital marketing company, Thrive offers an all-in-one solution to your law firm marketing needs. Its services help attorneys and lawyers increase their visibility online and build a positive brand to influence their target audience to become their clients. Let Thrive execute the following online marketing tactics for you:

  • Search engine optimization – Get your landing pages to appear on top of search engines for your target keywords. Thrive takes care of researching which keywords to optimize for your site pages, observing on-page SEO practices on each, and building high-quality backlinks to increase your site’s authority.
  • Web design and development – Collaborate with experienced web designers to create a professional law firm website that captures your brand and provides a seamless user experience.
  • Social media marketing – Let its team roll out a comprehensive content and advertising strategy for your law firm on your social media sites to grow your presence and build a following.
  • Pay per click – Get huge ROI off your search engine marketing campaign developed by Thrive’s Google Ads certified experts.
  • Online reputation management – Allow its digital marketing team to generate client reviews on Google and monitor the reviews to address negative feedback immediately. 
  • Local SEO – Improve the ranking of your Google Business Profile listingcon the local-3 pack using different local SEO tactics
  • Content writing – Publish different content types that cater to your audience in the various stages of your sales funnel to convert them into clients.

Thrive Internet Marketing Ratings Across Directories

Thrive is a beloved agency in the digital marketing space, as evident in the different review sites. It received a 4.9/5 star review from 55 verified reviewers at Upcity. They raved about how easy it was to work with the agency. Its team took time to know about each client to provide them a customized quote and strategy for their marketing needs.


With over 84 reviews from Clutch, Thrive received an average review rating of 4.7. Almost all reviewers praised the agency’s digital marketing expertise in developing and implementing a successful SEO strategy.

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The ones who gave a low score were critical of the lack of results its team’s campaign produced. If anything, the company professionally responded to them and offered support to resolve other issues they had about the campaign.

Finally, Thrive received a 4.9 overall rating across 55 Capterra users. Everybody praised the agency’s communication skills, responsiveness, and commitment to meeting its project timeline. Its team addressed questions and concerns its clients had on time and without any issues.

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Top Client Results

An unnamed mass torts law firm hired Thrive to improve its keyword rankings and organic traffic. After eight months of building 310+ backlinks via guest posts on sites with an average domain authority of 59, Thrive was able to rank 351 keywords in the top 3 of Google search, which resulted in a 70% increase in traffic.

Another client, Sisemore Law Firm, contacted Thrive for its PPC services. Through thorough keyword research and a new account architecture, the agency was able to generate better performance for the firm’s ad campaigns while spending less. The result was a 72.84% click-through rate, an 875% increase in leads, and an 83.5% increase in savings.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Thrive Internet Marketing

Thrive Internet MarketingOn The Map Marketing
Produces proven digital marketing campaigns and results for clients across different industries.Specializes in helping law firms and local businesses improve online visibility and generate more leads and conversions.
Quickly informs clients regarding the status of their campaigns at any time. Provides you with a lead tracking dashboard in TrackRight to give you a full view of the agency’s deliverables and progress. 
Very responsive and knowledgeable customer team that will execute an online marketing strategy designed to succeed and educate you along the way.Highly involved customer service and in-house teams that address your concerns and scale the production of content and links for your business.
Doesn’t offer exclusivity slots.Offers exclusivity slots so the agency won’t work with your competitors and pour all its resources into growing your law firm.

There’s no question that Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a very popular and well-respected agency in the industry. However, if you’re an attorney or law firm that wants to dominate local search and an accessible dashboard to view campaign results, you might want to consider another company.

We at On The Map Marketing can be that agency. We have years of experience helping hundreds of law firms generate more clients via SEO and PPC. Our SaaS tool also lets you track local keyword rankings at any time, so you keep in touch with the latest progress of our campaign. Get a free marketing audit to learn how we can help grow your law firm!