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Postali Legal Marketing: Pricing, Features, and 2024 Review


Postali prides itself in its results-driven marketing services geared towards law firms. To know for sure, find out the different solutions the agency offers, its average customer rating across various review sites, and its case studies. From here, you can decide whether to hire Postali to help promote your legal business.


  • Postali offers online and offline marketing packages to maximize your visibility and effectively get your brand across to your target audience.
  • Its high-quality photo and video production services allow law firms to personalize their legal business and build a deeper connection with people seeking their expertise.
  • On The Map Marketing has a more well-established online footprint than Postali and offers marketing strategies tailored to your need using SEO, PPC, and web design.

Note: On The Map Marketing has a proven track record of positive customer reviews and case studies in the legal industry for years. This is all because of our digital marketing services that can rank your site on top of search engines, get more clicks on your paid ads, and generate more engagement from your website. Contact us to learn how we can do these for you.

What is Postali?

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Postali is a full-service marketing agency serving the unique needs of law firms for better marketing. The agency’s strategic marketing approach, which includes a thorough discovery phase, helps provide clients with custom legal marketing plans to attract the right cases.

Postali Services Offered

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One of Postali’s strengths is its vast options of legal marketing services that help law firms improve their presence in the market and acquire more leads. Below is a short list of solutions the company offers to help achieve your marketing goals.

Digital Marketing

The agency launches long-term legal marketing strategies to increase your visibility on online channels, making your firm much easier to find for your target market. Below are the tactics the company uses as part of your campaign.

  • Website design development – Set up professional best-in-class websites that offer a seamless user experience and match client branding.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – Rank your site pages on top of Google search for search queries relevant to your market.
  • Local SEO – Make your business listing appear on Google’s local 3-pack to attract more leads.
  • Legal content writing – Create and publish legal content that ranks on search engines and showcases your expertise.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) – Get more clicks and conversions on your paid placements while minimizing ad spend.


Postali asks you to answer a questionnaire during the discovery phase to learn more about your firm. Our in-house team then calls you to discuss gaps and opportunities that will help strengthen your brand identity. We then collaborate on ideas to help bring your brand to life as written assets (mission statements, values, etc.) and visual assets (logos, color palette, etc.).

Direct Mail

Postali can offer direct mail campaigns for your legal business. The agency complies with ethical requirements before sending well-designed legal direct marketing postcards printed on high-quality materials for a more personalized approach to recipients.

Video and Photo Production

The company’s production team brainstorms ideas to present your firm’s legal services that align with your goals through high-quality photos and videos. From here, the video marketing team obtains props and building permits for the 2-4 day shoot in Columbus, Ohio. 

Postali Ratings Across Directories

Lawyerist gave Postali a 4.4/5 star rating. It lauds the agency for having comprehensive and innovative marketing services, particularly its robust SEO, lead tracking, and direct mail solutions. On the downside, Postali may take too much time crafting your digital marketing strategy before launching it. This could put your website on the back burner against your competitors.

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Postali also received a high score of 4.8/5 from 17 users on Google. Most were happy at how the company accommodated their needs and helped them successfully build and execute marketing campaigns tailored to their needs. Everybody was also impressed with the team’s ability to change the priorities and marketing strategies to improve results.

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Top Client Results

Corporate and transactional law firm Bevilacqua PLLC sought the services of Postali to stand out among the competition. The agency solidified the firm’s brand identity by designing its website to match its mantra. It then showcased the expertise and authority of the firm’s attorneys through well-crafted content and images. The result is a high-converting website that won Lawyerist’s Best Law Firm Websites of 2019.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a personal injury law firm that wanted to leverage online marketing opportunities to generate more clients. Postali came to the rescue by relaunching the firm’s website and executing a content strategy optimized for transaction informational and transactional intent keywords. This led the firm to increase its web traffic by almost 1,000%.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Postali

PostaliOn The Map Marketing
Offers marketing services to help law firms, regardless of size and practice area, to improve their visibility so their audience can see and interact with them.Serves up the most essential marketing solutions not only for businesses in the legal industry but also for home services, dental, real estate, and others.
Uses photo and video production to personalize your law firm to people by communicating your story in a way everybody understands.Also has professional video production services to showcase your attorneys and increase your authority in people’s eyes.
Provides PPC services, but its ads team is not a Google Certified Partner.Improve your paid ads campaign performance through our PPC services with help from our Google-certified experts.
Has good customer reviews, but most of them are from years ago.Receives constant and new positive reviews from trustworthy sites like G2, Yelp, Clutch, and others.

Postali offers various services that can generate more clients and revenue for your law firm. It even has direct mail services to complement its digital marketing solutions. However, judging the company based on customer reviews, much of its success was from years ago. It’s hard to say if that success still translates now.

We at On The Map Marketing continue to garner praise from our law firm clients. Our ability to provide you with top-notch law firm marketing strategies is also evident from the case studies published on our site. Sign up for a free website marketing audit to learn how we can help grow your law firm.

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