OptimizeMyFirm Review 2023

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From the name itself, you’d think Optimize My Firm can help you improve your law firm website’s performance and generate more leads and clients. But having the ability actually to achieve this for your law firm is another thing altogether. To know for sure, learn more about its services, customer testimonials from review sites, and case studies.

Note: We at On The Map Marketing showcase our expertise through our client success stories, where we detail the tactics used to increase their traffic and conversions. Contact us so we can prepare a custom legal marketing strategy for your website.

What is OptimizeMyFirm?

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Optimize My Firm is a digital marketing agency helping personal injury law firms grow their organic traffic, increase search rankings for their target keywords, and generate more highly qualified leads they can convert into clients and cases.

OptimizeMyFirm Services Offered

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Once you hire Optimize My Firm for your digital marketing needs, it will dedicate all its resources to your law firm by not entertaining prospects you consider competitors. The agency also ensures that you possess your website and other platforms. If not, and they got stuck with the previous marketing company you worked with, Optimize My Firm will reclaim some of them, if not all.

The agency’s personal approach allows its dedicated experts assigned to your site to understand your website needs better and gather information to help them execute effective strategies guaranteed to grow your business. In line with this, below are the solutions the agency offers.


Optimize My Firm’s SEO strategy involves using ethical tactics to build natural and contextual links from authoritative websites pointing to your site. These enable your website to rank higher on organic and local search results for your target keywords.


To help your law firm optimize its website further, the company creates and publishes high-quality content for practice and page-specific pages. Its legal writing team will also create Q&A-style content optimized for your prospects’ online questions. These play a vital role in your firm’s content marketing efforts to establish your legal expertise and provide value to people.

Google Ads

Complementing your SEO efforts with pay-per-click (PPC) enables your firm to generate more leads in the short term before the effects of your optimization efforts kick in. The Optimize My Firm team comprises certified “Google partners” who can bid for the right keywords relevant to your firm, optimize your ad spend, and more for your paid ads.

Local Services Ads

Another ad type that can help increase your law firm’s digital presence is Local Services Ads (LSAs). Unlike PPC, LSAs charge you based on the number of phone calls you generate from the ads. The agency helps set your ads to appear on top of organic search results and maximize their conversions so your firm can enhance your lead generation efforts.

OptimizeMyFirm Ratings Across Directories

Optimize My Farm has an average star rating of 5/5 from 12 Google reviews. The clients were satisfied with the agency’s ability to generate inbound leads via SEO. They were also impressed with specific tasks Optimize My Firm did for each, like migrating their site to WordPress and setting up their Google My Business. However, most reviews were from seven to eight years ago, when the company was called Telapost.

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Aside from Google, the only other site with a review of Optimize My Firm is Upcity, with a 5/5 star rating from a single user in 2022. The person hired the agency a decade ago for its online marketing services and was happy that its team didn’t skip a beat. The members successfully increased the visibility of the client’s WordPress site.

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Top Client Results

Optimize My Firm does not have comprehensive client case studies published on its site, although it does show positive results from previous clients it worked with. For instance, it helped AutoAccident.com increase its annual revenue by 566% via organic marketing and improve Bay Area Bicycle Law’s organic visibility by 1,150%. 

However, the company doesn’t share the process it used for both, which it could have used to establish its authority and knowledge in the industry.

To counter this, Optimize My Firm has a Personal Injury Marketing Minute Podcast. Hosted by SEO expert and agency Vice President Lindsey Busfield, the podcast shares online marketing and SEO techniques listeners can implement on their websites to increase their law firm’s online visibility and generate more clients.

On The Map Marketing Vs. OptimizeMyFirm

OptimizeMyFirmOn The Map Marketing
Offers holistic and exclusive digital marketing solutions to personal injury law firms without a lock-in contract, providing you with a flexible and dedicated team that will promote your legal services online.Award-winning online marketing agency that provides law firms in different practice areas results-driven SEO, PPC, and web design services, guaranteed to raise their website’s online visibility.
Will secure your website, analytics, and other online properties from your previous marketing agency that is holding them hostage so you can continue your digital marketing efforts by building upon these existing platforms.Can help you properly exit from agencies like Scorpion that will take your website if you cancel your contract with them. The company will lend a hand in securing some of your online properties from these agencies.
Has a weak online presence as most of its reviews are almost from a decade ago.Has tons of satisfied customer reviews published on different review sites from years ago to now.
Has yet to publish case studies on its website, making it more difficult for people to determine whether the agency can deliver results.Published comprehensive client success stories for various law firms, attorneys, and lawyers on how the agency helped them grow their website traffic and leads.

Optimize My Firm says the right things on its website as a legal digital marketing company. However, only a little has been said about it online, at least recently. The agency also doesn’t have case studies that could help you better decide if its team can help you achieve your marketing goals.

On the other hand, we at On The Map Marketing provide everything you need that Optimize My Firm can’t at the moment. Our body of work speaks for itself, as seen from our transparent case studies and extensive online reviews. Sign up for a free website marketing audit to know how we can deliver similar, if not better, results for your law firm.