Mockingbird Legal Marketing 2023 Review

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If you plan to hire marketing agencies, choose one that delivers highly qualified leads to your law firm. Mockingbird Marketing aims to do exactly that by offering solutions that can help you attract prospects that you can easily turn into clients. Continue reading to learn more about the company’s marketing services and client results to help you decide if it’s telling the truth.

Note: We at On The Map Marketing showcase the law firms from different practice areas we’ve helped through the years on our Case Studies page. Contact us if you want to improve your online visibility and generate more clients like they did.

What is Mockingbird Marketing?

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Mockingbird Marketing is a company that uses data-driven solutions to provide personalized full-service marketing services exclusive to businesses in the legal industry of varying sizes and practice areas. Its team serves as your marketing department that has the expertise and experience to run advanced marketing strategies for achieving your business goals.

Mockingbird Marketing Services Offered

First, Mockingbird Marketing prides itself on its transparency and ownership. It provides regular comprehensive reports on its marketing channel performance. Most importantly, the content, website, and its data the agency will create for you is all yours. It won’t hold your marketing hostage if you decide to leave it. That said, below are the agency’s marketing services available.

Search Engine Optimization

The company offers a wide range of SEO services, from on-site SEO (which includes content development) to link building that also covers public relations. The agency runs technical site audits to ensure search engines can crawl and index your website pages without issues. Finally, it can perform reputation management to optimize your local SEO efforts.

Web Design & Development

Meet with the agency’s designer and developer to discuss your design strategy. From here, they will use the gathered information from you to design static and mobile website mockups for your approval. Once approved, the team will create your fast-loading website with a responsive design and multilingual capabilities. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

As a Google Premier Partner, Mockingbird Marketing’s PPC solutions can help launch a campaign that delivers results. This starts from designing your landing page for conversion down to ongoing monitoring to identify opportunities for optimization. The team can also perform a free audit on your existing campaign, and they’ll provide suggestions on how to improve it.

Mockingbird Marketing Ratings Across Directories

Lawyerist gave Mockingbird Marketing one of the highest scores among law firm marketing agencies with 4.5/5 stars. It praised the company for giving the websites and content it creates for law firm clients if they decide to conclude their services. The only negative of Mockingbird Marketing is that it may take in your competitors as their clients even while working with you.

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The agency received 4.7/5 stars from 17 Google users. Everybody was impressed with the marketing team’s marketing knowledge, which is evident from the positive campaign results they delivered. A negative review Mockbird Marketing received was from a competitor criticizing the owner’s (Conrad Saam) political views. But the owner gave a very well-written response to shut the review down.

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Top Client Results

A Colorado-based family law firm hired Mockingbird Marketing’s link building services to improve its site’s domain authority. After a year of diligently building links for the website, it was able to raise its domain rank from 19 to 31. Even though the total number of backlinks decreased, the referring domains increased (from 119 to 183). Its Ahrefs Rank also increased from 5.7M to 3.5M.

In one of its case studies, the marketing agency switched from a manual bidding strategy to a smart bidding one to maximize conversion for three law firms. It did this by training machine learning to determine the users most likely to contact the law firm. The result is an increase in conversions for all three (ranging from 64% to 338%) while keeping costs as low as possible ( max 4% increase)

On The Map Marketing Vs. Mockingbird Marketing

Mockingbird MarketingOn The Map Marketing
Offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions performed by very knowledgeable experts in SEO, PPC, and website design.Provides online marketing solutions that deliver results to law firms across different practice areas, among other industries.
Sends over reports containing marketing analytics, covering the campaign results and actionable insights to be implemented in the next campaign.Access your local keyword rankings and traffic analytics anytime from your TrackRight dashboard–no waiting necessary to receive the report!
May serve your direct competitors, which means they’re getting the same quality of marketing services as you.Allows clients to purchase exclusivity slots so the agency won’t take in law firms that are competing with you.
Shows lots of case studies from past clients, but none of their law firm names are revealed. Shows client success stories (with permission to show their name) by detailing the issues, what the agency did to fix them, and the positive results its campaigns brought to each one.

Mockingbird Marketing is a well-reputed online marketing agency with the expertise and experience to help your law firm increase website traffic and clients. However, you may want to work with a company that will focus all its energies on helping your law firm dominate the market, not one that accepts work from your competitors.

We at On The Map Marketing will work only on your law firm for your practice area in your location if you purchase our exclusivity slots. You can also check out law firms we’ve helped through the years and what we did to solve their problems and grow their businesses. Get a free website marketing audit to know if we can do the same for your law firm.