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Justia Review 2024: Is it Reliable?


Justia is an online resource for lawyers and people seeking legal counsel for 20 years and counting. Part of its longevity is the law firm digital marketing services the company offers its clients. If you’re unsure whether to seek Justia’s help promoting your legal services, keep reading to learn more about its solutions and client reviews across different sites.


  • Justia is a site that offers free legal resources and hosts an online directory where lawyers can sign up for a profile and promote it in different ways on the website to help them get more clients.
  • The company’s digital marketing solutions are geared toward creating multiple blogs for law firms to expand their organic search visibility. It also has PPC services for clients who want to acquire more leads through paid advertising.
  • Unlike Justia, On The Map Marketing grants clients exclusivity slots if they don’t want the agency to work with their direct competitors. It also provides clients complete access to the website it designs for them once the contract ends.

Note: On The Map Marketing provides search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and web design solutions to lawyers — that focus on representing your firm’s brand accurately and getting you high-quality leads. Contact us for more details on how we can help you further.

What is Justia?

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Justia provides free access to documents and attorney-written summaries about federal and state court decisions, codes, and regulations. The company also offers online marketing solutions to help law firms improve their online presence and generate more cases.

Justia Services Offered

Justia divides its digital marketing services into four categories, each of which is available in different plans and rates.

Justia Connect

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This membership program allows legal professionals to secure a high-quality profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory to help them connect with prospects. They will also receive discounts for the website’s services and offers. Both are available in the Basic Membership. The Pro Membership allows people to optimize their profiles to increase their chances of generating leads.

Justia Lawyer Directory

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Licensed attorneys can sign up for a free Justia listing that showcases their business information and contact details. The profile will also appear in the Legal Information Institute (LII) Lawyer Directory for increased visibility. Users can upgrade their profile placements for a price. Their profiles can show up as a fixed top placement on their desired listing pages or in sponsored positions alongside your competitors with free profiles.

Justia Elevate

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This service creates professionally designed websites and blogs for clients from scratch using its custom WordPress platform. The company also bakes its SEO services into all the sites it creates for clients by running regular web audits. From here, Justia fixes the issues it finds on the sites, ensuring they load fast, have a responsive design, and will be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Justia Amplify

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Justia PPC services to help improve the ROI of clients’ paid ads, increasing sales in the process. The Justia Amplify Starter package helps manage your Google Ads campaign, and Justia client reviews page. The Justia Amplify Advance, on the other hand, includes these services plus launches your Google local service ads (LSAs), Facebook remarketing, and Google Business Profile initiatives.

Justia Ratings Across Directories

Lawyerist gave Justia a 4/5 star rating. It appreciated how the platform allows lawyers to connect with potential clients and other attorneys in various ways. However, it calls out the company for not offering exclusivity and not having a robust SEO package. Not to mention, transferring a law firm’s website it created to another marketing agency would be difficult.

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Justia received an average star rating of 4.3/5 from three Sitejabber users. Instead of talking about its marketing services, however, users were primarily satisfied with how they found the right lawyers for their legal issues. The only negative review criticized the site for not accepting lawyer reviews from clients.

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Top Client Results

While there are no featured case studies on the site, Justia has tons of testimonials from lawyers regarding how its marketing services helped them improve their ROI and revenue. One is David Goldman of the Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC, who sought Justia’s help to create revenue-generating blogs and websites for his legal practice.

Another satisfied client, Jeffrey S. Glassman of Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman, praised Justia’s strategic guidance and care he received as the company made his personal injury sites one of the best in the Boston area.

On The Map Marketing Vs. Justia

JustiaOn The Map Marketing
Offers more than just law firm marketing solutions–also provides a directory where lawyers can create profiles to promote their services and attract more leads. Focuses on result-driven legal marketing services that help clients increase their search engine rankings, maximize ROI of paid ads, and design beautiful and professional websites.
Presents different tiers to all its services at varying prices, allowing clients to choose the best packages that suit their needs and budget.Runs a free website marketing audit on your site and provides a comprehensive strategy containing tactics guaranteed to help you achieve your website goals.
Takes in your competitors as clients even while still working with you.Offers exclusivity slots as an added cost to prevent the agency from taking in your competitors as its clients.
Makes migrating the site it created for you to another agency cumbersome, if not difficult.Gives you full ownership of the website that the agency creates for you when you decide to leave.

Justia is unlike any marketing service provider available. Its lawyer directory adds another dimension to your marketing initiative, allowing you to tap into another channel to drive more cases and revenue your way. However, the company not offering exclusivity slots and taking ownership of the websites it creates for clients could be a red flag for some.

You won’t run into these issues with us at On The Map Marketing. Get all the marketing help you’ll need without worrying that your competitors will receive the same. Get your free website marketing audit to know how we can help grow your online visibility and increase conversions.

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